Caledon Oxbridge Terrorized!

9/17/09  at 7:31 PM
Caledon Oxbridge was alarmed when King Kong dropped right down in the middle of the university quad on last Thursday evening. Of course, Caledonians, being the brave adventurous folks, rushed to the scene to protect their beloved university. Roars and stomping of huge hairy feet could be heard meters away!
The appearance of this huge gorilla just took one's breath away as people carefully approached the giant beast. (Photograph by Riven Homewood)Without warning, Kong dropped a huge city bus that he had grabbed on his way to Caledon on the unsuspecting people. Screams intermingled with the sounds of crashing metal. I managed to keep my bustle and curls together but others were not so lucky. Poor Mr. Nix Sands was struck down by a flying axle and tires. Just laid him out like a toy doll tossed on the floor! After a moment of shaking off the mowed grass bits and dirt clods, Mr. Sands pulled himself together and smiled grimly at the invading gorilla.

As I offered assistance to Mr. Sands, I was suddenly flying up in the air! Kong just leaned over and snatched me up! I clutched his hairy fingers and tried not to scream. He stared down at me and blew a warm huff of air. It was obvious that Mr. Kong had eaten bananas for supper. I was very glad I had not worn my golden yellow ballgown!

I settled in his palm with a monkey's eyeview of Caledon below me. People were staring and wondering if they should attempt a rescue mission. Overhead, I heard the approach of airplanes - two biplanes appeared just over the University rooftops. Kong gave me a quick toss to the ground. Lucky for me I landed with a flurry of skirts and no harm done.

Dean Fogwoman Gray attempted a negotiation with Kong to no avail. The biplanes and others moved in to chase Kong away from the University. More bus parts flew thru the air as the gorilla batted away at the annoying planes like mosquitoes buzzing around his head.

The aerial attack ceased when Kong grabbed one of the librarians, Miss Riven Homewood. She was brave with just one small squeak of alarm sounding. We stood worried as Kong walked away with her but they returned after a quick trip towards the Caledon Oxbridge branch of the library.
Miss Magdalena Kamenev arrived on the quad just as Kong reached down into the crowd again! As she held on tightly, we were all distracted by the sound of "Ho, Ho, Ho" reverbrating off the walls. Joining us in Caledon was a huge monster Santa Claus! We cleared out of the way as the two giants circled each other. There was quite a bit of posturing and growling between the two. Caledon citizens feared that the university walls were about to come tumbling down. To our amazement and relief, the contest became a dance off. The invasion of Caledon ended in laughter as we watched Kong and Santa dance the night away.

Botanical House Demolition Day
Following the first appearance of Mr. Kong in Caledon, residents gathered to honor the Botanical House at Caledon on the Sea. Podruly Peccable, builder & owner, of this Caledon landmark, was giving up his conservatory. The timers attached to dynamite were ticking as dancers swayed to the music in the Botanical House for one more time.
To our collective horror, a dark shadow reflected on the glass roof and walls. Mr. Kong must have heard the sounds of gaiety and tried to join our party. With the weakened walls, he managed to push his way inside - but was blocked by the iron support beams. Though he tried to grab ladies' skirts as they danced by, he was foiled by their quick twirls around the floor.
After loud roars of frustration, Kong wandered off to the seaside. He left just in time as the demolition countdown came down to seconds. We danced outside as glass, beams, and white washed wood flew into the sky. A few brave souls kept dancing away during the destruction with only a few coughs and ruffled skirts due to the smoke and dust. It took only moments but finally the Botanical House was a pile of rubble.Later that day, I visited with Mr. Kong while he lounged by the sea in Caledon. As it turned out, he had come to the Botanical House to assist with its demolition. From terrorizing the Caledon Oxbridge University this gentle giant has settled in to Victorian steampunk Caledon as his home.In fact, most evenings Mr. Kong can be found on the University grounds visiting with new residents and inventing new toys. He is a delightful conversationalist - banana breath and all.

Caledon Residents:
Mr. Damian Delacroix as King Kong
Mr. Nix Sands as himself and Santa Claus
Miss Eleanor Anderton, correspondent & photographer
Miss Fogwoman Gray, Dean of Caledon Oxbridge
Miss Riven Homewood, librarian, photographer, & damsel in distress
Miss Magdalena Kamenev, musical "dj" & damsel in distress

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I had a blast showing off this avatar on this day. I hope that everyone that participated had just as much fun. :)

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