Aether Salon: Exhibitionism!

9/27/09  at 2:13 PM
On Sunday, September 20th, the Aether Salon in Babbage Palisade launched its fall season with Exhibitionism! The speakers were Miss Breezy Carver and Mr. Aeolus Cleanslate, and the topic was the series of World Fairs held in the second half of the nineteenth century. As always, the Salon attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd.

Miss Viv Trafalgar introduced the speakers and kept what semblance of order is possible, aided by the usual call to check weapons and explosive devices at the door.

Miss Carver opened with a discussion of the Chicago World Fair of 1893, the famous "White City." The Fair, which was designed to show off Chicago as a world-class city - in contrast to what those in the eastern U.S. thought, not to mention those in Europe - took untold hours of planning and building, and opening on time was a close thing. Still, most thought the Fair a huge success, displaying cutting edge architecture and technology, including the first Ferris Wheel. At the same time, the Fair attracted predators, including a man calling himself "H.H. Holmes," who was later called America's first serial killer. Holmes moved from a life of fraud and bigamy to wholesale murder, often preying on young women who had come to Chicago for the Fair and took rooms at Holmes' boarding house. Below, Miss Carver and Mr. Cleanslate:

Miss Beq Janus and I have front-row seats for Miss Carver's presentation, which turned out to give us more of an eyeful than expected... Miss Carver's talk was interrupted by the arrival of Miss Ahnyanka Delphin, of the New Champagne Rooms, who danced the hootchy-cootchy in imitation of "Little Egypt," a Syrian dancer who introduced belly dancing to the States. Miss Delphin diverted the attention of the men in the audience with her scandalous attire.

Meanwhile, Capt. Red Llewellyn also scandalized the audience while seated on a nearby settee, looking lovely while doing so.

Mr. Cleanslate illustrated his talk with a new-fangled device he called a "kinoscope," which displayed pictures. He discussed the various World's Fairs of the 19th century, including those in London (1851), Philadelphia (1876), Paris (1889), Chicago (1893), and Paris again (1900). As Mr. Cleanslate noted, the term "World's Fair" came into vogue in the latter part of the century; the London fair was termed the "Great Exhibition."

As Mr. Cleanslate explained, with Prince Albert's help, the London fair, held in Hyde Park, was a huge success, featuring the famed Crystal Palace. The fair, showcasing British industrial technology, helped assuage fears of technology. The Philadelphia fair, held on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, was designed to show the country's post-Civil War recovery, as well as the U.S.'s prominent place in the world. The fair featured the hand and torch from the Statue of Liberty, and tours of it funded the completion of the statue.

Alas, other obligations called me from the discussion at that point, so I did not hear the finale of his presentation, nor the question and answer session that followed. Nonetheless, I can confidently say that the Salon has maintained its well-deserved reputation for booking speakers of the highest quality.

As is the custom with the Salon, attendees received a lovely gift. This session, Miss Canolli Capalini created a smart-looking miniature clockwork carousel, with four brass horses, that rotates and plays a carousel song. A hearty "Huzzah!" to the speakers and to Miss Capalini!

A Marriage in Babbage has been arranged ...

9/22/09  at 4:18 PM
Our Social Correspondent writes:
Weddings do seem in the air at the moment! Those attending the recent Engineers' Formal Soot Ball in New Babage, held at Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways under the gracious aegis of Miss Breezy Carver - one her her themed monthly balls in New Babbage - were quite stunned to be informed of the engagement of that notorious evil overlord well-known member of the community, Doctor Obolensky, and a relative newcomer (we believe) to New Babbage, the charming Miss Obedience Mactavish.

The wedding, we believe, will take place on Saturday 31st October - which may strike some as surprising, but presumably not the residents of Babbage who will hold proudly by the city's motto: "What could possibly go wrong?"

Competition for places as flower girls is expected to be fierce - possibly fatal in some cases. The happy couple have not yet announced which store will be hosting their wedding list.

Cherie Priest on the Steampunk Genre

9/21/09  at 4:00 PM
The Clockwork Century is a milieu by Cherie Priest in which she intends
to write a series of Steampunk novels. Boneshaker, the first of these, is due
to be released at the end of this month.

On the Clockwork Century site, Cherie Priest has a good FAQ on just what Steampunk is, and why its interesting.

Caledon Oxbridge Terrorized!

