The Primgraph Christmas Special is Out Now!

12/18/10  at 8:22 AM
The Holiday issue of The Primgraph is out now and - as you will see - it is a rather different one!

This issue we have largely put aside our regular articles to bring you a Christmas special, filled with stories and pictures from some of your favourite Primgraph writers - and some who are new to the magazine too!

You will be able to read Frau Annechen Lowey's account of the planning it takes to send presents in the Steamlands.

Miss Qwis Greenwood has the story of the ingenious solution that the Tinies came up with to ensure that the Guvnah received the best ever Christmas pudding.

Miss Beq Janus has the story of The Little Match Girl of New Babbage, while Mr Linus Lacombe tells us of the time that Steelhead Nearly Lost Christmas - and all its scamps as well!

Miss Ceejay Writer tells a story of holiday good will set in the dieselpunk region of Seraph City, while Miss Jedburgh30 Dagger has another tale of New Babbage - where a lonely librarian receives An Unexpected Visit.

All in all, there's a cornucopia of Tales for the Season!

In addition to this, we have - courtesy of Mr PJ Trenton - a super long episode of The Quest for the Golden Prim. The academics have escaped ... but Nan and Minnie are being held by the pirates. Will they manage to get away? And if they do ... will they find that worse dangers await them?

This is the final installment of Volume I of the Quest; Volume II will be starting in our first issue of the New Year!

Other familiar features you will find in this issue include Frau Lowey's always excellent advice on Etiquette. This issue, as we celebrate Christmas and contemplating our Thank You notes, she has some timely advice to give on the writing of letters. And Her Grace the Duchess of Caledon Carnteigh allows us to peek once more into her closet to share some of her incomparable fashion secrets ...

And to illustrate all this, our magnificent team of photographers: PJ Trenton, GM Nickolaidis, Twisted Lemon, Alex Aeon and Beq Janus have captured some stunning images to supply your with some incredible holiday eyecandy!

So, with no shortage of fascinating articles and beautiful illustrations supplied by our brilliantly talented team of photographers, we welcome you to this fourteenth - and very seasonal - issue of The Primgraph.


How do I get my copy of The Primgraph?

Well, there are various ways to get The Primgraph!

Best of all, you can join our Subscribe-o-Matic group, which will deliver the magazine to you automatically when it is published. The Subscribe-o-Matic kiosks are located in historical and steampunk sims across Second Life (for example, you’ll find ones at all the Caledon infohubs). And if you can’t find one in your favourite sim, why not ask the owner to install one?

It is also available through SLMarkpetplace (just search on the site for The Primgraph). This will deliver you a copy in the form of a Thinc book that you can rez and read inworld.

But if you prefer to read the magazine online but not inworld, there are choices too. Firstly, there’s the wonderful Calaméo system, which allows you to moves smoothly through the pages, giving you the feeling of reading a real magazine. You’ll find Issue 14 here – and please do leave a comment!

But, if you like to download your magazines to read as you commute to work, or in the bath, or wherever, you can also obtain a standard pdf for downloading and printing.

So, really, you have no excuse for not reading The Primgraph. In fact, why aren’t you reading it now?

Steam Santa and Archaeology are Coming to Babbage

12/17/10  at 11:10 AM
Not together of course
see how rumors get Started !
Greetings it is the Holidays
busy busy in all worlds ..
New Babbage would like to extend an Invite to all
With two Most Special New Babbage's Very Own Events
Piermont Landing's
The Steam Santa and Boiler Elf Ball
The Aether Salon
December topic
with Mr. Linus Lacombe
Piermont Landing Proudly Presents
The 3rd Annual
Steam Santa & Boiler Elf Ball
New Babbage
Holiday Greeting Card Contest
Saturday, December 18th
6pm to 9pm SLT

Music by the Amazing DJ Bats
Sponsored By
House of Rfyre
BlakOpal Design
The Curious Seamstress
December Build Contest
New Babbage Holiday Greeting Contest
3 prim Limit
There is Snow In Babbage !!
Let's Show The Beauty of The New Babbage Season
Take a Photo make a Capture all your very own
Place it on a Prim
Make a Memory !!
New Babbage Holiday Greeting Card Contest
3 prim Limit
1st prize 2000L
2nd prize 1000L
3rd prize 500L
and Ribbons too :-)
Aether Salon

(actually celebrating two years, but who's counting?)
Sunday, November 21 at 2 pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

We’ve long been fascinated with ancient peoples. Add in exotic locales, the promise of fame, and wealth, and the result is an irresistible lure for many historians, scientists, and treasure hunters. We are honored this month with the talented Mr. Linus Lacombe who will guide us through the development of archaeology and how it has increased our understanding of past civilizations. Bring your friends and your mummies.


12/16/10  at 10:59 AM
It is with an enthuastic Ai yi yi yi yi! that I introduce our Dear Readers to something new in the Steamlands. Bellypunk!
"After the fall of the Kingdom of Granada, the people were pushed into exile within the Balearic Island Region, silent for hundreds of years. They called their home “Cala Mondrago”, and it would be the oceans oasis."

Please visit the Adventures of a Steam Oasis blog and learn more about the history (both real and fictional) of Cala Mondrago.

While visiting Cala Mondrago, be sure to take time to relax at The Laughing Djinn, touted to be "the Steamlands one and only steamtastic belly dance tavern". The club offers bellydancing shows on Saturdays at both noon and 9pm slt. The Djinn is a wonderful venue - absolutely stunning in decor, and offers relaxed pillowed seating to rest upon as you enjoy a show.

