New Babbage RFL Charity Auction

6/26/10  at 9:38 AM
June 26th, 1 pm SLT, New Babbage RFL Charity Auction

Some great names associated with New Babbage have graciously given up their time to produce unique items, or unique variations of times that are sold at their store.

All auctions have a starting bid of L$1000. Bid will be taken by notecard up to the time of the auction, where at which time, the highest bid will be the starting bid for the auction. If no others wish to bid at that time, that is the winning bid. Current high bids will be on display next to the lot, if there is a pre-bid.

Items will be on display before the auction, some on display already, while some will come later in the week.

Roman Brandenburg has donated two wonderful pieces of art work. Entitled The Khali's Dance, this piece of artwork has a red backdrop with many rotating white details in the foreground. The changing textures give a memorizing appearance as you get a new image every moment you stare into it. The second is entitled Mesmeralda, and uses the same concept of the first, with another unique masterpiece. This one features a black background with many changing elements in the foreground. Items are currently on display.

Canolli Capalini, of Capalini Fine Furnishings, has donated a wonderful set of furniture with unique textures on them. The woman does exquisite work, so do not miss this chance to be able to own a piece of her fine creations. Lot should go on display by June 24th.

Cutea Benelli has donated two great hats, both featuring unique textures. First is the versatile villain hat, featuring many items essential to a villain. Second is a woman's hat entitled dark eden tophat newsworthy, with a news print texture to it. Both hats are currently on display.

Skusting Dagger has donated a great piece of artwork, capturing his distinct style, and for this one time you can be the proud owner of this great piece of art. As well, he has brought a tattoo out of retirement to sell one last time at this auction. Lots on display.

Rip Wirefly has donated a replica of the famous Wright Brothers plane, the Kitty Hawk. Attempting to stay true to the vision, it features the plane on a stand in a memorial to flight. Lot is available for viewing currently.

Tesla Tripsa has created something to catch the eye of all New Babbage Resident, and even those from out of town. She has toiled away to bring the Tenk birdbath, modelled after Mosseveno Tenk, mayor of New Babbage. Lot will be on display after June 24th.

Pumpkin Tripsa, of the famed Chakra Nova, is donating a wonderful re-textured statue. This unique piece will feature a woman resting against a mount, in a unique texture. Lot is currently on display.

Madcow Cosmos has donated a one of a kind backpack to this great event. This backpack is something to behold and is currently on display

Design New Offices for The Primgraph in Seraph City - and win L$10,000!

6/20/10  at 1:30 PM
We are delighted to inform you that the Primgraph Press has acquired additional new premises in Seraph City. It is in a prime location just opposite the City Hall.

At the moment this block is occupied by a series of vacant shops, but it is our intention to demolish these and build new State-of-the-Dieselpunk-Art premises that will house journalists from The Primgraph ... and also from The Daily Prim, Seraph's City's newspaper*.

To replace the shops, we have decided to have a COMPETITION for the most fitting build for this prime site and important building. Pumpkin Tripsa, one of the owners of Seraph City, has donated a generous L$10,000 prize for the winning entry.

Contest Guidelines
Seraph City is a dieselpunk, pulp/noir retrofuture sim set in the age of radio, between the two world wars.

Builds in Seraph City typically reflect art deco themes or similar styles common to the era. Since we have retrofuture elements, a fair amount of latitude is given for the sake of creativity. We do, however, expect that builds look believable in terms of structural stability and texture. Seraph City is an urban sim, and within reason, the more a building covers a plot, the better it looks in the grand scheme of the city. Most importantly is the road frontage. If any ground is to be left bare, it's best to have it in the back of the lot.

The Primgraph Office will reside on a 32mx32m plot, with 468 prims.
The location is: ��

Prim limit for the structure: 200

The structure requires the following features:
-A main office room
-3 smaller offices for Primgraph reporters (these could be one room, with dividers)
-An office for Saffia Widdershins (editor and owner)
-A radio broadcast control room
-A recording studio for radio broadcasts
-A darkroom for developing photographs
-A break room for the staff

Designs should include internal features such as cupboards and sinks in the darkroom, an integrated desk in the radio broadcast control room etc. Proposed builds should be submitted to Saffia Widdershins by June 30 in the form of drawings or models - either inworld or to


*While, as we all know, The Primgraph is a genuine magazine, with many readers, The Daily Prim is a fictitious paper, created to further the possibilities of roleplay in Seraph City.

People who would like to hold posts on this paper, and on the associated radio network (also fictitious), should contact Positions at all levels - from City Editor to newsboys - are available. More details of this will be available soon!

The Art of Photography at the Aether Salon

6/19/10  at 7:21 PM
Sunday, June 20 at 2 pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

They are worth 1,000 words, markers of history, and everyday documents that reveal great artistry - photographs, which became both a pastime and passion for the Victorian era. How better to document fairies in the garden, or explorations and new discoveries? What worlds are opened up within the viewfinder, and passed on to those at home in sepia tones and black and white? Capturing photographs is not an easy task, nor is transferring them to permanence on paper - it is a matter of craftsmanship and artistry.

