Third STEAM Hunt to begin tomorrow!

8/31/10  at 5:11 PM

STEAM: Steampunk Travelers' Event, Adventure & Megahunt

The third semiannual STEAM Hunt will have its kickoff party tonight at 6-8 PM SLT at the newly renovated HMS Rustbucket, now located in Mieville Twain. Wear your Steamiest outfits and dance the evening away to the tunes of "CJ the DJ", Caspian Jameson!

This time, there is not an official journal for the hunters, but Perryn Peterson has recognized a blog that is also covering the hunt, Information can also be found at Questions are requested to be directed to Perryn Peterson, by note-card only.

This hunt has an additional contest, as in the STEAM Hunt 2, to determine the best gifts and shops amongst the more than 140 wonderful locations which hunters will be visiting during the hunt. As you progress through the hunt, you are encouraged to make note of the gifts and shops which impress you. When you complete the hunt, you will be given the opportunity to vote for the top five merchant participants. Further details will be available at the final hunt location.

Watch this location for the views of one hunter as they progress through the locations in the coming week.

Once again: STEAM Hunt 3 Kick-Off Party
Where: HMS Rustbucket, Mieville Twain
When: Tuesday, 31st August from 6-8 PM SLT

Join us and celebrate Costa Rica – with Prim Perfect!

8/26/10  at 9:31 PM

As many of you will know, the most recent issue of Prim Perfect is set in the glorious region of Costa Rica in Second Life.

There are articles not only on the lands which make up this region and some of the people who live here. And if you want to visit, there's a special tourist guide to some of the highlights a tourist can visit - ranging from amazing rainforest walks to surfing to a nudist beach ... and then romantic places to dine and relax.

We also explore the biodiversity of the region, the wealth of vegetation in the forests, and we have a reflection on the literature of Latin America, inspired by a walk in Costa Rica.

And if you haven't read it already, you shouldn't miss Scotti Lyle's interview with Giancarlo Takacs, owner of Costa Rica, and her account of the woman who played such an important role in supporting Giancarlo in his creation of Costa Rica - geko Stoop.

But now we are going to celebrate this glorious issue - with a party!

You may recall reading about our amazing Readers' Home of the Month - the wonderful and sumptuous residence of WK Ganesvoort. Now WK has generously agreed to host a formal Great Gatesby Ball at his home on Friday August 27th from 12.55pm - 4pm SLT time.

There will be an opportunity to explore this amazing location - and trips to explore further in Costa Rica will be available too. Or you can simply relax and listen - and dance - to a fantastic mix of music.

12:55pm slt – 1:55pm slt
DJ Syriana Paine (mixture of slow & fast latin music)
Location: WK Ganesvoort Estate

2:00pm slt – 3:00pm slt
CeCi Dover
Location: WK Ganesvoort Estate
3:00pm – 4:00pm slt
Joaquin Gustav
PrimPerfect Budget: (scheduled & funded by PrimPerfect)
Location: WK Ganesvoort Estate –Gatsby theme location

Black Tie Formal....the roaring 20's

Artwork for the invitation: Giancarlo Takacs and Costa Rica. Photographs by Twisted Lemon and Raven Haalan

New Champagne Rooms Celebrates Three Years of Classic Burlesque!

8/25/10  at 7:13 AM
The New Champagne Rooms is proud to celebrate it's third consecutive year of burlesque with a Silver Screen Ball. As a tribute to the wonders of black and white cinema, we will be dancing the night away in black and white ourselves!

Join us this Saturday from noon to 2pm SLT at The New Champagne Rooms in Seraph City as we dance upstairs in the ballroom to a live DJ. In the lobby you will find a free gray scale skin and though costume isn't required, won't it be fun?

Casa di Icaro Cadente Grand Opening

8/12/10  at 4:22 PM
Casa di Icaro Cadente: "Saint Sebastian: Agony and Ecstasy" Revealed

Second Life Landmark


At noon on Saturday, July 31st, Casa di Icaro Cadente Gallery officially opened its doors to the public. Nestled in the rustic Neapolitan village of Bassano, in the Principality of Melioria, House of Icarus Falling has revealed its first exhibition on the Renascent and Baroque approaches to the golden legend of martyr Saint Sebastian. As curator VictoireLouise Evanier explains, the collection of over 140 pieces (be they paintings, statues, sketches, woodblocks, or icons), theoretically seeks to reevaluate homosocial phallocentrism and historical psychosexual ideology by reinterpreting the pieces through Jacques Lacan's concept of jouissance.