Founder Bianca Namori is having such fun in her new world; her enthuasiasm is quite contagious! She explained some of her goals for Cala Mondrago to me this way:

"I want the sim to be known for these things:

* Community of steampunks that can rp together, learn about different things from one another, and express themselves in a whole new steamland realm.

* Twice a week RP sessions that can follow a main storyline or people can venture out on their own. It's just where the "citizens" get together and RP or even chit-chat in character.

* Known as an "artistic" or "creative" culture/sim. As we know the east india worlds/desert lands are known for their exotic ways, clothes, and ideals. I want that to shine through in steampunk as well"

Stop by soon and explore. Dress in loose flowing clothes and kick your shoes back into the closet. Run barefoot. And as Bianca says, "May the desert warm your heart, and the sands your soul."

Empty Mailbox at the R. F. Burton Library

12/14/10  at 6:54 AM
Ms. Capalini sits in her office in the back of the workshop, her leather apron and goggles hung near the door. Frowning, she spreads the five manuscripts out on the desk, each one still folded and sealed.

"No peeking." a voice says calmly. Canolli startles as she looks around, then relaxes as Mr. Tenk points to the folded papers. "No peeking, there could still be some submissions tomorrow."

"Evening, Big Man." She slides the manuscript she'd been fingering the edges of across the desk. Huffing, she gets out of the chair and crosses the room to the window, her frustration apparent. "Do you realize we had 17 submissions last year? Illustrations.. It was.. so.. oh I don't know.. encouraging." Her voice trailed off as she leaned her forehead against the dirty glass, her breath making the window pane fog a little.

"You gotta have patience. Could be last minute entries.."

Canolli stared out the window for a few minutes, watching the plumes of smoke from neighboring factories rise over the skyline. Sighing, she began to turn from the window. "I just feel like no .. one... cares....." her voice trailed off as she realized she was standing in the room alone.

Reminder: The 3rd annual flash fiction contest concludes midnight tomorrow.. Read guidelines for it here.

Celebrate Christmas in Caledon with Designing Worlds!

12/13/10  at 10:48 AM
Join us in our Northpoint studio at 2pm SLT today, Monday 13th December as we come to the end of this season with our traditional Christmas in Caledon show. And we're inviting our audience to join us after the show to try out some wonderful winter sports - so please wear warm Victorian gear for the show - skates and skis are provided!

A waterside setting in Caledon Tanglewood

We'll start the show in Caledon Tanglewood and take a fascinating glimpse at one of the communities there - the Tinies. We'll be finding out about Tiny events - including a year-long reading of a favourite book -and learning about a magnificent Christmas pudding, too!

The Spires of Caledon Oxbridge

Then it's over to Caledon Oxbridge to learn all about this vibrant University in Second Life, and some of the courses and events associated with it. Once a Community Gateway, it's now a thriving independent institution - with something to offer everyone!

Finally we visit a region of Caledon that has been decorated for Christmas fun - Caledon Victorian Gardens. You'll be able to see some of the winter enjoyments set out here - they include skiing, skating, tobogganing, an ice carousel - and a hot chocolate stand!

Caledon Victorian Gardens

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be in our Northpoint studios by 1.30pm at the very latest to make sure of getting a seat. And afterwards we're inviting you to join us in Caledon Victorian Gardens to enjoy the fun of the winter sports there! Make sure you are well wrapped up - and suitably Victorian!

Or tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site.

Tinyville Library in Caledon Tanglewood

This is the last show in our present season, but we'll back on Monday 24th January with a whole new season of shows featuring design and designers in virtual worlds! So if you know something that you think we should be covering in our next season, write to us at

Sweet Words: An Interview with “da Clockwork Dragon of New Babbage”

12/7/10  at 10:36 AM

I’d like to introduce you to Miss Sheryl Nantus, a successful published writer who is also unique in many ways. For instance, in Second Life, she is Sheryl Skytower, a small clockwork dragon with a cookie fixation. But there’s more. Sheryl has turned her NaNoWriMo projects into publishable novels. Her latest is "Wild Cards and Iron Horses", which she wrote while sitting in the CocoaJava Cafe, a Second Life bohemian coffee house in the steampunk city of New Babbage. Sheryl’s novel gives playful homage to some of the city’s quirks and folks, which adds to the fun.

As the builder of the CocoaJava Cafe, (which is now under the ownership of Mister Blackberry Harvey), I am of course tickled to pieces that my cafe helped to inspire this rollicking Steampunk style old west adventure.

["Wild Cards and Iron Horses" cover art by Kanaxa]

The official teaser for "Wild Cards and Iron Horses" reads thusly:

Their love rides on a spring and a prayer…

During the recent Civil War, a soldier risked his life to save Jonathan handleston—and lost. With the help of an advanced metal brace on his crippled hand, Jon now travels from one poker tournament to the next, determined to earn enough money to repay the man’s debt.

Prosperity Ridge is supposed to be the last stop on his quest, but his brace is broken and he needs an engineer to repair the delicate mechanisms. The only one available is Samantha Weatherly, a beautiful anomaly in a world ruled by men.

Sam is no fool. Jon is no different from any other gambler—except for his amazing prosthetic. Despite a demanding project to win a critical contract to develop an iron horse, she succumbs to the lure of working on the delicate mechanisms. And working with the handsome Englishman.

Like a spring being coiled, Samantha and Jon are inexorably drawn together. Sam begins to realize honor wears many faces, and she becomes the light at the end of Jon’s journey to redemption. The only monkey wrench is Victor, a rival gambler who will stop at nothing to make sure Jon misses the tournament. Even destroy Jon and Sam’s lives.

