Cracks appearing in Obolenskidonia

6/29/09  at 5:00 AM
Rumour is rife and the streets are buzzing as the City comes to believe that the leadership of Obolenskidonia are failing to maintain their grip.

This correspondent has observed first hand the increasingly frequent acts of sabotage by the militia, the band of fighters who form the core of the Babbage resistance.

Militia propaganda published at the weekend recounts an audacious attempt to capture General Kuroe, and whilst the attempt itself failed it has provided an enormous moral boost to the movement.

Furthermore signs that the Clockwinder mayor Mr. Tenk may have returned are increasingly reported, whispers in the cafes and coffee houses, bars and shops. It seems everyone knows someone who has seen a sign.

Doctor Obolensky has been quiet in recent days, a warning was issued regarding the appearance of milk bottles on the doorsteps of households around Obolenskidonia, since then the self proclaimed overlord has been notably absent.

This correspondent senses a real change in the atmosphere, one of hope rising out of the misery of recent weeks.

your faithful correspondent
Beq Janus

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