Please Help !! Relay for Life of Second Life - Purple Glove Dance Vote Now !!

6/27/11  at 4:17 PM
Relay for Life of Second Life - Purple Glove Dance (contest submission)
Please go to
to vote and help us raise $5,000 for the fight against cancer!
Every Vote Counts
I even Broke Down and  Made a Face book Account for Breezy for this One ..
Nods Nods I did .
Go Relay 2011 !!!
Seasons of Hope

RFLSL Team New Babbage Charity Art Auction today at 1pm SLT

6/26/11  at 1:02 PM
RFL Charity Art Auction

Academy of Industry, June 26th 1pm slt

Come join us for an exciting art auction where you have a chance to take home either one of a kind pieces or first editions, meaning this will be the very first of the product ever sold.
Items will be on display starting Friday June 24th.

Capalini Furnishing's Windmill

Steampunk and victorian buildings or furniture can
sometimes be tough to find. Not when shoping at Canolli Capalini's store
however. With her wonderful couches to her amazing music boxes, she has
pieces that wow everyone. This year she has graciously donated a
wonderful functioning windmill that you will have to see to believe,
will you be the first to own this piece?

Grim Brother's selection

The queen of strange will grace us once again as
the owner of Grim Brothers, Cutea Benelli, donates a one of a kind
shoulder pet. What is it? You will have to see the display to find out.

Rip Wirefly's Vertical Steam Engine

If you want a working engine Rip Wirefly is the man
to see and if you are the lucky winner of this auction you can be the
first owner of a true vertical steam engine. This will also be the only
time this product will include sculpt maps for the machine itself. Don't
miss out on this opportunity.

Nix Sands' Automobile

When looking for men's Victorian clothing most
come to a standstill of not knowing where to go until the name Nix Sands
comes to mind. Nix not only makes amazing clothing for men, but also
makes amazing cars. If you are the lucky winner of this auction you will
receive a one of a kind automobile from Nix Sands himself.

Kimika Ying's Dragonfly

Exotic weaponry is something many people enjoy and
if you add comical to it you get even better. Kimika Yang does just
this, creating wonderful contraptions, whether they be amazing or
comical. If you are the lucky winner of this auction you will take home
one of her original creations, the Dragon Fly.

House of RFyre - new dress

In Victorian clothing, when you need to go on a
shopping trip one of the places most frequent is the House of Rfyre.
Raven Pennyfeather herself is donating a wonderful new dress to the
cause that you can own if you are the lucky winner of this auction.

Doc O's mesmerising monocle

One name strikes terror into the hearts of many
Babbagers, Doctor Obolensky. Known for his terrorizing the people of New
Babbage and making humorous contraptions, if you win this auction you
can be the lucky owner of a limited edition monocle.

Skusting Dagger's Cat and Fly

If you look about town you are sure to run into portraits of many Babbagers, both old and new. Chances are if you see such a portrait it was done by none other than Skusting Dagger. Not only
is he a talented artist in world but he is in real life as well. Win this auction and you will receive a prim version of his latest piece of work.

BookWorm's Photograph from Yellowstone

When you go to a ball chances are your photograph
will be taken by this talented woman, Bookworm Hienrichs. Not only is she talented in world but she is great at taking photography in real life as well. If you are lucky enough to win this auction you will take home a framed prim of a scene from Yellowstone that she captured

Amadeus Hammerer's New Babbage Steam train

One thing that goes hand in hand with steampunk is steam engines. New Babbage's very own Amadeus
Hammerer knows this quiet well and has built a New Babbage train for this very occasion. If you are the winner of this lucky auction you will take home this train that with the rail road.

Hyasynth Tiramisu's Birds over Babbage RL artwork

When shopping for steampunk clothing a few names always seem to pop out in conversation, one of which being Silent Sparrow. If you are the lucky winner of this auction you will win a prim version of painting the one and only hyasynth created herself. Not only will you receive this as an object in world but if you win this one you will win it in real life as well. Yes folks if you are the lucky winner, she will ship the real version to you. Being said winner must
feel comfortable giving their shipping address to hyasynth so she may ship it. Shipping to continental United States will be free, international will need to be discussed with hyasynth.

Babbage RFL Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette at ~Piermont Landing ~ Tonight !

6/25/11  at 12:36 PM
Babbage RFL Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette at ~Piermont Landing ~
Followed By The Rumble Ball
  It is Not The End of Piermont Landing 
It is the Beginning of  The Piermont
, Saturday June 25th 6pm slt
for details
New Babbage RFL Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction June 25th 5pm SLT

We have some great names this year and maybe even more to come, possibly a special guest not named yet. We hope to see you at this wonderful event directly prior to the dance that will be at 6pm slt.