It’s not often one gets the opportunity to pick the brain of a clockwork dragon writer, but Primgraph reporters are known for their intrepidness. Armed with a bag of cookies, I managed to lure Sheryl in for a conversation about the craft of writing. It helped that she was suitably stuffed with those cookies and couldn’t run away till she digested, so we had quite the lovely chat.

I asked Sheryl about her early days. I was curious how long she had been writing. She nibbled yet another cookie, sighed happily, and replied. “Well, technically I've been writing all my life. Way back in the Middle Ages I got a little ditty called "Be Kinder To Your Binder" printed in a school collection when I was eight years old. It was about a binder who gets recycled into another binder and finds a new life. Recycling and Reincarnation. Talk about lofty writing, eh?”

Occasionally I struggle for a plot notion. I was naturally quite curious to learn what inspired the stories that Sheryl writes. She belched a bit of smoke, then settled down. "Usually my plots come to me from the classic "What If?" game we all like to play. With "Wild Cards and Iron Horses" I started off with the simple sentence of "What would happen if I had a mechanical brace on my hand? What could I do with it? Could I use it for crime…" and it went on from there."

She paused, fidgeting nervously, then added, "Not that I'm endorsing crime. Unless it's freshly baked cookies, in which case all bets are off."

Poor thing. I quickly changed the subject, exclaiming, "you wrote an entire novel in the CocoaJava Cafe! I can’t tell you what an honor that is for me. Please tell me why the cafe works so well for you!"

Her smile told me that I’d touched on a comfort zone. After looking around for more sweets, she replied, “I loved and continue to love writing in the Café because it's just such a wonderful place to hang out and let the creative juices flow – or just percolate with some fine coffee, tea or your delicious chocolates!” I promptly gave her a chocolate, and she continued. “I'll set up in the Café and wander off at times to get a cuppa tea in RL, popping back in to see how I'm doing. If I only wrote so much in RL as I do in SL…*laughs*”

Sheryl is a true New Babbager, evident in the inspiration she draws from the city. “The Café offers a great place to just sit and enjoy New Babbage” she says. “From the trams that fly on by (usually literally into the air and into orbit) to the "interesting" events at Brunel Hall it gives me a great setting to soak up some steampunk atmosphere and inspire me.”

Amazing a writer can get anything done with all those fun distractions! I became curious about her “real life” writing space, and asked what it was like. “Ooh… well, I've got quite a few. At home I have a desk with a million books on the craft of writing about to topple over on me and cover me forever, or at least until the archaeologists disinter me in a few centuries. When I'm out I'll creep into a corner at my local Barnes & Noble with a large chai and bang away at my laptop until it screams for mercy. Or I'll be at a Panera Bread with another chai and some shortbread, nibbling away.”

I chucked at the thought of her nibbling habits carrying over in both worlds. “In RL I look much like my SL avi.” she said, patting her robust belly.

With so much to inspire her, I wondered if she ever experienced ‘writer’s block’. I asked her what she does the words just aren’t flowing well. She stopped staring at the truffle jar long enough to answer. “I usually go away and read- anything. Nonfiction, fiction, manga, play Zyngo… er, never mind that last one. I know some people say to fight through it but I find it more frustrating to write crap and KNOW I'm writing crap than to just walk away and catch my breath.”

“Sheryl”, I queried, “What inspires you? What causes you to drop everything (including your search for more sweets) and write?” She would have blushed if she could have, and brushed a few cookie crumbs off her metal scales, before speaking. “A story that demands to be told. In "Wild Cards" I started off with the premise of a man needing a metal brace to be able to use his hand. Then I extrapolated as to *why* he'd need to use his hand so badly. Then *how* he got the crippled hand. Then the hopeless romantic kicks in and I start running.”

On behalf of you, dear Primgraph reader and hopeful writer, I dug deeper into the craft of bringing a novel to reality. I asked Sheryl pointedly, “I’m sure our readers are a curious about your methods. Do you write from an outline, simply let the words flow and see where they go - or does your writing style take another form?”

I had to repeat the questions twice, as she’d spotted a cake in the far corner. Once I’d cut her a generous slice, she settled down happily and resumed the conversation. “I usually start with where I want the story to end – if that makes any sense. I come up with the characters and what I want/need them to do and then set them loose in the world I've created. They may zig and zag at times but they usually always end up where they should be in the end. Usually.”

This of course led to the wondering if any of her characters had ever surprised her. She nodded vigourously. “Definitely! Gil Grassfeathers in "Wild Cards" started off as just another street urchin but he tugged on my hair and stomped on my feet and got himself a whole supporting character credit.” We both chuckled knowingly as she added, “Sort of reminds me of some *other* street urchin in New Babbage, if you ask me.”

Sheryl has successfully harnessed the power of NaNoWriMo writing, and I wondered what advise she might have for others who like to participate in this annual tradition and hope to become published themselves one day. She finished her last bite of cake and gave the empty plate a forlorn look before replying. “Chug on through the first draft then relax. Catch your breath and start editing *after* the New Year has started. Don't even think about submitting it to an agent or a publisher until six months have passed.”

I got her another slice of cake, which inspired her to offer more encouragement. “And NaNo novels *do* sell. My first novel with Samhain Publishing, "Blaze of Glory" was a NaNo Novel and "What God and Cats Know", presently out with Lyrical Press, was another NaNo Novel. So you can sell these works – but not without putting in the time to edit and polish to the highest degree.”