For the final Salon of the Spring Season, we are pleased to welcome master photographer PJ Trenton to the stage. Mr Trenton will lead us to an understanding of the art of the photograph and how it has changed through the years. Join us on Sunday, June 20 at 2 pm slt at the AetherSalon as we pose, light, and click our way in the last salon before summer break

Sera, Viv, and Jed
Aether Salon of New Babbage

Shock News: Intrepid Editrix and Deputy for Sale!

  at 8:49 AM
This evening
Piermont Landing Presents
The second annual Illusions White Theme Ball
Saturday 18th June
6pm - 9pm SLT
Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways

(wherein your esteemed Editrix Miss Saffia Widdershins and Deputy Editrix Miss Ceejay Writer place themselves on the auction block for the sake of charity!)

Information from StarGirl Macbain is posted here.

Hosted by Miss Breezy Carver

Beautiful Memorabilia

6/17/10  at 12:44 PM
I was very excited when I saw that the World Steam Expo was taking place in Dearborn, Mi. Not that it meant that I was going to be able to visit, but some of my best SL friends live there and so I started pushing them to attend the event.

I had to spend some time convincing them. They are usually more Fantasy oriented than Steampunk, but I knew at least one of them liked Abney Park and after a while the excitement started to grow.
Of course I insisted that they had to get the Quest cards. It would have been great if they got Ralph’s card ! :)

In the end Alphonsus, Mykyl and Princess went to the Expo the afternoon of the Sunday, and they tell me they had a lot of fun. They walked home wearing goggles and victorian hats :)

Somehow mysteriously I was told that they had mailed me some material from the Expo. I smiled when I was told but I did not pay much more attention after that. So I was very curious yesterday evening when I found a package in my mail.

What I found was absolutely lovely and I was delighted : the program of the events that took place at the Expo (would have been really fun to be there !), the fantastic postard of the Primgraph, a small “Visit New Babbage” Poster and the cards of Miss Prim, Ihaka, Nan and Lola !!!

Here they are, on display on my keyboard! Aren’t they wonderful ?!!! :))

The "Quest" Cards

The "Quest" Cards

Convio! Relay For Life of Second Life launches individual two-week fundraising challenge!

6/13/10  at 2:47 AM
The Relay for Life of Second Life Event Chair Tayzia Abattoir is challenging Second Life residents to raise money on line for the American Cancer Society and to test their fundraising skills in a two-week Convio challenge to see who can raise the most. The challenge itself runs from June 15 through June 30, but people can donate any time after that as well.

Tayzia explains: "Convio is a program where Second Life residents can have their Real Life family and friends donate on their behalf to Relay For Life of Second Life. They don’t even have to go into detail about their Second Life if they don’t want to!"

There are an estimated 2,000 volunteers and team members involved in Relay For Life of Second Life. Team members will be participating in this challenge as well. But Tayzia emphasizes that it is open to everyone. The winner will receive a certificate during the RFL of SL Track Event on July 17-18. The overall goal of RFL of SL is to raise US$300,000.

Stingray9798 Raymaker, Online Content Manager for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life who oversees their existence in Second Life, says: ‘Cancer touches everyone’s lives, regardless if you are a Relayer or not. We are calling out to all residents of Second Life to join the Relay Nation and help us to raise money to fund lifesaving research to find ways to fight back against a disease that takes so much.’

Residents and volunteers who are not a part of a RFL of SL team can join the challenge by signing up at Click on the "FUNDRAISE WITH CONVIO" link at the very top of the page. Then click INDIVIDUAL SIGN UP and simply follow the quick and easy steps. You will get a link to your page so people can go donate. You can share this with people outside Second Life - you can tell your family and friends, and get the word out through Facebook, Twitter, Avatars United, and blogs.

Residents and volunteers who do not wish to join the challenge may donate at the American Cancer Society sim,

Poppy Zabelin
(RFL of SL PR Chair or Breezy Carver (RFL of SL PR Co-Chair

New Babbage Athenaeum Wager

6/1/10  at 5:24 AM
Readers may remember that, a month ago, this publication carried an article about the opening of the New Babbage Athenaeum, an institution that is converting books into information on punch cards, and then burning the books. Within a couple of weeks, an advertisement was placed for people familiar with the workings analytical engines. Rumors abounded that the translation engine was not working correctly, and the punch cards were storing only nonsense. Despite that, the burning of books apparently continued.

This reporter managed to track down Mr. Steamweaver again on the 31st of May, and so confirmed the rumors. In the course of the conversation, Mr. Steamweaver proposed a wager with Miss Bookworm Hienrichs. If enough money is donated to defray book storage costs--$10,000L or more in 10 days--then the burning will cease indefinitely, and Mr. Steamweaver will match the donation amount from his own pocket. If the money is not raised in time, then Miss Hienrichs must turn over her own personal library for conversion and disposal.

Donations to this cause can be made to the RFL kiosk in front of the New Babbage Athenaeum.

UPDATE: The goal was reached and then some! The total for the 10 days was $31,860L, so the books in the Athenaeum--and Miss Hienrich's library--are safe!