The Steampunk World's Fair 2011

1/27/11  at 8:06 AM

May 20 - 22, 2011
The Crowne Plaza Hotel
110 Davidson Ave.
Somerset, NJ 08873

“The Steampunk World’s Fair- the steampunk community’s largest event of the year- is back for 2011!

Join thousands of your fellow steampunks, enthusiasts, and time-traveling day-trippers as they descend upon Somerset, NJ! Immerse yourselves in all things steampunk – from music and performers, to authors and historians, to scientists and community personas!

The Steampunk World’s Fair was created with one idea in mind: To have a place where steampunks can socialize, connect, and share surrounded by more entertainment and fun, with more variety of Steampunk flavor than anywhere else.

Last year, The Steampunk World’s Fair was made famous by offering more Steampunk performances, shows, and events than any other gathering. In 2011, they are honored to be working once more with community favorites like Jake von Slatt, Professor Elemental, and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band. New this year, they are working with Dr. Grymm’s Laboratories, The Davenport Sisters, The Gypsy Nomads, and many more we’re eager to announce! SPWF is delighted to be working alongside all of these talented artists, performers, makers, and authors.

The Steampunk World’s Fair is truly the weekend your clockwork-heart has been craving! SPWF thanks you for being a part of this and giving them the opportunity to make a space to let your steampunk style and imagination run wild. The Fair is constantly evolving, growing, and changing. So come inside. See what they’re doing this year to celebrate the community and the spirit of adventure!”

For more information, visit:

Happy 4th Rezday, Saffia Widdershins!

1/24/11  at 8:26 AM

Who is this lovely mermaid? Why, it's intrepid Editrix Saffia Widdershins! This is a favorite picture of mine, taken by Mister Raven Haalan during an on-location photo shoot for The Primgraph magazine. Quite recently, Miss Widdershins celebrated her 4th rezday. In honor of this special occasion, we'd like to share what it means to have Saffia in our lives. This post contains tributes from some of her friends, and now I encourage YOU to post a comment and tell us your own special thoughts about this remarkable woman!

As for myself... I really could write all day about her and not run out of memories, praise and thanks. Little did I know that my offer of a small article for The Primgraph's second issue in September, 2008 (so aptly titled, "Welcome, Stranger") would lead to a lasting friendship.

Saffia is the embodiment of Grace Under Pressure. She knows exactly how to draw the best talents out of anyone - often finding skills in people they never knew they had. And she stands by her friends, even when they falter or feel they are out of their league. Her persistent faith in the talents of those she draws close is amazing. I have learned so much from this woman, and I know I will continue to become a better person for having her in my life.

Beyond that... she's hilarious. I can't tell you how often I've come to her a wreck, and left laughing till I can't breathe. I can no longer imagine my life without her friendship. The good memories are stacking up like cordwood, and I hope they never end! Happy rezday, my dear, and yes - four more years indeed!

And now I will hush and let others sing her praises.

The Baron shares a picture memory, of dancing with Saffia.

"This is from the RFL Halfway Grand Tour last summer. The date I have for the picture is May 15, and it was taken in Al-Garnata in Al-Andalus, I believe -- one of the first Stops that morning." -- Baron Klaus Wulfenbach

Bookworm Heinrichs shares an entry from her personal journal, written late in 2009. Clearly Miss Widdershins had made this a memorable day for Miss Book!

In late 2009, I wrote this in my journal:

I happened to run into Miss Saffia Widdershins this morning, and we repaired into a nearby shop for some tea. It was so nice to be able to have a relaxed conversation with her; ofttimes, I only see her at dances, which are far too busy for me to hold extended conversations. We fell to talking about the events of the past couple of months here in New Babbage, including the plague that hit last month. I said that, while I'd played my own small role in it, and had heard some accounts from others, it didn't seem as though anyone had tried to get a coherent account of things--how it started, how it progressed, etc. "Someone from the Primgraph ought to do some investigative journalism on that subject," I concluded.

"An excellent idea," she replied. "You're hired."

