The Midsummer Grand Tour - for RFL: Ascot Ball in Victoriana

6/15/09  at 11:43 AM
After the Germanic Oktoberfest, we move across the Channel for the event of the Grand Tour - the Ascot Ball in Victoriana!

Orchestra leader Benton Wunderlich was playing tunes from "My Fair Lady" on the piano; female guests were attired in the finest gowns and the most glorious hats, and everyone was nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon and sipping champagne.

No, it wasn't a garden party in the country in merry old England. It was the Ascot Ball in Victoriana!

Held this year on Saturday June 20, at 1:30pm SLT, it is certain to be the social event of the season, it's an event you won't want to miss.

The Annual Victoriana Ascot Race will be held beginning at 2pm, so enter your favourite horse & jockey before the race. Entry fees are donated to RFL.

In addition, there will be fabulous auctions and the art exhibition Victoriana Views by Callipygian Christensen in the Town Hall.

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