9/17/09  at 7:31 PM
Caledon Oxbridge was alarmed when King Kong dropped right down in the middle of the university quad on last Thursday evening. Of course, Caledonians, being the brave adventurous folks, rushed to the scene to protect their beloved university. Roars and stomping of huge hairy feet could be heard meters away!
The appearance of this huge gorilla just took one's breath away as people carefully approached the giant beast. (Photograph by Riven Homewood)Without warning, Kong dropped a huge city bus that he had grabbed on his way to Caledon on the unsuspecting people. Screams intermingled with the sounds of crashing metal. I managed to keep my bustle and curls together but others were not so lucky. Poor Mr. Nix Sands was struck down by a flying axle and tires. Just laid him out like a toy doll tossed on the floor! After a moment of shaking off the mowed grass bits and dirt clods, Mr. Sands pulled himself together and smiled grimly at the invading gorilla.

As I offered assistance to Mr. Sands, I was suddenly flying up in the air! Kong just leaned over and snatched me up! I clutched his hairy fingers and tried not to scream. He stared down at me and blew a warm huff of air. It was obvious that Mr. Kong had eaten bananas for supper. I was very glad I had not worn my golden yellow ballgown!

I settled in his palm with a monkey's eyeview of Caledon below me. People were staring and wondering if they should attempt a rescue mission. Overhead, I heard the approach of airplanes - two biplanes appeared just over the University rooftops. Kong gave me a quick toss to the ground. Lucky for me I landed with a flurry of skirts and no harm done.

Dean Fogwoman Gray attempted a negotiation with Kong to no avail. The biplanes and others moved in to chase Kong away from the University. More bus parts flew thru the air as the gorilla batted away at the annoying planes like mosquitoes buzzing around his head.

The aerial attack ceased when Kong grabbed one of the librarians, Miss Riven Homewood. She was brave with just one small squeak of alarm sounding. We stood worried as Kong walked away with her but they returned after a quick trip towards the Caledon Oxbridge branch of the library.
Miss Magdalena Kamenev arrived on the quad just as Kong reached down into the crowd again! As she held on tightly, we were all distracted by the sound of "Ho, Ho, Ho" reverbrating off the walls. Joining us in Caledon was a huge monster Santa Claus! We cleared out of the way as the two giants circled each other. There was quite a bit of posturing and growling between the two. Caledon citizens feared that the university walls were about to come tumbling down. To our amazement and relief, the contest became a dance off. The invasion of Caledon ended in laughter as we watched Kong and Santa dance the night away.

Botanical House Demolition Day
Following the first appearance of Mr. Kong in Caledon, residents gathered to honor the Botanical House at Caledon on the Sea. Podruly Peccable, builder & owner, of this Caledon landmark, was giving up his conservatory. The timers attached to dynamite were ticking as dancers swayed to the music in the Botanical House for one more time.
To our collective horror, a dark shadow reflected on the glass roof and walls. Mr. Kong must have heard the sounds of gaiety and tried to join our party. With the weakened walls, he managed to push his way inside - but was blocked by the iron support beams. Though he tried to grab ladies' skirts as they danced by, he was foiled by their quick twirls around the floor.
After loud roars of frustration, Kong wandered off to the seaside. He left just in time as the demolition countdown came down to seconds. We danced outside as glass, beams, and white washed wood flew into the sky. A few brave souls kept dancing away during the destruction with only a few coughs and ruffled skirts due to the smoke and dust. It took only moments but finally the Botanical House was a pile of rubble.Later that day, I visited with Mr. Kong while he lounged by the sea in Caledon. As it turned out, he had come to the Botanical House to assist with its demolition. From terrorizing the Caledon Oxbridge University this gentle giant has settled in to Victorian steampunk Caledon as his home.In fact, most evenings Mr. Kong can be found on the University grounds visiting with new residents and inventing new toys. He is a delightful conversationalist - banana breath and all.

Caledon Residents:
Mr. Damian Delacroix as King Kong
Mr. Nix Sands as himself and Santa Claus
Miss Eleanor Anderton, correspondent & photographer
Miss Fogwoman Gray, Dean of Caledon Oxbridge
Miss Riven Homewood, librarian, photographer, & damsel in distress
Miss Magdalena Kamenev, musical "dj" & damsel in distress

A New Designer for The Primgraph: Terry Lightfoot!

  at 2:23 AM
Some of our readers already know that the very talented Wren Carling has, sadly, stepped down from being designer of The Primgraph for real life reasons.