New Babbage is full of great and amazing DJs. For this auction the man, the legend, the bunny, Blackberry Harvey has graciously agreed to DJ a party of the winner of this auction.

The Talented Editor in Chief of the Primgraph and Co- Host of Design World, Saffia Widdershins has been gracious enough to donate her time for this great cause. Winner of this auction will receive a dance with her at the next ball, as she is busy for this present one, as well as the ability to ask some question on editing and column writing.

Role play in New Babbage has been around since the beginning, working hand in hand with the building. Stargirl Macbain knows this almost more than anybody, and if you are the lucky person to win this auction, you can have a dance with this talented woman in character. She might even give you some tips or pointers for your roleplay.

Who does not like to hear a bed time story read to them every night before they sleep? If you are the lucky winner of this auction you might just get that when Byron Wexhome audio records himself reading a story to you. Contact Mosseveno Tenk for more information regarding this auction.

One thing that people think of when they hear steampunk is crazy contraptions and extravagant designs. The person who exemplifies this is none other than the owner of Grim Brothers herself, Cutea Benelli. This amazing woman will not be able to make it to the dance this time as of timing issues but instead she is sending her shoes! That is right, the lucky winner of this auction will receive a one of a kind pair of shoes from the Clumsy Ninja herself.

Vic Mornington is known around town for being a great builder and a talented photographer. To some however he is known for his voice. Win this auction and not only will you receive a dance with this man who is light on his feet, but as well you will have the treat of hearing him read a story of your choosing.
Start Date:  Tonight
June 25, 2011 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Sim: Wheatstone Waterways

Friends Fighting Cancer - Auctioning Dreams

  at 10:32 AM
Words By Beq Janus
Photos By Judith LeFevre

Anyone who follows the Primperfect blog will have seen my blog for the latest fundraising event from Friends Fighting Cancer.

The team that brought you Fantasy Faire, Friends Fighting Cancer, have
been busy arranging the Ultimate auction. They have put together a list
of rare, valuable and desirable items in a final bid to draw those
charity Lindens from your pocket.

* * FFC Ultimate Auction, June 17 - 26th * *    

Recently, my photographer friend, Judith, and I were lucky enough to get to test drive one of the prize, the unbelievable "Garden of Dreams DreamScene" scene rezzer by Kayle Matzerath. The DreamScene complete edition comes with all 29 fantastic scenes (normally
valued at $L40,000 most scenes are L$2000 when bought individually!) and is built with his eye to detail and beautiful
texturing which will be well known to those who have visited his Garden of Dreams sims.

The "DreamScene" is perfect for parties, special time with
friends or a loved one or to provide excellent photo backgrounds. It would also appeal to roleplayers and story tellers looking for an inspiring setting.

The auction ends tomorrow (Sunday 26th) so hurry now, current bidding stands at a little over 30,000 Lindens, so there is still a real bargain to be had.

This is truly an amazing prize, each scene has a 40mx40m footprint but so cleverly designed that you really feel immersed in the scene and are barely aware of the boundaries. Here are some of the photos Judith captured that night.

Our first stop was the Noir Piano bar, plucked from a 1930s movie, rendered in monochrome and complete with period art from Tamara De Lempicka (one of my all time favourite artists).

Next stop the Tibetan temple, with Tai chi and fighting animations, and packed full of cushions and seating places.

Next was the wonderfully atmospheric Moonshone Boat. It could be a serene moonlit romantic rendezvous or perhaps an illicit smuggling operation, the only limit is your imagination.

The desert scene takes you to a deserted camp. The explorers have vanished. Shelter form the sand storm or assume the roles of the explorers. While you are in the mood for the desert scene take atrip to the Bedouin tent, with its sumptuous carpets, hookah pipes and belly dancing.

Changing scene once more we find ourselves on a tiny island around the roots of a giant tree in the midst of a raging whirlpool.  Sit and chat, or dance by the camp fire, teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Something more sinister (and sexy) awaits you in the dungeon if that is you thing. Fully scripted cuffs and shackles support you chosen role play.

The heat of the desert scenes now long forgotten, we find ourselves on a frozen lake outside a log cabin. Skate on the ice or warm yourself inside the cozy cabin far away from the snow flurries.