All right--it may not have happened exactly like this--but it's actually not that far from the truth. Miss Saffia is always very quick to spot an opportunity to further her goals for the Primgraph, Prim Perfect, or Designing Worlds. Her dedication to these entities is truly awe-inspiring, and has made them the wonderful institutions they are today.

But this ability isn't just self-serving. She's also quick to spy out ways to help others grow in their abilities, or further their own goals. I wasn't at all expecting to write an article, but I ended up having a lot of fun doing it! Her gentle nudging--OK, her abrupt plunging--of me into the world of Second Life journalism has made me keep my eyes open for other such opportunities when I have the time. And I look forward to continuing that--and continuing to watch Saffia with amazement. -- Miss Bookworm Hienrichs

Another friend who is helpless to resist her charms, Mister Linus Lacombe, fairly burst with words within moments of my asking for his thoughts on Saffia's 4th rezday.

Saffia Widdershins is one of the very dearest friends I have in Second Life. From the day I met her, she has been a source of inspiration to me. Not only has she brought so much joy into my second life, but she has brought meaning to it in ways she may never imagine. Saffia is a dynamo, someone who manages to have her own Second Life television show and publishing empire, but who still finds time to dance, attend a lecture, or just talk with a friend. To everything she does, she brings an amazing sense of dignity, of vitality and grace that never fails to astound. Always kind, always gentle, always positive and encouraging to me, I count myself a better person for having her in my life. As for her intelligence and wit, I would challenge anyone to find her peer. On her fourth rezday, I wish her the very best, and may she have many more years of success, of smiles and happiness and oh, so many more dances! -- Mister Linus Lacombe

Miss Rowan Derryth remembers well her first encounter with Saffia. It was on the occasion of Saffia's third rezday!

I remember lingering outside of Saffia's rezday party a year ago, nervous and feeling like an interloper, because here was a celebration in her honour with all her friends, and there I was, hoping she would give me a shot as a writer. I was only a few months old, and at the time, I had no idea of her huge heart, her generous spirit, and that the underlying reason she does all this is because she loves to find and encourage new talent, and help people find things in themselves they never knew they had. To me, she was this bad-ass avi, and head of a publishing empire. Like a virtual Anna Wintour. What could I offer?

Well, I won't belabour it - she gave me a shot, and did indeed help me discover that actually, I'm pretty good at this whole journalism thing. I never thought of myself as a writer. Now I do. And for that I will ever be grateful.

But the thing I really want to mention here is the woman behind the avi. I've been privileged to meet the Intrepid One in her home of Oxford, where she gave me the Grand Tour! We had a lovely lunch, an afternoon with the Pre-Raphaelites at the Ashmolean, then while wandering to Evensong at Christchurch Cathedral, I got to experience her 'let's do it, why not!' attitude first hand as I escorted her to buy her first iPhone! I was a little worried that it might mean more work for us all, but she has been very well-behaved with it! We finished the evening with her sweetheart and possibly the best meal in England.

Miss Widdershins is a delightful, generous, fun, and warm-hearted woman (physical and virtual!). I feel lucky and honoured to call her not just my editor, but my friend, in all worlds. -- Miss Rowan Derryth

Qwis Greenwood has known Saffia a long time - almost ten years! She clearly knows her well, evidenced by her use of the word 'temptress'.

I've been writing with Saffia for a long time, and it's a friendship and an experience that I treasure. She showed me how simple words could create characters you care about, care enough to spend a weekend shaken up when something tragic happens to one of them. Receiving writing assignments from her is sometimes like willingly strapping on a helmet and climbing down the barrel of a cannon. She suggests things I would never try myself, leaving me surprised at what I can do. Though she sends people off on a challenge, she also offers her support upon request. Whether pestering people, suggesting ideas and directions, or writing an article when life kept me from completing it, she is a help as well as as a literary temptress. Happy 4th Rez Day, dear Saffia!

Qwis also shared some 'vintage' photos for this tribute.