Our time was running out... as were all the sweets in the Cafe. “This has been a lovely chat. Do you have final thoughts, Sheryl?" She giggled and said, “I luvs cookies. Donations always accepted at my residence or shop in New Babbage. And I'm sorry for stealing all the chocolate beans from the Café.”

You can visit Sheryl at her website, and find samples of her books, "Blaze of Glory" and "Wild Cards and Iron Horses" at the Samhain Publishing website - and don’t forget to look for "What God and Cats Know" at Lyrical Press. Amazon and Nook users can also get samples of Sheryl’s books as well!

Aestheticism! November Aether Salon

11/21/10  at 12:23 PM

While some might celebrate the marvel of industry and steam power, a select few strongly desire a move away from the overstuffed, over-decorated tat of Victorian mechanized production. They desire a return to the simpler, more natural style of the antique, while they are simultaneously under the spell of the art of the Orient, collecting their kimonos and blue & white china. The Aesthetes know that if you surround yourself with beautiful things, it is a balm to your soul in these trying times. Victorian art and design expert Miss Rowan Derryth will discuss with us the philosophy behind Aestheticism, exploring the art, interior design, and most importantly, fashion associated with refined artistic (and bohemian) culture. She will share with you the arguments of Aesthetes like James McNeil Whistler and Oscar Wilde, who have vehemently and often caustically tried to free us of the drab colours and binding clothing that Victorian favour. You will walk away with everything you need to know to make your homes 'Palaces of Art'!

Please join us on Sunday, November 21 at 2 pm slt for a beautiful, enlightening, and entertaining afternoon.

Salon Bohemians,
Viv, Jasper, Jed, and Sera


Holiday Greetings in the Primgraph - Great Fun for a Great Cause!

11/17/10  at 6:36 AM

Victorian era personal ads are fascinating little glimpses of life. For some stellar examples, take a look at the gems blogged at "Advertising for Love: Funny, strange and poignant personal ads from the 19th century". Now, thanks to Modern Ways meshed with Vintage Concepts, you can place a personal ad of your own in The Primgraph - the first magazine in virtual worlds for vintage and steampunk culture.

Keep in mind these ads will appear in our Christmas Holiday issue. In the spirit of the season, we encourage you to publish holiday greetings to those nearest and dearest to you! Further, we will donate 50% of the revenues from any holiday greeting classified ad to Virtual Ability.

"Virtual Ability, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Colorado, USA. Our mission is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds like Second Life®."

Simply click here, and fill out a simple form to place your ad. Besides holiday greetings, classified are always an inexpensive and effective way to sell your wares, invite folk to your event, announce your romantic intent or perhaps cunningly place a clue to further a roleplay plot.

The deadline to place your advertisement order is 20th November.

2nd Annual Fleet Week

11/12/10  at 8:09 AM


The Second Annual gathering of Second Life's Steamland Navies

Shipbuilders Exhibition * Submarine Races

Tall Ship Races * Epic Ironclad Battles * Naval Review

Social Events and Uniform Ball

Steeltopia * November 13-20, 2010


The Great Oxbridge Photo Contest

11/7/10  at 9:15 AM
Caledon Oxbridge University is sponsoring a photography contest. There will be cash prizes and the winning works will be displayed in the new Hall of Caledon currently under construction on campus.

The new Hall will be a showcase for our beautiful nation. We are looking for high quality photographs of Caledon's natural (and unnatural) wonders, events and people.


1. Photographs must be taken in within the Independent State of Caledon. Photographs need not be recent, but the places/builds they portray must still exist.

2. Photographs must be submitted to Marion Questi not later than 2400 hrs SLT, Sunday, November 28, 2010.

3. Photographs must be full perm, large format textures enclosed within a full perm notecard (one photograph per notecard, please) containing the name of the photographer and the region in which it was taken, as well as any other information the photographer believes is necessary for it's full appreciation.

4. Enter as many times as you like.

5. Photographs will be judged on Creativity, Composition, Artistic Merit and, in particular, the effective portrayal of the character of the Independent State of Caledon.

6. Finalists will be selected by a committee of the Oxbridge Deans. First, Second and Third place winners will be selected from the finalists by a distinguished Panel of Judges. Additionally, Finalists will be placed on display for some period of time during which members of the public may view them and select a Peoples' Choice Winner.

7. Prizes:
First Place L$4000
Second Place L$1000
Third Place L$500
People's Choice TBD.
Winners will be announced in December.

8. Decisions of the Judges are final.

9. By submitting an entry, photographers automatically grant to The Guvnah a non-exclusive, royalty-free, license to use, reproduce, display and distribute the photographs as he sees fit.

If you have questions about the contest, please contact Marion Questi.

Southend Bonfire Night Ball

10/30/10  at 1:59 PM

(Or in this case... Saturday, November 6th at 12pm SLT)

Dust off your wigs, roll out your ruffs, and come along to the (Caledon) Southend Bonfire Night Ball!

No burning of poor old Guy Fawkes, sorry to disappoint the baying mob, but there will be a stunning fireworks display at 1pm SLT. Come as you are, or don your vintage attire for the chance to win a prize.

We will be dancing on the site of the soon-to-be dynamited Port Royal Imports storefront. Join us for this explosive and festive celebration!

Explore Beneath the Waves with The Primgraph!

10/25/10  at 6:42 PM
The latest issue of The Primgraph magazine is here!

Well, we have sailed the seas with pirates, we have soared above both land and sea in airships, and now, in Issue 13, with a very exciting edition to our roster of writers, we plunge beneath the waves to encounter mermaids and sundry strange craft that lurk in the deep blue.

