Hunt Etiquette

9/1/10  at 8:21 PM
Those who do not know me may be surprised to find I have some rather strong opinions about behavior. I honestly believe that anyone old enough to log on to even the Teen Grid should know better, but tonight we will discuss a few simple rules of Etiquette when applied to Second Life in General and Hunts in Particular. Just because it is a virtual world is not an excuse to give up civilization.

First, dress for success. No, you do NOT need that face light while hunting. If you absolutely *must* have your AO, try paring it down to one walk and one stand. Trust me, the rest of us are looking for the hunt item, not looking at you. The same goes for all the bandwith-hogging add-ons. If it is on your HUD, ask yourself if you really need it. If you absolutely cannot leave the house bald, find some system hair you can use, or look at using one of the hair tattoos with a simple ponytail. My assistant has a one-prim bun she made after finding a hair base tattoo she liked. I have a system French twist that I have worn to events such as Relay For Life and had much lower lag for it. The fewer prims you wear, the better your personal experience will be. Also, and I firmly believe this goes without saying - there is never a right time to wear bling.

Secondly, use the minimap to navigate. This means, when you land, you can move off the teleport landing zone without shoving others aside. Just because they have not rezzed to you yet, does not mean it is all right to shove other residents around. If it does happen, stop and apologize.

Third, realize the merchants do not have to participate in hunts. Yes, they get the traffic (though I am not sure if that metric still works the same as it once did) and many realize that this sort of advertising is a great way to get people to come back, but it does not mean they are required to join a hunt line. If they choose to hide the hunt item in a particularly horrid fashion, screaming at them will not make them give the item to you. It is more likely to cause them to ban you from their shop.

Also understand that some issues may still be worked out in the first days of a hunt. If there is a problem with the hunt item, whether it is the hidden item not responding or there seems to be a piece missing from a gift, a calm and polite note card will garner better actions than screaming at them in IM or note cards and lambasting them in any conversation you can monopolize.

Merchants may have emergencies that prevent them from completing an item or placing it at the start of the hunt. This is another good example of a situation where you should use a calm and polite (and Non-Accusatory) note card. I advocate sending one to both the merchant and the hunt organizer, just in case there is a major emergency that has taken the merchant out of the hunt entirely. This way the organizer can at least arrange a message for the hunters, either through the hunt information group or at the previous shop in the hunt.

If the hunt item is not something you care for, shrieking at the merchant will not change it. The item was free to you. A gift. If you do not like it, delete it, and do so quietly. There is no need to broadcast to the Known Grid that you think this item was slightly less appealing than a flaming sack of manure. Your best action in this case is to not return to that shop.

If you are given a note card of rules for the hunt, abide by them. Shouting the hunt item location, publishing location lists, and in some cases, even sharing hint lists is frowned upon. Never mind that hint lists are often wrong because there are merchants who will move their item once a week, or even once a day during the run. Check the rules, and follow them.

If you have a few extra minutes, take a look around. The merchants want your business. Do them the courtesy of acting like a proper customer. Who knows, you may find that though the gentleman’s suit in the gift is not to your taste, they have a vast array of gowns that would suit you, but you will not know for sure until you see the shop.

Finally, do please understand that it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for all. If you are becoming frustrated, take a break. Taking it out on your fellow hunters or the merchants will not be productive.

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Nyx said...

thank you for taking the time to encourage decency in the metaverse - altho some hunts appeal to me, in theory - i've given up when confronted with the "madding crowd"