A Ducal Marriage in Antiquity

9/11/09  at 12:17 PM
We have received word that the wedding of Grand Duchess Angel Magellan and Grand Duke Gregg Barrymore of Antiquity will be held at 1pm slt Saturday 12th September.

The nuptials will take place in Antiquity Cathedral in Antiquity Township East and will be followed by a Reception in the Antiquity Ballroom in Antiquity Township.

What is Antiquity? Offical information:
Antiquity- an 1800's/Victorian community set of sims that combine the elegance of the period with the roughness of the past. Part of the charm are the pirates of the southern waters that battle for the rule of Antiquity!

But Antiquity is more than that. It's a community that has grown more robust over time. That has weathered the storms that SL has thrown at it and consequently evolved and developed as a group of people working towards the same goals. People from all over the globe join together in Antiquity to softly RP the 1800's era. From the North where the "prissy" people live (the towns folk) to the rugged South where pirates abound. Hunted constantly by the RAN (Royal Antiquity Navy) and various other military forces, the pirates create dastardly fun and enjoy sailing the waters surrounding the landmass.

The Royal Wedding of the founders of Antiquity is a testament to the geniune caring and community feel for this rather unusual set of sims. Some say that Antiquity is SL's best kept secret but so far, some of the best people in SL have found their way here. Everyone is welcome and no matter what you wear, no matter whether you understand Victorian etiquette, all are welcome.

How the story began (by the Grand Duchess)
On the 29th December 2006, I was working as concierge for a PG dance club. I had just finished dancing with a friend, he had just left and who comes through the door, but a vampire! Yes the Grand Duke is truly a vampire but he tells me he is reformed.

Just that day I had been touring Avilion with friends and had purchased one of the wonderful outfits to be found there. It was so lovely that I refused to take it off even though the club was of a modern nature. This dress was what first attracted the Grand Duke to notice me. He got on the dance pose ball I was just about to vacate and starting talking to me.

Well one thing led to another as they say, and we started to spend more and more time together. The Grand Duke was in the process of setting up his own club at that stage so I spent considerable time with him there helping him with the intricate details.

In January the Grand Duke approached a mutual friend to form a building business, which they agreed upon, and low and behold, there I am in business! He told me later it was always his intent to get me involved as he figured it was a good way for us to spend more time together as we got to know each other more (and to keep an eye on me!).

On the 16th February, 2007, we officially partnered. We originally build custom builds for people, moving onto our first business land in Stormwind to provide a work space and store. The Grand Duke realised by now that SL would provide him with the ability to build his lifelong dream of a Victorian community. And so, Antiquity was born in May 2007 on a little ½ sim.

From these humble beginnings Antiquity as you know it was born. When we met in rl in November/December 2007 it was obvious that our affection for each other was very deep and true. The Grand Duke got on bended knee (yes he really did!) and asked me to marry him while in voice and with deep emotion asked me to marry him. And to quote he said: “This isn’t just SL this is for RL”.

And so the story continues.....

The story of the Emblem of Antiquity (by Her Grace the Duchess Cathryn Beaumont)

I was sitting today with Her Grace, Angel Magellan, in front of her new home in Township East talking with her about need for a logo for Antiquity, something iconic, something that people will associate with Antiquity, that captures her beauty and romance, her gentility, her sense of community, her call for personal enrichment.

The Grand Duchess pointed to the sign in front of her home that has three roses engraved up on it and asked me, “Can you see the rose plaque near the stairs? Roses represent romance.”

I looked at the sign and nodded, “And not just any roses but roses without thorns.”

“The Grand Duke created the ballroom full of roses for me in our first location. He knows I love roses. It has become a symbol for us since. There’s one for each of us and one for the community.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed, “I love it!”

She continued, “You will notice that the stems are intertwined.”

“One for self, one for ‘home’—for those we love, and one for community.”

“Intertwined,” she said again.

I nodded, “All connected to each other.”

“—and yes, no thorns.”

“Aye,” I said, “We are blest to live where grows ‘without thorn the rose’.”

That phrase is from John Milton's "Paradise Lost". He implies that only in Paradise does the rose grow without thorns. So to live where the rose grows without thorn, is to be in Paradise.

Antiquity is much like that to me, and I have often thought that should the time come when I can peek through the gates of Heaven, if what I see beyond them does not resemble Antiquity, I shall probably balk at passing through.

Information about fashions to be worn
Bride's Outfit.
Created by Zoriada Rossini of Madame Zori's, the outift reflects the period of graceful living, elegance and extravagence. The dress has a flowing lace overskirt created from venice lacework over a satin underskirt. With a satin ribbed corset bodice overlaid with the lace and elaborate sleeves to balance the very large skirt.

Bride's Shoes
Created for the occasion by Tabitha Ninetails of The Laughing Academy, the shoes are a simple silk court shoe with lace applique on front echoing the lace on the gown, with pearl beading.

Bride's Jewellery
Created by Jacon Cortes of Lox Texanos, the crown reflects the truly majestic timeliness of the period. Pure gold base topped with rubies and diamonds with rose accents again drawing upon the theme from Antiquity. Matching earrings and necklace complete the set.

Bridal bouquet
Monica Weir Wedding Lane provided the bridal bouquet with long flowing design complimenting the rich jewellry worn by the bride and the stunning dress.

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