First our exciting news: Jess Nevins, the author of the seminal Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, and well known for his Concordances to the works of Alan Moore (especially The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and other comic books, joins The Primgraph team to share with us his love of pulp fiction. This issue he explores tales of underwater craft in America, Europe, India and Japan in a fascinating article on The Super-Submarine in Fiction after Verne.

In addition, Beq Janus looks at the development of underwater craft in history - and some fantastical creatures too - in her article From Kraken to Conning Tower. Miss Jed Dagger looks at the ways in which you might take to the water and participate in sea battles yourself with the latest developments in underwater craft. And Miss Ceejay Writer took to the deeps to bring you The Steamland Spotter's Guide to Mermaids. Do some of those mermaids look familiar? Could they be on the staff of The Primgraph? Perish the thought! And if you should encounter a mermaid? Miss Annechen Lowey is, as ever, on hand to advise us as to the correct ettiquette to employ!
Miss Ceejay Writer explores our chosen stretch of water - The Vernian Sea (and its Deeps) in New Babbage, while Mr Linus Lacombe ventures farther afield in search of some spectacular underwater architecture. Miss Beq Janus discovers what the wonderful troupe of Belly Up Mermaids Dancers have been up to since we last encountered them performing over a year ago.

There is another exciting installment of The Quest for the Golden Prim - will our academics manage to escape a charge of murder? And will Nan escape the clutches of the dastardly pirates? Read the new episode to find out!

Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel, provides wise and timely fashion advice for those wishing to find elegant gowns that salute the wonders of the deep.

There’s another Lost Chapter for you to enjoy, by Miss Eloisa Denimore, whose diligent researches have uncovered an earlier version of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, where instead of Ben Gunn, young Jim Hawkins makes a very unexpected discovery!

We learn more about the quest for the Crimson Pirates as carried out by an intrepid team from The Primgraph. In addition, we say our farewells to the classic serial, The Mysteries of London and bring you news from around the Steamlands and other vintage sims.

We also welcome another new member to our team - Miss Bellaluna Galaxy, whom we all are pleased to have on our sales staff!

So, with no shortage of fascinating articles and beautiful illustrations supplied by our brilliantly talented team of photographers, we welcome you to this thirteenth issue of The Primgraph.


How do I get my copy of The Primgraph?

Well, there are various ways to get The Primgraph!

Best of all, you can join our Subscribe-o-Matic group, which will deliver the magazine to you automatically when it is published. The Subscribe-o-Matic kiosks are located in historical and steampunk sims across Second Life (for example, you’ll find ones at all the Caledon infohubs). And if you can’t find one in your favourite sim, why not ask the owner to install one?

It is also available through SLMarkpetplace (just search on the site for The Primgraph). This will deliver you a copy in the form of a Thinc book that you can rez and read inworld.

But if you prefer to read the magazine online but not inworld, there are choices too. Firstly, there’s the wonderful Calaméo system, which allows you to moves smoothly through the pages, giving you the feeling of reading a real magazine. You’ll find Issue 13 here – and please do leave a comment!

But, if you like to download your magazines to read as you commute to work, or in the bath, or wherever, you can also obtain a standard pdf for downloading and printing.

So, really, you have no excuse for not reading The Primgraph. In fact, why aren’t you reading it now?

Piermont Landing Presents
3rd Annual Masquerade
Formal Ball

10/21/10  at 5:43 AM
Piermont Landing
Proudly Presents
October 23rd
3rd Annual Masquerade Formal Ball
6pm to 9pm SLT
Music by the Amazing DJ Bats
Babbage Bug Contest Contest
30 prim Limit
1st prize 2000
2nd prize 1000
3rd prize 500
and Ribbons too :-)
Sponsored By
House of RFYRE
Blak Opal Design
The Curious Seamstress
October build contest
Babbage Bug Contest Contest New Babbage gots Bugs build contest
30 prims !!! 30 prim Limit
Bugs Bugs Bugs !!
What with bed bugs stink bugs .. whats the Babbage bug ??
show us what YOU got !!
All builds due on Landing by 6pm SLT October 23rd 2010

Aether Salon Presents - Heroines!

10/9/10  at 4:08 PM
Sunday, October 17 at 2pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

Aether Salon, Palisade Entrance

Aether Salon, Academy Entrance

Do you know one? ARE you one? From self-rescuing princesses to those daring gals who save the world and look fabulous doing so (hey, soot is IN), all the while cooking, cleaning, and raising brilliant children. Who isn't a little bit curious how they do it all? I mean, trouncing and squashing and humiliating Evil-doers is a huge job, right? For the Aether Salon's two-year anniversary, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs will enlighten us, as well as share a few tips and tricks she's picked up along the way. You'll be on the edge of your seat, gasping in awe at the derring-do of amazing and resourceful heroines throughout history. Watch out henchmen, madmen, and villains all! A new Heroine is in town!

To learn more about the Aether Salon of New Babbage and read past Salon transcripts, visit

What could possibly go wrong for Designing Worlds in New Babbage?

10/5/10  at 5:33 AM
Join us today (Tuesday 5th October) as Designing Worlds makes a return visit to the amazing steampunk (and heavily industrialised) city of New Babbage. We're asking you to join us at 2pm SLT, not in our usual studio location but at Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, where Miss Breezy Carver will be hosting a very special viewing party!

Our last two visits To New Babbage became a little alarming - as you can see in our show archives (the visit last Halloween, and our trip to the burlesque)- but this time we're here to explore some very lovely builds beneath the Vernian Sea. Actually, we'll be starting here above the waves, where there are also some fascinating buildings. And then we'll be exploring some of the amazing undersea tunnels, and visiting the beautiful build of the Lotus.

