Armada Does Leftovers

11/24/13  at 11:01 AM
Armada Does Leftovers

What's the best part of Thanksgiving?  No, not the football. Cog no, not the football.

It's the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that!  It's all those LEFTOVERS!  This year, Armada's Scoundrel Fleet has decided to skip all the hard work of cooking a Thanksgiving feast and will be jumping DIRECTLY to the leftovers.

If you'd like to enjoy leftovers with the Scoundrel Fleet, come on by after the big day, anytime from November 29th through December 1st. We'll have plank tables out at the "To Hull and Back" bar at Fleet Headquarters, situated on scenic Scarlet Bay in the Blake Sea.

You might even find a plate of your OWN leftovers, iffin you aren't in the habit of locking your windows at night.

ALSO!  Look for Kimika Ying's magnificent trebuchet, free gifts, a walking treasure tour of the island and who knows what else!

*ALERT!!* Sunday at 10am slt, the Scoundrel Fleet will be picking the tables clean. If you want to fight them for the last drumstick, come on by.

November 29th through December 1st, 2013To Hull and Back Bar, Scoundrel Fleet HQ, Scarlet Bay, Blake SeaCome by anytime! Enjoy a snack, have some fun, get a gift!

Steampunk Piracy Discussion at the Mary Read Library

6/28/13  at 9:54 AM

As part of the full weekend of Swashbucklers for Life events, you are cordially invited to join the Scoundrel Fleet at the Mary Read Pirate Library in the Blake Sea, on Sunday, June 30th, 2013, from 9:30 to 10:30am SLT.

Steampunk Piracy Discussion
Moving Piracy to the Year 1890

Although piracy was almost wiped out during the age of sail, the newest advances in  technology of the late 1800's have allowed men of fortune to resume the noble trade of the seas.

Commander Vernden Jervil, formerly of Armada Breakaway and now shipwrecked retired in the Blake Sea, leads us in an hour of discussion about  advances in steampunk technology that have affected the pirate trade allowing our time honored profession to thrive on the land, sea and air.

Steam Pirate's Derby - Do You Dare?

6/17/13  at 9:35 AM
The last of his crew, he was known as Gut Spiller John. He was hanged for piracy a month ago, and surely has taken the secret of Black Finger's treasure to the grave... or has he?

He was the first mate, and he was the worst of them. Some say he was even worse than Black Finger himself... He just liked the killing, he loved to slice a sailors belly open and leave him to die slow. Some say that's why he was the one that Black Finger entrusted with the location of the treasure, because he didn't care about stealing it for himself...

Pirate Derby-poster
The Armada Scoundrel Fleet
is proud to present
Saturday, June 29th, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

As part of Swashbucklers for Life, a weekend of events to support Relay for Life, the SL effort to raise funds for the American Cancer Society to FIGHT CANCER! Donations to ASF Scoundrels for Life are encouraged.

What's a pirate like most? Treasure and Glory, that's what! The ASF Steam Pirates Derby is an event that will test ALL your pirate skills in a Dash for Treasure! Think you have the skills to be the baddest of them all? Well, here's your chance to prove it!!

The Derby consists of a race in a rickety steam powered ship, following a map to the TREASURE! It's buried on an island, you see, and you need to go claim it. But that's just the beginning! The other pirates will be gunning for your ship, and for YOU! There may be unforeseen hazards along the way.
But you won't be left defenseless - donning a special HUD will supply you with a compass and weapons, as well as a health meter. You may find upgrades along the way!

ALL you need to do is work your way through the clues and be the first back to Scoundrel HQ with the treasure!! You may take the chance to slow the competition by shooting their ship, or temporarily killing them. Oh, and you must SURVIVE the attempt...

Can you be an agony aunt (or uncle) and give good advice?

6/5/13  at 2:15 AM
This week's Quest for the Golden Prim features a dilemma for some of the characters.