                                           MUSEUM INSIDE BEFORE GRAND OPENING

The exhibition began with a speech from gallery director MaximilianIII Massenberg not only welcoming everyone in attendance but also giving an overview of the collection's history and purpose. He explains, "One unique feature of this gallery . . . is that there is more here than simply a collection of Saint Sebastian paintings. Hidden behind canvases and paints is an idea which has heretofore not been explored by aesthetes or gender critics." Mr. Massenberg's speech ends with a single question: "Were these sacred artists perhaps hiding a subversive reappraisal of male sexed identity?"

                                                               MAX'S PRESENTATION

                                                        AFTER THE UNVEILING

This thought-provoking event was well attended (over thirty heads counted). Some of the responses to "Saint Sebastian: Agony and Ecstasy" were "A magnificent collection, an obsession....well done" and "Wow...adds a new meaning to the concept of humanism." Everyone was very impressed with the gallery's show.

The art director also announced plans for three lectures/discussions during the next three months (one per month) before the exhibit is closed in late October and a new exhibit is opened. For more information on upcoming shows and lectures, visit the gallery's page at or subscribe to its group via a kiosk at the gallery itself.

As my interview with the gallery director MaximilianIII Massenberg came to an end, he explained one further point. "Many visitors have asked me about the gallery's name--Casa di Icaro Cadente. While it is true that I named the palazzo after the ceiling reproduction of Blondel's "Le Soleil, ou la Chute d'Icare," I had further reasoning. The mythological figure of Icarus represents the human endeavor to mentally and physically strive towards the light. As Icarus enters into the radiance of the sun (metaphorically 'truth'), he is burned by it, purified by it, and ultimately changed by it."

We at the Primgraph wish Casa di Icaro Cadente a fruitful season.

The Winner of the new Primgraph Press build competition announced!

8/10/10  at 9:13 PM

Exciting News just in from SERAPH CITY!

The winner competition for the architect and builder of the new Primgraph offices in Seraph City can now be announced!

The runner up was Mr Rip Wirefly, who submitted a very beautiful model and build.

The overall winner was Miss Jedburgh30 Dagger, who has produced a very exciting plan for stylish dieselpunk newspaper (and radio) offices. We are very much looking forward to seeing her new building taking shape!

Readers should note that while dieslepunk news gathering and radio broadcasts will be based out of our new offices, our elegant buildings in Caledon Glengarry will still be the centre of our main magazine work - including, of course, our magnificient press (all designed by Edward Pearse, better known as His Grace the Duke of Caledon Argylle). If the front page needs to be held, that is where it will happen!

So the old building on the site has been demolished, and boards have gone up to protect the building works in Seraph City.

Watch - as they say - this space!

2011 SABC Submissions Notice

8/3/10  at 5:07 PM

Yes, it is that time again! Can you believe this is the third year for the calendars? First, a little history, for the new residents...
October is Recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America, and back in July 2008, the staff of the Consulate was knocking about fund raising and awareness ideas, when the idea for a calendar came up. Now, if you know the people who were at that meeting, it would be obvious who mentioned Shirtless O'clock. One thing lead to another, and now we are gearing up for the third year of taking it off to raise eyebrows, awareness and funds. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer. Last year we were able to donate L$30,000 (at last year's exchange rate, that was $120 USD) to the cause. Every little bit helps, and with your help, we can do more this year.
The shots not selected for the calendars will be included in the 2011 coffee-table book, so everyone will be represented somewhere. You may - and indeed, are strongly encouraged - to submit several different poses. Seasonal poses might increase your chances of being included in one of the calendars, and general poses are always welcome for the book.

Your inclusion in either depends on the submission fitting the technical requirements:
1) Submissions should be e-mailed to No submissions should be sent in-world. Please make sure to include your avatar name with the e-mail.
2) These should be 2048 x 2048 SQUARE PNGs. (Best to choose "Save to hard drive" and select "Custom" to get the proper 2048x2048 shot.)
3) Please keep the composition TASTEFUL - Art, not smut, please.
4) No Minors. Diminutive adults are fine, but we wish to stay legal with this. Legal-age avatars only for values of the American legal system (18 years old or older), no exceptions, not even for time travellers.
5) Submissions are to be sent to BEFORE 0100 SLT on 1 September 2010. LATE Submissions will not be considered.