All in all,it should be a nice, decorous visit with the opportunity to see some amazing builds. As the people of Babbage say ... what could possibly go wrong?

Join us at 2pm to find out!

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be arrive at Piermont Landing by 1.30pm to make sure of getting a seat. And there will be a special steampunk gift (celebrating Piermont Landing's Third Birthday) available to all who attend the show in person!

Or tune in at 2pm SLT on Tuesday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site.

Celebrating three years of Piermont Landing!

10/4/10  at 1:05 PM
Tomorrow's Designing Worlds show is rather special - and the viewing party will be held in a rather special place!

It's going to be one of our New Babbage shows (and long term viewers will realise that Elrik and Saffia have a history of getting in to trouble when they visit that amazing steampunk city!). And rather than asking people to come to our studio, we will be holding our regular viewing party in New Babbage, hosted by Miss Breezy Carver, the most notable hostess in New Babbage, at the lovely location of Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways.

Piermont Landing is celebrating its Third Birthday, as you will see from the banners displayed! The recent 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball was the first in a series of planned celebrations - later in October a fabulous Masquerade Ball is planned - "We are looking forward to our third year of bringing the best in build contests and themed steampunk Formal Dances," says Breezy Carver.

So when you come to tomorrow's Designing Worlds show - and we will be telling you more about that tomorrow - take a look at the lovely setting of Piermont Landing. Admire the steampunk fountain that was an entry in the 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball's building competition - and don't miss the elegant Piermont Key, a steampunk pin (or brooch) suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. Designed by Mr Thorn Witrial, it is available on the rear wall throughout October - a lovely way to celebrate Piermont's Third Anniversary!

Images supplied by Miss Breezy Carver

The Boobiethon in SL fights Breast Cancer!

10/1/10  at 8:57 PM
The Boobiethon in SL starts with a gala tonight. Tops may come off - for charity

Second Life boobs will have a little more gravity this week! Led by Eva Bellambi and Sera Anansi, the community of Winterfell is again this year organizing a series of fundraising events to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise breast cancer awareness. The events are in coordination with the 9th annual Blogger Boobiethon, which October 1st and runs through October 7th.

Opening festivities begin tonight with a party at Miss Bellambi's home (castle really!) and the opening of a fantastic art auction (I've caught a peek, and yes, the art is stunning!) organized by PJ Trenton and Autopilot Poppy. In addition to work by the organizers, contributing artists include some of SL's biggest names, including: Tricia Aferdita, Miso Susanowa, Ragamuffin Kips, Fuschia Nightfire, Eliza Wierwight, Scottius Polke,. Sledge Roffo, Monty Streusel, GM Nikolaidis, Callipygian Christensen, Gracie Kendal, Ghosty Kips, Gleman Jun, Cee Edman, Winter Nightfire, and Weston Graves. Details of the event can be found on PJ Trenton's blog.

Add captionThe Art Auction features stunning unique works.

Other events include a Gypsy Caravan and Carnival, educational lectures (including one by yours truly on the history of undergarments - come along in your favourite corset or underpants!), and a closing night Burlesque show! The complete line up of events is below - don't miss this fun and important charity event!
October 1, 2010
  • Opening Day Party - 7pm-9pm SLT, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Art Auction - Bidding begins at 6pm SLT, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 2, 2010
  • Third Annual BoobieBall - UK event, 10:30am - 12:30pm SLT, Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Third Annual BoobieBall - US event, 7:30pm - 9:30pm SLT,Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 3, 2010
  • BoobieThon Salon - The History of Undergarments (Rowan Derryth), 1:00pm SLT, Anodyne Garden, Winterfell Anodyne.
  • BoobieThon Salon - Self Breast Exams and Other Prevention Methods (Serra Anansi), 3:00pm SLT, Anodyne Garden, Winterfell Anodyne.
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 4, 2010
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 5, 2010
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
  • Rummage Sale at the Caravan - Winterfell Anodyne
October 6, 2010
  • Wright on BoobieThon - Fund-raising dance at the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, 7:00pm - 9:00pm SLT, Usonia
  • Art Auction - LAST BID 9:15pm SLT, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
  • Rummage Sale at the Caravan - Winterfell Anodyne
October 7, 2010
  • Burlesque for Breasts - Burlesque Show and Closing Ceremony, 7:00pm SLT, Winterfell/Caledon sim crossing
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Final Donation will be made at 8:55pm SLT
  • Closing Party from 8:45pm SLT - ??

Radio Riel launches Volksmusik

9/15/10  at 10:52 AM
Gabrielle Riel, founder of the fabulous Radio Riel internet radio station, has proudly announced the launch of Radio Riel's sixth specialty music stream that provides music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Radio Riel Volksmusik. The newest stream features traditional and contemporary folk music of Eastern, Central and Northern Europe. On Radio Riel Volksmusik you will hear music from Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and more.

To listen to Radio Riel Volksmusik:
  1. Open a media player on your computer, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or WinAmp
  2. Find the option under the menus that is called "Open URL" or "Open Stream"
  3. Enter the following URL:
In honour of today's launch, Otenth Paderborn will play a special live Volksmusik program from 6:00pm - 7:00pm SLT on both Radio Riel Main Stream and Radio Riel Volksmusik.

If you are in Second Life, there will be a party to celebrate at The Edison Ballroom in New Toulouse Bourbon ( for the party, or you can tune in on either of the simulcasting stations, Main or Volksmusik.

Don't forget all of the other wonderful Radio Riel music streams that are available for your enjoyment!

