Can you design the ultimate reading chair?

5/25/09  at 6:58 AM

Mosseveno Tenk, the Mayor of the the amazingly steampunk New Babbage region, is on a quest. He’s looking for a comfortable chair to read in – not all reading chairs accommodate gnomes. And he’s announced a competition.

Category 1: Practical

17 prim limit to fit the household budget
Prize: L$1500/1000/500

Category 2: Primmy

70 prim limit
Prize: L$1500/1000/500

One entry per category (that means 2 max).

There will be an overall prize for Best in Show: L$1500. Additionally, a Mayor’s Prize will be offered for the best pose or animation.

Elegible chairs will be of adult size but allow a shortie to sit comfortably without swallowing body parts or leaving them hanging in air.

Entries may be placed in designated areas inside Bolyai Plaza starting May 25th. People submitting chairs may mark them for sale. Competitors are asked to check “Allow anyone to move” on the Edit menu so that they can then be moved around as needed.

Judging: May 30, time 8-10am SLT, at the Mayor’s 2nd Rezday Party.
Music: Saturday morning cartoons for the ears! Edward Pearse of Radio Riel will be spinning from his infamous collection of novelty music.

And if you want to learn more about the New Babbage region, we will be featuring it as central focus in the new issue of The Primgraph, which will be published shortly! You can follow the latest news here on the new Primgraph blog – still under construction!