We have been looking for a replacement and had some excellent applicants - but we have made our choice now.

So let me introduce to you ... the one and only Terry Lightfoot!

Many of you involved in the Steamlands will know Terry either in her role as Sidhe or as the excellent fashion designer behind T-to-a-T. Now she will be joining us as The Primgraph designer - and is already hard at work creating our Halloween issue.

Terry says:
I am a renegade Sidhe, from another "3 dimensional" universe. The Sidhe are temporal metamorphs. My planet was called Earth. I left my people's hidden realm to learn about the humans that share our world. They couldn't be all bad, now, could they? I lived among them, camouflaged as a human. Almost got used to thinking I was one of them.

Then I was "accidentally" pulled into a Time Lord's TARDIS, Oolon Sputnik's TARDIS. I was a bit upset, as you can imagine, but soon the attraction of travelling through space to other worlds was too tempting. I decided to continue travelling with the Time Lord and I've never regretted leaving my planet from that moment to this.

Eventually we crash landed in "SL-Space", in the Caledon region. Sputnik renamed his TARDIS the Ethereal Travelling Cabinet, or the "ETC" for short, in an effort to blend in. I was forced to earn a living by designing Victorian & Steampunk clothing (To-a-T). Eventually Sputnik and other Time Lords created a new power source and a New Gallifrey sim. There I spend my days on the Splat of Rassilon, designing steampunk wares to sell.

I'm now very excited to have a new job as designer on the Primgraph magazine, where I intend to continue experimenting with the Steampunk aesthetic.

Daring Rescue Saves Primgraph Reporter

9/14/09  at 6:40 AM
It is with some relief that we are able to report that the Primgraph correspondent Miss Beq Janus, reported as missing has been rescued from captivity. Details are sketchy as Miss Janus has wished to stay in relative seclusion since her recovery, choosing only to see close friends.

Miss Janus was discovered held prisoner by the very creatures she sought to bring to the public attention, creatures known colloquially as Mer. Commander Jedburgh Dagger led the rescue mission, supported by Miss Kaylee Frye and Doctor Augustus Dayafter. Commander Dagger had been examining a reported hazard in the shipping lanes passing through the Vernier deep and had discovered a jacket floating amongst the debris. A close friend of Miss Janus Commander Dagger set forth to recover Miss Janus' remains, there being slim hope of her remaining alive.

Commander Dagger had recruited the help of marine recovery expert Miss Frye, known for the Serenity Steamworks in the Port of Babbage. They conducted an area search by submersible observing the accumulated junk that is strewn haphazardly across the sea bed. To their shock and delight they found Miss Janus, imprisoned in a metallic room, apparently fit and well, Commander Dagger's military training alerted them to the threat of the creatures that were starting to take an interest in them and they returned to the surface to plan the rescue.

The next day they once again to the submersible to the ocean floor, donning standard dress diving suits, they left the submersible beyond sight of the prison and proceeded to execute their plan. During the rescue the brave ladies were accosted by an array of mysterious creatures who seemed both curious and aggressive, through patience and cunning they were able to distract the jailers long enough for Miss Janus to be freed and taken to the submersible, whereupon she was conveyed to the surface and transferred into the care of Doctor Dayafter.

Commander Dagger joked after the rescue that it had hardly gone to plan, but the evidence is clear. Miss Janus is safe, well and back with us on dry land.

A Ducal Marriage in Antiquity

9/11/09  at 12:17 PM
We have received word that the wedding of Grand Duchess Angel Magellan and Grand Duke Gregg Barrymore of Antiquity will be held at 1pm slt Saturday 12th September.

The nuptials will take place in Antiquity Cathedral in Antiquity Township East and will be followed by a Reception in the Antiquity Ballroom in Antiquity Township.

What is Antiquity? Offical information:
Antiquity- an 1800's/Victorian community set of sims that combine the elegance of the period with the roughness of the past. Part of the charm are the pirates of the southern waters that battle for the rule of Antiquity!

