Designing Worlds explores the world of 1920s Berlin - now on the web

1/29/13  at 12:17 PM
Now available on the web – our latest episode, as we explore the architectural beauties and the seamy underbelly of 1020s Berlin.

While Saffia browses the high class shops in Unter den Linden and muses on the wealth of art, architecture and cinema, Elrik explores the alleys and shabby apartments that show vividly what life was like for ordinary people in the Weimar Republic, and in a city that was open to experimentation and innovation like no other. And, hand in hand with that, went the famed decadence of Berlin's clubs ...

1920s Berlin - looking down Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont
It was a time of political upheaval too, and we catch glimpses of that - although the Nazis were still a comparatively small and disregarded faction, engaging in street fights with the Communists. But this was a society dancing on the edge ...

Jo Yardley, the creator of 1920s Berlin, talks about all this and more as she gives them a fascinating guided tour of the region with a soundtrack of authentic music of the era.

It's an amazing show - don't miss it!

Berlin, the Alexanderplatz - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

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