Dilemmas for Nan, Ralph - and Lola!
Nan thinks that the dashing Ralph Montcalm is thinking altogether too much about that wicked female pirate captain that he met and fought back in the woods of Steelhead. A woman who had, we should remind ourselves, proved herself ruthless in kidnapping Nan and addicting poor Minnie to opium.

And Ralph ... well, he thinks he's thinking too much about the dashing female pirate too. But then there's Nan ...

Even Lola the dog has problems (in Finnish).

Can you advise the lovelorn three? That's the fun project associated with this week's Quest! Read their letters, and see if you can advise them ...

Join us to celebrate the Return of the Quest for the Golden Prim at Fantasy Faire – and rescue some of our characters!

4/27/13  at 1:54 PM
Join us today, Saturday 27th April, at a party at the Explorer’s Club (Oriental Branch) from 2pm – 5pm to celebrate the relaunch of the Quest for the Golden Prim.

And – as the party begins, we suspect that some – at least – of the Fugitives will be safely under lock and key!

We're combining a party to celebrate the return of the steampunk/gaslamp fantasy webcomic, The Quest for the Golden Prim with a Jail and Bail event to raise funds for Relay for Life at the Fabulous Fantasy Faire.

Followers of the web comic may recall that the three academics were falsely accused of murder in Steelhead but were fortunately able to escape from jail - only to find Steelhead threatened by a massive volanic eruption.

Volume 1 ended with the majority of the Quest attempting to fly before the explosion ... their fate left hanging in the balance ... and their destinatuion somewhat hazy ...

Now we will be serialising Volume 2 on our new website at - and we are planning to release a new installment each week, accompanied by games and contests.  

So do come and join us from 2pm - 5pm today, to celebrate the relaunch of the comic, to explore the amazing Explorers' Club, and to donate some Lindens to a very good cause!

We seek them here, we seek them there....

4/26/13  at 4:19 PM
Diary Entry: Thursday, 26th April
The Fairelands is a vast a complex place, a colliding of worlds and cultures, thrown together for who knows what end? With that co-location of cultures comes ad-hoc tourism and opportunistic trading, the merchants across the Fairelands lay out their wares in anticipation of vast crowds of bargain hungry travellers seeking the new and exotic from far off lands.

 And it's a good thing too, it seems to me. For while I have singularly failed to track down my dunderheaded colleagues, it would seem that I was right to fear for their well-being.

I have explored the lands many times, but there is too much ground for just one person to cover and have any realistic hope of finding them. There have been times when I would have sworn I had seen them. High above me on the the upper levels of the floating city known as Titans' Hollow yet by the time I had run up the flights of steps to reach them, all trace of whoever it had been had simply vanished.

Two night's ago I ventured out to a nightclub, to see if I could find out any news or rumours and it was there that I first heard the appeal.
News just in from Steelhead informs us that Questers known as Dr Wirefly, Professor McMinn and Miss Primm are wanted in connection with the murder of a citizen of Steelhead.  They were apprehended in Steelhead but escaped by drugging the Sheriff and his trusty deputies.

These people are highly dangerous – if encountered, they should be reported to the Sheriffs of the Faireland. We are asking Fairgoers not to risk danger by approaching them directly.  If you see any other Questers, however, we believe you may still safely approach them and request information (and gifts).

Hastily I withdrew from the club, no easy task when the club is a flying ship whose like I could but dream of owning, no bag of flight gas holds this vessel aloft, it is instead supported by a living dragon.
The Faireland's Sheriffs are looking for them. The travellers and merchants are being warned to lookout for them, with promises of rewards for their capture but the good news is that all the while those pleas continue I can be certain that they have not been apprehended.
And tonight, whilst exploring the caverns of DragonSpire I caught sight of them. I know I was not mistaken, you don't get to fly a ship for long if you are prone to fanciful apparitions and mirages.Before I could lay chase, I was enveloped in a crowd of dwarves intent on mining the rich seams of jewels. I had lost them again, but I feel I am closing now. I must hope I am one step ahead of the Sheriff's, if all the other rumours are to be believed they are efficient and without mercy.