But Antiquity is more than that. It's a community that has grown more robust over time. That has weathered the storms that SL has thrown at it and consequently evolved and developed as a group of people working towards the same goals. People from all over the globe join together in Antiquity to softly RP the 1800's era. From the North where the "prissy" people live (the towns folk) to the rugged South where pirates abound. Hunted constantly by the RAN (Royal Antiquity Navy) and various other military forces, the pirates create dastardly fun and enjoy sailing the waters surrounding the landmass.

The Royal Wedding of the founders of Antiquity is a testament to the geniune caring and community feel for this rather unusual set of sims. Some say that Antiquity is SL's best kept secret but so far, some of the best people in SL have found their way here. Everyone is welcome and no matter what you wear, no matter whether you understand Victorian etiquette, all are welcome.

How the story began (by the Grand Duchess)
On the 29th December 2006, I was working as concierge for a PG dance club. I had just finished dancing with a friend, he had just left and who comes through the door, but a vampire! Yes the Grand Duke is truly a vampire but he tells me he is reformed.

Just that day I had been touring Avilion with friends and had purchased one of the wonderful outfits to be found there. It was so lovely that I refused to take it off even though the club was of a modern nature. This dress was what first attracted the Grand Duke to notice me. He got on the dance pose ball I was just about to vacate and starting talking to me.

Well one thing led to another as they say, and we started to spend more and more time together. The Grand Duke was in the process of setting up his own club at that stage so I spent considerable time with him there helping him with the intricate details.

In January the Grand Duke approached a mutual friend to form a building business, which they agreed upon, and low and behold, there I am in business! He told me later it was always his intent to get me involved as he figured it was a good way for us to spend more time together as we got to know each other more (and to keep an eye on me!).

On the 16th February, 2007, we officially partnered. We originally build custom builds for people, moving onto our first business land in Stormwind to provide a work space and store. The Grand Duke realised by now that SL would provide him with the ability to build his lifelong dream of a Victorian community. And so, Antiquity was born in May 2007 on a little ½ sim.

From these humble beginnings Antiquity as you know it was born. When we met in rl in November/December 2007 it was obvious that our affection for each other was very deep and true. The Grand Duke got on bended knee (yes he really did!) and asked me to marry him while in voice and with deep emotion asked me to marry him. And to quote he said: “This isn’t just SL this is for RL”.

And so the story continues.....

The story of the Emblem of Antiquity (by Her Grace the Duchess Cathryn Beaumont)

I was sitting today with Her Grace, Angel Magellan, in front of her new home in Township East talking with her about need for a logo for Antiquity, something iconic, something that people will associate with Antiquity, that captures her beauty and romance, her gentility, her sense of community, her call for personal enrichment.

The Grand Duchess pointed to the sign in front of her home that has three roses engraved up on it and asked me, “Can you see the rose plaque near the stairs? Roses represent romance.”

I looked at the sign and nodded, “And not just any roses but roses without thorns.”

“The Grand Duke created the ballroom full of roses for me in our first location. He knows I love roses. It has become a symbol for us since. There’s one for each of us and one for the community.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed, “I love it!”

She continued, “You will notice that the stems are intertwined.”

“One for self, one for ‘home’—for those we love, and one for community.”

“Intertwined,” she said again.

I nodded, “All connected to each other.”

“—and yes, no thorns.”

“Aye,” I said, “We are blest to live where grows ‘without thorn the rose’.”

That phrase is from John Milton's "Paradise Lost". He implies that only in Paradise does the rose grow without thorns. So to live where the rose grows without thorn, is to be in Paradise.

Antiquity is much like that to me, and I have often thought that should the time come when I can peek through the gates of Heaven, if what I see beyond them does not resemble Antiquity, I shall probably balk at passing through.

Information about fashions to be worn
Bride's Outfit.
Created by Zoriada Rossini of Madame Zori's, the outift reflects the period of graceful living, elegance and extravagence. The dress has a flowing lace overskirt created from venice lacework over a satin underskirt. With a satin ribbed corset bodice overlaid with the lace and elaborate sleeves to balance the very large skirt.

Bride's Shoes
Created for the occasion by Tabitha Ninetails of The Laughing Academy, the shoes are a simple silk court shoe with lace applique on front echoing the lace on the gown, with pearl beading.

Bride's Jewellery
Created by Jacon Cortes of Lox Texanos, the crown reflects the truly majestic timeliness of the period. Pure gold base topped with rubies and diamonds with rose accents again drawing upon the theme from Antiquity. Matching earrings and necklace complete the set.