Your Favorite Romantic Steamlands Location

  at 5:33 AM
It's time to vote for your favorite romantic steamlands locations. Review the comments in Steamy Romance: Your Hot Steamlands Locations and then vote for your favorite. Voting closes January 29th!

Click to take the Romantic Steamlands Poll

Project Readery

1/21/11  at 10:30 PM
An announcement shared recently by Miss Bianca Namori, Magistrate of Cala Mondrago:

SL Libraries are as amazing and exciting as real life libraries. The plethora of tomes in Al-Adanus is a great example of the possibilities of obtaining amazing literature from various cultures and in world talents. Thus, I want to pursue the idea of “Readery” even more so.

The idea of a community storybook was brought to me first by MichaelD Mannonen who was to collaborate with the wonderful Ms. Ceejay Writer. However, neither of them had the time to venture into this amazing idea, I decided to pick up where these talented SL-ers left off.

How I hope to have “Readery” work is the following way:

1. Everyone throughout the world of SL can donate a short story, novel, or poem to the “Readery”. All stories must fit into one of the categories of either; Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Tragedy, Comedy, Biography, Autobiography, Fantasy (which includes Sci-Fi and Steampunk), Historical Fiction, Western, and Horror.

2. Please classify each story submitted at the top of your note card/e-mail thusly:
Type: (Short Story, Novel, Poetry)
Number of pages/characters
Synopsis: (MUST have!)

3. Please consider that since project Readery is within a Mature sim, the contents need to collaborate still with the ToS of Secondlife. Erotica or any other vulgarity not permitted in a Mature sim will not be promoted in or collaborate with the Readry therein.

4. Please also state rather or not you would like your literatures synopsis read.
How Readry will work:

As mentioned before, Readery is to be a community effort of library establishment from your very own fingertips. This simply means that all poetry, short-stories, and novels within the walls of the Readery are from your creative minds. How literature is obtained, is when you touch a bookcase, or a podium book, a drop down menu will appear and you can select a story to read. Then you will be given the “text” and you can sit in the comfort of the readery and enjoy your new found literature.

Even though you are donating your books, they will also be obtained for reading FOR free, and the concept of “Readery” will work off of donations. So if you value this project, then please donate where and when you can.

Submissions are placed in a drop box right outside the “Readery” of Cala Mondrago. It works as a suggestion box, so once in, never out unless you are staff of the Readery. Stories are read, selected, and added to the library if they follow all of the guidelines.

Have a STEAMtastic day.

Wulfenbach Consulate Game Day!

1/16/11  at 4:33 PM
The Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach is pleased to invite you to its first Game Day! An exceptional 30-hours long day, by decree of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, extending from January 29th, 12/noon to January 30th, 6pm. (All hours SLT time.)

This event is meant to bring the citizens from all over the Steamlands together, and warm them up with a flurry of activites. Most will be held in Clos Normand, others spreading over all Consulate buildings.

There between the opening and closing balls will be
- two En Garde tournaments (a team and an individual one)
- two building contests (a week-long and an hour-long)
- a snowfight contest
- a rally
- a treasure hunt
- free skating, table games and more!

Please look at the schedule below for more information on time, locations and rules when available. Some events require registrations, other you just show up; please check the rules of the events you would like to attend (when availabe).

(Updates will be available at each Consulate buldings, and from the Consulate staff.)

Saturday, January 29th (SLT times)

12:00 noon Time limit for the week-long building contest; all entries must be ready for judging
(See for more information)

12:00 noon Opening ball - DJ: Otenth Paderborn

3:00pm Opening of ongoing activities (snowball fight, rally, treasure hunt, games, open skating, etc.)

-Snowball Fight

-Rally (All over the steamlands; specifics will be added soon)

-Treasure Hunt (In each Consulate building; information, landmarks and rules will be added soon)

Mama Valdy's -

-Open Skating and ice fishing (7seas)

3:30pm En Garde, team tournament

5:30pm Prize for the team tournament.

Sunday, January 30th

11:00am One-hour building contest

12:00 noon En Garde, individual tournament

2:30pm Prizes for the one-hour building contest, individual tournament, and snowball tournament

3:00pm Closing ball - DJ: Cerise Blackheart

We hope to see you during this extended day of fun!