Radio Riel Main Stream
- primarily carries traditional music, and material generally written prior to 1950. A different Radio Riel Presenter creates a unique program every day. Tune in to hear: Early Music, Baroque, Classical, Light Music, Folk, Celtic, Early and Later Jazz, Late 19th Century Popular and more.

Radio Riel New Toulouse - features the music of New Orleans and Jazz. Tune in and you will hear: Ragtime, Early and Later Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Cajun and Zydeco.

Radio Riel Steampunk
- plays Steamwave, Goth, Electronica, Alternative, Industrial, Dark Cabaret, Mechanical Music and some Classical and Baroque.

Radio Riel Dieselpunk - features music from 1920–1940, including Pop Standards, Big Band & Swing, Burlesque & Cabaret & a dash of Film Noir Soundtracks.

Radio Riel Reverie - features Medieval, Fantasy, Darkwave and Celtic music… providing a soundtrack for your dreams.

Calling All Designers

9/14/10  at 8:37 AM

This year is the third annual BoobieThon event in Second Life. A good history of BoobieThon can be found here.

All the monies raised at go to Susan G. Komen Foundation (unless specified by donors to go to the BloggersSupportingBloggers charity). All the money we raise in SL goes directly to Komen.

To support the cause in Second Life we have many different events taking place in during the week of fund-raising (October 1-7, 2010).

* Art Auction - Oct 1st thru Oct 6th
* Gypsy Caravan (with various gypsy themed events) - Oct 1st thru Oct 7th
* Designer Vendors - Oct 1st thru Oct 7th at the BoobieBall Pavilion
* BoobieBalls - Oct 2nd 10:30am UK Event and Oct 2nd 7:30pm US Event
* Educational Salons
- History of undergarments (specifically corsets and bras) - Oct 3rd 1pm
- Self Breast Exams and other prevention activities - Oct 3rd 3pm
* Rummage Sale - Oct 5th and 6th all day
* Burlesque Show and Closing Ceremony - Oct 7th 7pm

For the Designer vendors we are asking for for interested designers to create one or more unique items - themed, if possible. And do feel free to use something similar to our dark raspberry color if you like (as seen in the event poster attached). Interested designers will be given a vendor to set up at the BoobieBall Pavilion, this is to ensure the security of the items permissions. The vendors are already set up to sell items with payment going to each designer and then rerouted to our treasurer (SavingSecondBase Searose). In this way, each designer can track sales and such.

I hope this is helpful information and please PLEASE let me know if you have other questions - or any concerns. We will be so honored to have you be part of the event if you choose to do so.

Most sincerely,
Eva Bellambi, Lady of Skye
Serra Anansi, Seneschelf of Winterfell

Designing Worlds investigates the Case of the Curious Prim

9/13/10  at 6:57 AM
The Exhibition Palace in Mythopoeia, photo by PJ Trenton

Just when you thought we must have exhausted our supply of eye-candy, we invite you all to join us in our Northpoint studio at 2pm SLT this week on Tuesday September 14th, as we explore the beautiful new region of Mythopoeia, belonging to the designer Grey Kurka.

Grey's work (selling through his stores, The Curious Prim) is already popular in steampunk and Baroque regions particularly, and his highly detailed, stunning textures are well-known in his products across the grid. We explored his new region of Mythopoeia and talked to Grey about his work and his inspirations ... in addition to seeing a large number of absolutely stunning creations!

Gypsy Vardos in Mythopoeia, photo by PJ Trenton

For Grey not only has beautiful buildings - several of which we visit - he also has vehicles ranging from galleons to airships to steam-powered spacecraft. While, if you fancy a slower pace of life, you can always draw up your vardo (gypsy caravan) to a gypsy encampment, and enjoy the open air life ...

While you visit, do check out the animations. Grey has built created stunning ones!

In addition, Grey shares with us his concept of Fairypunk ... as well as introducing us to monsters of various kinds - while Saffia shares an unexpected talent as she tackles the Goldberg variations.

Stone Temple Ceiling in Mythopoeia, photo by PJ Trenton

And there's a slide sequence from our photographer, PJ Trenton, to show you more of this truly lovely place! You can see all his photographs of Mythopoeia here.

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be in our Northpoint studios by 1.30pm to make sure of getting a seat. And there will be special gifts for all who attend the show in the studio!

Sultan's Tent and Luxury Store in Mythopoeia, photo by PJ Trenton

Or you tune in at 2pm SLT on Tuesday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site.

Aether Salon: Phantasmagoria! with Loki Eliot

9/8/10  at 7:20 AM

Learn more about the origins, traditions, and future of these newfangled moving images with noted practitioner Loki Eliot.

Loki will also give a small talk about origins of, and what he believes is vital to, making engaging, memorable and emotive Machinema in Second Life which will include audio and video experiences to enlighten.

Join the first fall Salon of the 2010-2011 Season! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones too. If you've never been, you will even be given a stylish Salon chair.

Bring your wit, and your questions, but please leave your weapons, incendiaries, badly behaved elder relatives, and non-housebroken shoulderpets at home.

SLurl to the Aether Salon

Catch up with transcripts of past salons at the Aether Salon Blog.

Look Out New Babbage - They're Back!

9/3/10  at 4:02 PM
On the morning of September the First, New Babbage Hotel Proprietor and Certainly Not A Timelord Victor1st Mornington pushed open the front door of his luxury hotel... only to find that he was trapped. By a New Babbage tram. It has been a long while since the trams have run in town, but recently Maceholder Cleanslate has been attempting repairs to the fleet and the cars had been put back into service. However, as Mister Mornington was overheard to say, "As of the present moment in time though there seems to be an arguement within the tram community as to which one of them should actually run on the tram line."