Another day, another quest

4/21/13  at 5:35 PM
"Dear Frankie
There is new information regarding our expedition. We would like to engage your services once again.
Please meet us, at the Explorers’ club, Lotus Valley Dream, Fairelands. We will be studying the scientific nature of the Fairelands phenomena and will be staying at the club for about a week from the 20th April.
Please come.
Professor McMinn, Dr Wirefly and Miss Primm"

Diary entry 21st April,  11am
I should probably have just burned the blasted card, but I'm somehow still somewhat intrigued by this whole group of haphazard adventurers and, needless to say, I could do with the work. So I kept the card, but moreover, I kept the appointment and now I find myself sat in the Explorers' club. I arrived last night and so far there has been no sign of the three signatories. I'm not yet sure if I'm worried, it's a bit too early, they are academics after all, and not renowned for their punctuality or reliability.  I think I'll save the worrying until after lunch.

Diary Entry 21st April, 2pm
Still no sign of my learned friends. Far too smart to have brought a map between them no doubt. But now I am beginning to get worried. Last night I felt sure I glimpsed Lady Copperhead here. Trouble is never far behind that one, and then at lunch I would swear I saw her companion here too. I really don't like the way this is starting to look.

Diary Entry 21st April, 4pm
I can't wait here any longer. My head is telling me to get out of Fairelands and forget it all, but they are here somewhere, I am sure. So I've decided to go out and find them, but I've left a note with the card so that if they do arrive they'll know to wait here. It is hard to know what to say. I cannot be too explicit because I have no idea who to trust here and my only choice is to leave this somewhere conspicuous.

"Dear three,
I arrived on schedule to find nobody here. I have waited long enough and will now begin to search for you. When you see this, do not leave, get rooms and stay there.

Seraph City celebrates its third birthday with a party!

4/6/13  at 4:05 PM

The Seraph Club
 There's a special event to celebrate in Seraph City!

Seraph City, the beautiful 1930s dieselpunk city that figured as a key location in The Blackened Mirror - is celebrating its third birthday today, Saturday 6th April, with a party at the Seraph Club from 6 - 9pm.

There have been some changes recently in the region - awesome new sim surrounds, and the region is acquiring more mesh builds. There are also some available sites for renting, and plans to add some games - like the murder mystery in the offices of The Daily Prim (which will be updated shortly).

 For today's event, evening wear is preferred (1920s - 1930s style would be perfect), and, they say, "tea" will be available from the bar!

It should be a fun evening - hope to see you there!

The Streets of Seraph City

Designing Worlds explores the world of 1920s Berlin - now on the web

1/29/13  at 12:17 PM
Now available on the web – our latest episode, as we explore the architectural beauties and the seamy underbelly of 1020s Berlin.

While Saffia browses the high class shops in Unter den Linden and muses on the wealth of art, architecture and cinema, Elrik explores the alleys and shabby apartments that show vividly what life was like for ordinary people in the Weimar Republic, and in a city that was open to experimentation and innovation like no other. And, hand in hand with that, went the famed decadence of Berlin's clubs ...

1920s Berlin - looking down Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont
It was a time of political upheaval too, and we catch glimpses of that - although the Nazis were still a comparatively small and disregarded faction, engaging in street fights with the Communists. But this was a society dancing on the edge ...

Jo Yardley, the creator of 1920s Berlin, talks about all this and more as she gives them a fascinating guided tour of the region with a soundtrack of authentic music of the era.

It's an amazing show - don't miss it!

Berlin, the Alexanderplatz - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Join Designing Worlds Unter den Linden as we explore 1920s Berlin

1/28/13  at 9:00 AM

1920s Berlin - looking down Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 28th January, for our new episode of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams as we explore a really fascinating region - a thoughtful and incredibly detailed recreation of 1920s Berlin.

