Daring Rescue Saves Primgraph Reporter

9/14/09  at 6:40 AM
It is with some relief that we are able to report that the Primgraph correspondent Miss Beq Janus, reported as missing has been rescued from captivity. Details are sketchy as Miss Janus has wished to stay in relative seclusion since her recovery, choosing only to see close friends.

Miss Janus was discovered held prisoner by the very creatures she sought to bring to the public attention, creatures known colloquially as Mer. Commander Jedburgh Dagger led the rescue mission, supported by Miss Kaylee Frye and Doctor Augustus Dayafter. Commander Dagger had been examining a reported hazard in the shipping lanes passing through the Vernier deep and had discovered a jacket floating amongst the debris. A close friend of Miss Janus Commander Dagger set forth to recover Miss Janus' remains, there being slim hope of her remaining alive.

Commander Dagger had recruited the help of marine recovery expert Miss Frye, known for the Serenity Steamworks in the Port of Babbage. They conducted an area search by submersible observing the accumulated junk that is strewn haphazardly across the sea bed. To their shock and delight they found Miss Janus, imprisoned in a metallic room, apparently fit and well, Commander Dagger's military training alerted them to the threat of the creatures that were starting to take an interest in them and they returned to the surface to plan the rescue.

The next day they once again to the submersible to the ocean floor, donning standard dress diving suits, they left the submersible beyond sight of the prison and proceeded to execute their plan. During the rescue the brave ladies were accosted by an array of mysterious creatures who seemed both curious and aggressive, through patience and cunning they were able to distract the jailers long enough for Miss Janus to be freed and taken to the submersible, whereupon she was conveyed to the surface and transferred into the care of Doctor Dayafter.

Commander Dagger joked after the rescue that it had hardly gone to plan, but the evidence is clear. Miss Janus is safe, well and back with us on dry land.

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Rhianon Jameson said...

Three cheers for the rescue operation, and three sighs of relief at Miss Janus' safe return!