Steampunk Piracy Discussion at the Mary Read Library

6/28/13  at 9:54 AM

As part of the full weekend of Swashbucklers for Life events, you are cordially invited to join the Scoundrel Fleet at the Mary Read Pirate Library in the Blake Sea, on Sunday, June 30th, 2013, from 9:30 to 10:30am SLT.

Steampunk Piracy Discussion
Moving Piracy to the Year 1890

Although piracy was almost wiped out during the age of sail, the newest advances in  technology of the late 1800's have allowed men of fortune to resume the noble trade of the seas.

Commander Vernden Jervil, formerly of Armada Breakaway and now shipwrecked retired in the Blake Sea, leads us in an hour of discussion about  advances in steampunk technology that have affected the pirate trade allowing our time honored profession to thrive on the land, sea and air.

Steam Pirate's Derby - Do You Dare?

6/17/13  at 9:35 AM
The last of his crew, he was known as Gut Spiller John. He was hanged for piracy a month ago, and surely has taken the secret of Black Finger's treasure to the grave... or has he?

He was the first mate, and he was the worst of them. Some say he was even worse than Black Finger himself... He just liked the killing, he loved to slice a sailors belly open and leave him to die slow. Some say that's why he was the one that Black Finger entrusted with the location of the treasure, because he didn't care about stealing it for himself...

Pirate Derby-poster
The Armada Scoundrel Fleet
is proud to present
Saturday, June 29th, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

As part of Swashbucklers for Life, a weekend of events to support Relay for Life, the SL effort to raise funds for the American Cancer Society to FIGHT CANCER! Donations to ASF Scoundrels for Life are encouraged.

What's a pirate like most? Treasure and Glory, that's what! The ASF Steam Pirates Derby is an event that will test ALL your pirate skills in a Dash for Treasure! Think you have the skills to be the baddest of them all? Well, here's your chance to prove it!!

The Derby consists of a race in a rickety steam powered ship, following a map to the TREASURE! It's buried on an island, you see, and you need to go claim it. But that's just the beginning! The other pirates will be gunning for your ship, and for YOU! There may be unforeseen hazards along the way.
But you won't be left defenseless - donning a special HUD will supply you with a compass and weapons, as well as a health meter. You may find upgrades along the way!

ALL you need to do is work your way through the clues and be the first back to Scoundrel HQ with the treasure!! You may take the chance to slow the competition by shooting their ship, or temporarily killing them. Oh, and you must SURVIVE the attempt...

Can you be an agony aunt (or uncle) and give good advice?

6/5/13  at 2:15 AM
This week's Quest for the Golden Prim features a dilemma for some of the characters.

Dilemmas for Nan, Ralph - and Lola!
Nan thinks that the dashing Ralph Montcalm is thinking altogether too much about that wicked female pirate captain that he met and fought back in the woods of Steelhead. A woman who had, we should remind ourselves, proved herself ruthless in kidnapping Nan and addicting poor Minnie to opium.

And Ralph ... well, he thinks he's thinking too much about the dashing female pirate too. But then there's Nan ...

Even Lola the dog has problems (in Finnish).

Can you advise the lovelorn three? That's the fun project associated with this week's Quest! Read their letters, and see if you can advise them ...