Bridal bouquet
Monica Weir Wedding Lane provided the bridal bouquet with long flowing design complimenting the rich jewellry worn by the bride and the stunning dress.

News from New Brunswick

9/7/09  at 3:49 AM
A dispatch received from the New Brunswick Press Office

Buccaneers Abound
Of late readers may have noted the increase in small skirmishes with a band of Buccaneers taking refuge in Marie Galante. This has seen our brave 'Black Guard' carry out a number of operations over the past week. On Sunday the Buccaneers took the battle to New Brunswick. They arrived from the North and attempted an assault on our city gates. Thereafter they climbed the Chapel Hill where the our forces gave them the bloodiest of noses. It seems they were after the Navy's pay chest held within the vaults of the Castle.

An Excursion Abroad - and More Buccaneers!
From time to time his Grace the Duke of New Brunswick takes the opportunity to travel, often alone, to gather information and stories from afar. On one such journey he travelled to the islands of Jabberwock. Indeed in the past this has been the location of many actions led by his Grace against the pirates there in his earlier career.

On arrival the islands were awash with the sound of cannon fire from sea.

"I landed my row boat and scrambled up the rocks on a small island to the north," his Grace informs us. "Here I met with a cordial welcome from some of the locals who were manning a small battery of artillery, firing out to sea upon enemy vessels. I was offered a spy glass by Captain Lyle; only to see the enemy was that of renegade force from Antiquity Royal, some indeed I recognised as soldiers which had left our service in favor of the wicked Marlborough."

His Grace then watched these ships overwhelmed by the local pirates and perhaps enjoyed watching two of them sink to the bottom a bit too much.

"I took the time to row to the main island there after to find a mighty host of pirates to the north and a collection of rebels to the South around the Dutch East India Company trading post there. I climbed onto a near roof of one of the local shacks. From my position I could see about 15 rebels dressed in an array of military uniforms in no order. They were indeed a wild unkempt bunch. In the midst of them there appeared to be a small handful of officers. I slid back down the back of the roof hoping I hadn't been seen and jogged North to the position of the local pirates. They had built a large stockage from bamboo and had their gates shut with a number of men on the parapet.

"I yelled 'HOLD FIRE!' as I approached (out of breath - it's rather humid there). To my surprise they did and I requested they let me in so I might assist them.

While they lifted the heavy bar securing the gates the enemy started their attack. Behind me and in what seemed like no particular order the rebels attacked, while I turned and had to discharge a couple of shots at them before the gates were opened and I dashed to safety. The gates were closed and I joined the pirates on the parapet. I recalled my time fighting the Zulu in Natal province, this mass of hit and run attacks. A handful of the enemy had indeed served under me before and they hung back attempting to take long range shots. I continued to fire as best I could with my new comrades and some of the enemy lay dead before the stockade. After some 30 minutes or so the attacks melted away and I was able to relax, and light my pipe."

Major Memhed Balazic has been promoted to the rank of Lt Colonel with the gratitude of their Graces for his leadership and reforms in the Army of New Brunswick.

Colonel Aeghin continues on furlough.

Captain A. Causten of the Guard has left the regiment thus surrendering his commission to their Graces and New Brunswick henceforth.

Captain Quandry and Lt Col Balazic have been noted for provision of warm winter clothing during the recent unseasonal cold snap.

Captain Blackjack has been noted for his report on an attack by Royal Antiquity forces (RAM) upon our men in Finlandia.

Lieutenant Jeremiah Crannock has returned from furlough.

City Growth
Over the past weeks there has been considerable growth in New Brunswick with a new layout of streets. Most properties have permission to be used for commercial as well as residential use.

New occupants on the High Street are: Lt Col Balazic at No.3 and Captain Quandry at No.5, both of whoma may intend to open retail outlets.

There is currently a position for a Land Lord/Lady at the New Brunswick Tavern also located on the High Street.

His Grace has opened a small branch of his outfitters in the Square opposite the Town Hall.

Today the water-mill was started for the first time without any hitches, for the supply of flour to the city bakers.

Lady Li: a fortune lost
Due to a heavy gambling problem the family of Lady Li have forfeited their lands in New Brunswick. They have been returned to the Town Council for planning and development. It was a considerable estate and the council will need to take sometime to ensure the land is put to the best possible use.