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1/21/11  at 10:30 PM
An announcement shared recently by Miss Bianca Namori, Magistrate of Cala Mondrago:

SL Libraries are as amazing and exciting as real life libraries. The plethora of tomes in Al-Adanus is a great example of the possibilities of obtaining amazing literature from various cultures and in world talents. Thus, I want to pursue the idea of “Readery” even more so.

The idea of a community storybook was brought to me first by MichaelD Mannonen who was to collaborate with the wonderful Ms. Ceejay Writer. However, neither of them had the time to venture into this amazing idea, I decided to pick up where these talented SL-ers left off.

How I hope to have “Readery” work is the following way:

1. Everyone throughout the world of SL can donate a short story, novel, or poem to the “Readery”. All stories must fit into one of the categories of either; Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Tragedy, Comedy, Biography, Autobiography, Fantasy (which includes Sci-Fi and Steampunk), Historical Fiction, Western, and Horror.

2. Please classify each story submitted at the top of your note card/e-mail thusly:
Type: (Short Story, Novel, Poetry)
Number of pages/characters
Synopsis: (MUST have!)

3. Please consider that since project Readery is within a Mature sim, the contents need to collaborate still with the ToS of Secondlife. Erotica or any other vulgarity not permitted in a Mature sim will not be promoted in or collaborate with the Readry therein.

4. Please also state rather or not you would like your literatures synopsis read.
How Readry will work:

As mentioned before, Readery is to be a community effort of library establishment from your very own fingertips. This simply means that all poetry, short-stories, and novels within the walls of the Readery are from your creative minds. How literature is obtained, is when you touch a bookcase, or a podium book, a drop down menu will appear and you can select a story to read. Then you will be given the “text” and you can sit in the comfort of the readery and enjoy your new found literature.

Even though you are donating your books, they will also be obtained for reading FOR free, and the concept of “Readery” will work off of donations. So if you value this project, then please donate where and when you can.

Submissions are placed in a drop box right outside the “Readery” of Cala Mondrago. It works as a suggestion box, so once in, never out unless you are staff of the Readery. Stories are read, selected, and added to the library if they follow all of the guidelines.

Have a STEAMtastic day.

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