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9/7/09  at 3:49 AM
A dispatch received from the New Brunswick Press Office

Buccaneers Abound
Of late readers may have noted the increase in small skirmishes with a band of Buccaneers taking refuge in Marie Galante. This has seen our brave 'Black Guard' carry out a number of operations over the past week. On Sunday the Buccaneers took the battle to New Brunswick. They arrived from the North and attempted an assault on our city gates. Thereafter they climbed the Chapel Hill where the our forces gave them the bloodiest of noses. It seems they were after the Navy's pay chest held within the vaults of the Castle.

An Excursion Abroad - and More Buccaneers!
From time to time his Grace the Duke of New Brunswick takes the opportunity to travel, often alone, to gather information and stories from afar. On one such journey he travelled to the islands of Jabberwock. Indeed in the past this has been the location of many actions led by his Grace against the pirates there in his earlier career.

On arrival the islands were awash with the sound of cannon fire from sea.

"I landed my row boat and scrambled up the rocks on a small island to the north," his Grace informs us. "Here I met with a cordial welcome from some of the locals who were manning a small battery of artillery, firing out to sea upon enemy vessels. I was offered a spy glass by Captain Lyle; only to see the enemy was that of renegade force from Antiquity Royal, some indeed I recognised as soldiers which had left our service in favor of the wicked Marlborough."

His Grace then watched these ships overwhelmed by the local pirates and perhaps enjoyed watching two of them sink to the bottom a bit too much.

"I took the time to row to the main island there after to find a mighty host of pirates to the north and a collection of rebels to the South around the Dutch East India Company trading post there. I climbed onto a near roof of one of the local shacks. From my position I could see about 15 rebels dressed in an array of military uniforms in no order. They were indeed a wild unkempt bunch. In the midst of them there appeared to be a small handful of officers. I slid back down the back of the roof hoping I hadn't been seen and jogged North to the position of the local pirates. They had built a large stockage from bamboo and had their gates shut with a number of men on the parapet.

"I yelled 'HOLD FIRE!' as I approached (out of breath - it's rather humid there). To my surprise they did and I requested they let me in so I might assist them.

While they lifted the heavy bar securing the gates the enemy started their attack. Behind me and in what seemed like no particular order the rebels attacked, while I turned and had to discharge a couple of shots at them before the gates were opened and I dashed to safety. The gates were closed and I joined the pirates on the parapet. I recalled my time fighting the Zulu in Natal province, this mass of hit and run attacks. A handful of the enemy had indeed served under me before and they hung back attempting to take long range shots. I continued to fire as best I could with my new comrades and some of the enemy lay dead before the stockade. After some 30 minutes or so the attacks melted away and I was able to relax, and light my pipe."

Major Memhed Balazic has been promoted to the rank of Lt Colonel with the gratitude of their Graces for his leadership and reforms in the Army of New Brunswick.

Colonel Aeghin continues on furlough.

Captain A. Causten of the Guard has left the regiment thus surrendering his commission to their Graces and New Brunswick henceforth.

Captain Quandry and Lt Col Balazic have been noted for provision of warm winter clothing during the recent unseasonal cold snap.

Captain Blackjack has been noted for his report on an attack by Royal Antiquity forces (RAM) upon our men in Finlandia.

Lieutenant Jeremiah Crannock has returned from furlough.

City Growth
Over the past weeks there has been considerable growth in New Brunswick with a new layout of streets. Most properties have permission to be used for commercial as well as residential use.

New occupants on the High Street are: Lt Col Balazic at No.3 and Captain Quandry at No.5, both of whoma may intend to open retail outlets.

There is currently a position for a Land Lord/Lady at the New Brunswick Tavern also located on the High Street.

His Grace has opened a small branch of his outfitters in the Square opposite the Town Hall.

Today the water-mill was started for the first time without any hitches, for the supply of flour to the city bakers.

Lady Li: a fortune lost
Due to a heavy gambling problem the family of Lady Li have forfeited their lands in New Brunswick. They have been returned to the Town Council for planning and development. It was a considerable estate and the council will need to take sometime to ensure the land is put to the best possible use.

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