Two one-of-a-kind items up for auction to benefit RFL

6/13/09  at 5:42 PM
The Illusions White Themed Ball at Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways [] will bring glitter and dazzle, beauty and illusion to New Babbage and the steamlands, beginning at 6pm on June 20.

But the main event will also (for two lucky bidders) mean the joy of victory and (for the rest of us) the agony of defeat as two one-of-a-kind items go up for auction to benefit Relay For Life.

Silent bidding began June 12 on both Ms. Kembri Thompson's stunning Shepherdess Gown

and Ms Canolli Capalini's amazing Resignation Music Box

and bidding will continue through Saturday at 9pm SLT, when the winners are announced. 

I'd love to finish this post, I really would, but I need to get to Piermont [] and sit on a silent auction vendor.  See you at the winner's announcement!

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