This is a fascinating slice of history. Weimar Germany was a place of immense social deprivations, and great wealth, a time of fiery politics, riots, rebellions and the growth of political parties that would dominate the coming decades. But it was also a time of enormous artistic creativity in art, architecture and the comparatively new medium of film. It was also a time of tremendous decadence - a time when all sorts of previously hidden or repressed behaviours were permitted, sometimes encouraged ... and often viewed on the stages and in the cabarets.

Berlin - the Alexanderplatz - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

All of this vibrant life takes place in a beautiful European city - a city also teeming with slums and a vibrant working class culture.

Jo Yardley, the creator of 1920s Berlin, talks about all this and more as she gives them a fascinating guided tour of the region with a soundtrack of authentic music of the era. It's a show you really won't want to miss!

So do come and join us at 2pm - and see how the Designing Worlds studio has acquired a Bierkeller!

1920s Bierkeller in the Designing Worlds Studio

 Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show on – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site at – our very own version of the iPlayer!

The Burning of Armada Breakaway

1/25/13  at 11:34 AM
Armada Breakaway and Commander Vernden Jervil
Armada Breakaway and Commander Vernden Jervil.
Photograph by Junie Ginsberg
As the coming weekend ends, so will Armada Breakaway. It is an Armadan tradition to burn when you go, and already the floating city is hot with the growing flames.  They will reach their peak this weekend, and then the city will vanish to smoke and ember, but hopefully will live on in everyone's dreams and memories.

Amongst the citizens of Armada is a small, unruly faction known as the Scoundrel Fleet. These notorious pirates have secured an island in the Blake Sea (or they may have possibly thrown the previous inhabitants to the sharks). This island will provide a safe (?) haven to continue our traditional "Tall Tales and Outright Lies" story nights, as well as ironclad practice and general mayhem at "Chaos!"

You are cordially invited to help give Armada Breakaway a proper sendoff. Mark these events on your calendar, and we will see you there!

Dance While Armada Burns
Saturday, January 26th, 6-9pm slt
The Sovereign, Armada Breakaway
Come celebrate Armada Breakaway while you can!  First we have the Armada Sirens dance troupe.  Then, Ahnyanka Delphin DJ's as we party while the floating city burns. This is literally your last chance to see, as Sunday the Lindens cast their net and tow it in.

February 17, 2013: 6:30 till ? slt
Tall Tales and Outright Lies
Collaborative story - The Exodus from Armada
Scoundrel Fleet Headquarters, Blake Bay

On February 17rd starting at 6:30pm slt, We will be having a Tall Tales special event, telling the story of the fleet's flight from Armada on the spot. All are welcome to watch or participate in the event. Currently we are looking at doing the story in 3 sections:

Part 1: The Fire
A number of fires started on Armada for various and unrelated reasons at the same time. Participants are encouraged to tell how they saw one of the fires starting, or how they heard a fire started. Or how they saw a fire and are sure it is Bob's fault. Once we have a good blaze going...

Part 2: The Escape
The actual flight from the floating city. Grab what you can and run in boats, warships, rafts, or whatever else you can find and make for the remote island that the Scoundrel fleet discovered. I am told they may have been people living there that needed to be evicted as we moved in, method left up to the individual storyteller.

Part 3: A New Home
The Scoundrel Fleet's first days in their new home. Setting up the beginnings of a base camp, scouring for resources. Erecting the first structures. Then taking to first steps to regain our position as the terror of the seas.

A few notes for people who are not part of Armada or the fleet and may wish to contribute:

You are still more then welcome to come participate in the story, or just watch it unfold. The two ideas that first come to my mind is that you just happened to visit the city on the wrong day and have to escape the fire with everone else. Alternately, if you want to adopt a new persona for the night just to participate, we will not mind at all. You could even redshirt such an individual if you feel the tale needs some tragedy. Of course any other ideas are also welcome.

As a last note, feel free to come with material prepared, but be ready to adjust it in process if it doesn't quite fit what is going on. I hope to see you all there!