(Click through the pictures for embiggened sizes that truly show the scope of this event. Photography Credit: The Beleagured Mister Victor1st Mornington.)

Looking West towards the Aether Salon, Victor was amazed to see the extent of the pileup, as trams stacked like cordwood at the entrance to the Salon, while a few bounced around as freely as children on school recess upon the plaza next door.

Incredibly, glancing Eastward on Academy Downs, the full scope of the problem revealed itself. The pileup continued across the sim to the far edges of town!

Maceholder Cleanslate issued this official statement regarding the incident: "The NBTA [New Babbage Transit Authority] would like to apologize for the disruption caused by the recent malfunction of the newly patented Streetcar Parturition And Weaning Nodule device recently implemented on the Academy Line. As with any new invention, performance wrinkles are to be expected and the public's patience is appreciated. The manufacturer (Steamweaver Heavy Industry) has assured us that further disruption is unlikely, but that if it does occur they will be happy to resolve the problem for a small fee."

Hunt Etiquette

9/1/10  at 8:21 PM
Those who do not know me may be surprised to find I have some rather strong opinions about behavior. I honestly believe that anyone old enough to log on to even the Teen Grid should know better, but tonight we will discuss a few simple rules of Etiquette when applied to Second Life in General and Hunts in Particular. Just because it is a virtual world is not an excuse to give up civilization.

First, dress for success. No, you do NOT need that face light while hunting. If you absolutely *must* have your AO, try paring it down to one walk and one stand. Trust me, the rest of us are looking for the hunt item, not looking at you. The same goes for all the bandwith-hogging add-ons. If it is on your HUD, ask yourself if you really need it. If you absolutely cannot leave the house bald, find some system hair you can use, or look at using one of the hair tattoos with a simple ponytail. My assistant has a one-prim bun she made after finding a hair base tattoo she liked. I have a system French twist that I have worn to events such as Relay For Life and had much lower lag for it. The fewer prims you wear, the better your personal experience will be. Also, and I firmly believe this goes without saying - there is never a right time to wear bling.

Secondly, use the minimap to navigate. This means, when you land, you can move off the teleport landing zone without shoving others aside. Just because they have not rezzed to you yet, does not mean it is all right to shove other residents around. If it does happen, stop and apologize.

Third, realize the merchants do not have to participate in hunts. Yes, they get the traffic (though I am not sure if that metric still works the same as it once did) and many realize that this sort of advertising is a great way to get people to come back, but it does not mean they are required to join a hunt line. If they choose to hide the hunt item in a particularly horrid fashion, screaming at them will not make them give the item to you. It is more likely to cause them to ban you from their shop.

Also understand that some issues may still be worked out in the first days of a hunt. If there is a problem with the hunt item, whether it is the hidden item not responding or there seems to be a piece missing from a gift, a calm and polite note card will garner better actions than screaming at them in IM or note cards and lambasting them in any conversation you can monopolize.

Merchants may have emergencies that prevent them from completing an item or placing it at the start of the hunt. This is another good example of a situation where you should use a calm and polite (and Non-Accusatory) note card. I advocate sending one to both the merchant and the hunt organizer, just in case there is a major emergency that has taken the merchant out of the hunt entirely. This way the organizer can at least arrange a message for the hunters, either through the hunt information group or at the previous shop in the hunt.

If the hunt item is not something you care for, shrieking at the merchant will not change it. The item was free to you. A gift. If you do not like it, delete it, and do so quietly. There is no need to broadcast to the Known Grid that you think this item was slightly less appealing than a flaming sack of manure. Your best action in this case is to not return to that shop.

If you are given a note card of rules for the hunt, abide by them. Shouting the hunt item location, publishing location lists, and in some cases, even sharing hint lists is frowned upon. Never mind that hint lists are often wrong because there are merchants who will move their item once a week, or even once a day during the run. Check the rules, and follow them.

If you have a few extra minutes, take a look around. The merchants want your business. Do them the courtesy of acting like a proper customer. Who knows, you may find that though the gentleman’s suit in the gift is not to your taste, they have a vast array of gowns that would suit you, but you will not know for sure until you see the shop.

Finally, do please understand that it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for all. If you are becoming frustrated, take a break. Taking it out on your fellow hunters or the merchants will not be productive.

Third STEAM Hunt to begin tomorrow!

8/31/10  at 5:11 PM

STEAM: Steampunk Travelers' Event, Adventure & Megahunt

The third semiannual STEAM Hunt will have its kickoff party tonight at 6-8 PM SLT at the newly renovated HMS Rustbucket, now located in Mieville Twain. Wear your Steamiest outfits and dance the evening away to the tunes of "CJ the DJ", Caspian Jameson!

This time, there is not an official journal for the hunters, but Perryn Peterson has recognized a blog that is also covering the hunt, Information can also be found at Questions are requested to be directed to Perryn Peterson, by note-card only.

This hunt has an additional contest, as in the STEAM Hunt 2, to determine the best gifts and shops amongst the more than 140 wonderful locations which hunters will be visiting during the hunt. As you progress through the hunt, you are encouraged to make note of the gifts and shops which impress you. When you complete the hunt, you will be given the opportunity to vote for the top five merchant participants. Further details will be available at the final hunt location.

Watch this location for the views of one hunter as they progress through the locations in the coming week.

Once again: STEAM Hunt 3 Kick-Off Party
Where: HMS Rustbucket, Mieville Twain
When: Tuesday, 31st August from 6-8 PM SLT