Wulfenbach Consulate Game Day!

1/16/11  at 4:33 PM
The Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach is pleased to invite you to its first Game Day! An exceptional 30-hours long day, by decree of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, extending from January 29th, 12/noon to January 30th, 6pm. (All hours SLT time.)

This event is meant to bring the citizens from all over the Steamlands together, and warm them up with a flurry of activites. Most will be held in Clos Normand, others spreading over all Consulate buildings.

There between the opening and closing balls will be
- two En Garde tournaments (a team and an individual one)
- two building contests (a week-long and an hour-long)
- a snowfight contest
- a rally
- a treasure hunt
- free skating, table games and more!

Please look at the schedule below for more information on time, locations and rules when available. Some events require registrations, other you just show up; please check the rules of the events you would like to attend (when availabe).

(Updates will be available at each Consulate buldings, and from the Consulate staff.)

Saturday, January 29th (SLT times)

12:00 noon Time limit for the week-long building contest; all entries must be ready for judging
(See http://www.steamlander.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=106&t=3307 for more information)

12:00 noon Opening ball - DJ: Otenth Paderborn

3:00pm Opening of ongoing activities (snowball fight, rally, treasure hunt, games, open skating, etc.)

-Snowball Fight

-Rally (All over the steamlands; specifics will be added soon)

-Treasure Hunt (In each Consulate building; information, landmarks and rules will be added soon)

Mama Valdy's - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Steelhead%20Boomtown/74/32/27/

-Open Skating and ice fishing (7seas)

3:30pm En Garde, team tournament

5:30pm Prize for the team tournament.

Sunday, January 30th

11:00am One-hour building contest

12:00 noon En Garde, individual tournament

2:30pm Prizes for the one-hour building contest, individual tournament, and snowball tournament

3:00pm Closing ball - DJ: Cerise Blackheart

We hope to see you during this extended day of fun!

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