Look Out New Babbage - They're Back!

9/3/10  at 4:02 PM
On the morning of September the First, New Babbage Hotel Proprietor and Certainly Not A Timelord Victor1st Mornington pushed open the front door of his luxury hotel... only to find that he was trapped. By a New Babbage tram. It has been a long while since the trams have run in town, but recently Maceholder Cleanslate has been attempting repairs to the fleet and the cars had been put back into service. However, as Mister Mornington was overheard to say, "As of the present moment in time though there seems to be an arguement within the tram community as to which one of them should actually run on the tram line."

(Click through the pictures for embiggened sizes that truly show the scope of this event. Photography Credit: The Beleagured Mister Victor1st Mornington.)

Looking West towards the Aether Salon, Victor was amazed to see the extent of the pileup, as trams stacked like cordwood at the entrance to the Salon, while a few bounced around as freely as children on school recess upon the plaza next door.

Incredibly, glancing Eastward on Academy Downs, the full scope of the problem revealed itself. The pileup continued across the sim to the far edges of town!

Maceholder Cleanslate issued this official statement regarding the incident: "The NBTA [New Babbage Transit Authority] would like to apologize for the disruption caused by the recent malfunction of the newly patented Streetcar Parturition And Weaning Nodule device recently implemented on the Academy Line. As with any new invention, performance wrinkles are to be expected and the public's patience is appreciated. The manufacturer (Steamweaver Heavy Industry) has assured us that further disruption is unlikely, but that if it does occur they will be happy to resolve the problem for a small fee."

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