Steamy Romance! Your 'Hot' Steamlands Locations

  at 11:17 AM
A romantic interlude relies on a romantic location. And in the Steamlands, there's a wide variety of places for lovers to meet, whisper, kiss and *gasp* kanoodle. Intrepid romanticists that we at the Primgraph are, we want to know your favorite romantic spot!

[Photo of the Aberconwy Old Chapel on the Anderton Estates in Winterfell by PJ Trenton]

From now through Saturday, January 22nd, we encourage you to reply to this blog entry with your choices. Please include an SLurl, as I am sure some of the choices will be secret, out of the way trysting places.

After Saturday, you will have an opportunity to vote on the places that have been suggested, and the final results will appear in our next issue of The Primgraph!

The New Babbage Aether Salon Presents "Diplomacy"

1/15/11  at 3:03 PM

Sunday, November 21 at 2 pm slt

Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

An unknown author defined diplomacy
as “The business of handling a porcupine without disturbing the quills.” It stands to reason that the job
requires great skill. If one peeks into a diplomat’s briefcase, one might
discover some unusual items: a jar of oil to pour on trouble waters, a hammer
to pound sense, a rudder to maintain course, along with a cloak of patience,
understanding and tact folded neatly on top.

Ah yes, the art of diplomacy. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach Outlander and
Frau Lowey, both knowledgeable and talented in this field, will be our speakers
this month. Please join us on Sunday, January 16 at 2 pm slt for an insightful
presentation and discussion on diplomacy.
Viv, Jed, Jasper, Sera

A Hot Invitation to All for tonight Jan 15th Saturday Night In Seraph City ...

  at 4:12 AM

Seraph City- The first and finest Dieselpunk destination in SL
Welcomes all to visit this Amazing Sim and Community !!!!
Seraph City is always Hot ....

But this Saturday night,
January 15th Something a wee extra Special is going on
The Carrington 303 Main Street Seraph City

is Proud to Present
The Lady In Red Dance ..
The Carrington's First Dance of the New Year ..
Featuring The Big Sounds DJ SteelCobra Calamari
Ladies dare to wear your hottest Red Era Dress.
Gentlemen Dress to Nine ..
This is The Secret Dance Lounge @ The Carrington,
Saturday January 15th !!!!
6pm to 9pm slt
Please stop for a dance or two and Join us !!
music fun mix
from yesterday's to today's sounds that remind us of yesterday
Dress : Era Swank .. 1920s to 1930s

"The "lady in red" originally the woman that betrayed John Dillinger. John Dillinger was a notorious gangster in the 1920's and 1930's. The "lady in red" was Anna Sage (a.k.a. Ana Cumpanas). She made a deal with the police to betray Dillinger. She agreed to wear a red dress so the police could spot her. The police shot Dillinger as he was leaving the Biograph Theater in Chicago. "

Victorian Valentines in The Primgraph Classifieds

1/11/11  at 9:40 AM

Show that special someone you care with a custom Valentine Greeting in The Primgraph! Affordable prices make it easy to send one wish, or many, to friends, family, customers and more.

The Victorians truly developed the "Valentine" as we know it today, so let's continue with that fine tradition by publishing yours now!

Visit our convenient Classified & Personal Ads Form.

New Champagne Rooms Calendar Release Party

1/5/11  at 9:33 AM

Oh lookie, I was just given a memorandum from the boss! Let's see what Miss Ahnya has to say:

We are very excited to release our newest Pin-up Calendar at the New Champagne Rooms in Seraph City. Please join us for a party this Friday, January 7th from 8-10pm SLT. We will be dancing and enjoying music in the ball room so come and relax and have fun with us while we celebrate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

*blows you a kiss*
Miss Ahnya and the Champagne Ladies

Celebrate the New Year with Prim Perfect!

1/1/11  at 1:50 PM
A chance to celebrate 2011 in style!

2pm - 6pm SLT, Saturday 1st January 2011