Swashbucklers for Life

  at 6:50 AM
Swashbucklers for Life is a collaboration between various pirate/privateer/buccaneer groups throughout the Steamlands in support of Relay for Life; originally conceived as a relatively simple gathering of three different pirate groups, SFL has quickly grown into a day-long event involving six groups and spanning seven different sims. Get buccaneered up and get ready for a day of fun on the seas! Swashbuckling attire is encouraged, but optional. Come for as much of the day as you can (or as much as you dare...) and show your support for Relay for Life in the Steamlands! There will be dancing, drinking, playing, racing, fighting, and modeling. There will be comely wenches and dashing buccaneers. There will be rum. There will be waffles. What more could you possibly ask for?

Naval Battle Night in Antiquity

SFL Schedule for Saturday, June 25th, 2011 (all times listed are SLT):

08 a.m. - 10 a.m.:      SFL Opening Party / Waffle Battle - the Black Forest Pirates      

Caledon Glengarry
The Black Forest Pirates of Caledon will kick off the Swashbucklers for Life event with an opening dance, followed by the event you know you've all been waiting for:  Waffles From the Deep - A Sea Battle of Epicly Tiny Proportions.

10 a.m. - 12 p.m.:      British Bulldogs Ironclad Battle - the Scoundrel Fleet

Armada Cutwater

British Bulldogs is a British playground game similar to Tag and Red Rover; in this version, the Bulldogs are ironclad vessels which  will be doing their best to ram the other ships as they attempt to sail safely across the playing area. The last player left is the  winner, and will then become the first Bulldog for the next game.

12 p.m. - 02 p.m.:      Tall Ship Race - the Winterfell Privateers

Winterfell Absinthe

A tour through most of the Winterfell water sims, to be followed by a Tall Ship race; all sailing ships propelled by SL winds are eligible,  but keep in mind that not all ships will fit under the Nepenthe gate. Entry fee of 500L$ to be paid at the RFL kiosk located in the East  Tower of the Nepenthe gate on the day of the event; the winner of the event will receive a Trophy custom made by Mr. Marcel  Ghostraven.

02 p.m. - 04 p.m.:      Free for All Tall Ship Sea Battle - the Antiquity Pirates

Antiquity Port Royal

Sail your tall ship to Antiquity Port Royal and join the Antiquity Pirates in battle for dominion over the seas! Rules to be supplied at the  battle.

04 p.m. - 06 p.m.:      Capture the Flag - the Crimson Pirates

Caledon Morgaine

06 p.m. - 08 p.m.:      Walk the Plank Fashion Show - Swashbucklers for Life

Caledon Llyr

Come out and watch some of the loveliest wenches and handsomest rogues in the Steamlands as they strut their stuff on the plank. See the latest in buccaneer fashion from some of the best designers in the steamlands, as these daring models are forced to  walk the plank in shark-infested waters.

08 p.m. - 10 p.m.:      the Buccaneers' Ball - the Black Moon Marauders

Caledon Westmoreland

After a long day on the stormy seas, sail into port at Caledon Llyr and join us on the Morrigan for some rum and rowdiness at the  Buccaneer's Ball!  If the ship (sim) is full, just head to the neighboring beach in Caledon Westmoreland and join in the drunken revelry.


Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Steampunk environments

6/23/11  at 12:01 PM
Tonight at 6pm in the Main Auditorium at SL8B: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Steampunk environments with speakers from Steelhead, Caledon and New Babbage - talking to Ceejay Writer

There are many definitions of 'steampunk' , but one concise, useful version comes from the Urban Dictionary: "Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan "What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner." Or perhaps you'd prefer author Jess Nevins take on the genre: "Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.”

Within Second Life, Steampunks (and their 1920's-1940's counterparts, Dieselpunks) thrive in various regions, which grouped together are known as "The Steamlands". Please join Ceejay Writer as she introduces Mosseveno Tenk, the Clockwinder of New Babbage, Wordsmith Jarvinen and Martini Dicovalante, Deans of Education for Caledon Oxbridge University, and Tensai Hilra, one-half of the creative force behind Steelhead, in a discussion that will touch upon the visionaries that collaborate to created elaborately themed cities. Learn more about social and educational community events in a time yet to come - or has it already passed? Those interested in roleplay may learn of opportunities to be character-creative. History and fashion buffs are welcome to romp down the timeline as well! If you are simply mad about steampunk, or just love any excuse to wear a fine hat, you're certain to learn something that'll really float your airship!


Prim Perfect is supporting a very full programme of special talks, discussions and TV programmes at the Main Auditorium over the week of the SL8B celebrations. You can see the full line-up here:

British Bulldogs Skirmish to Benefit Relay for Life

6/19/11  at 12:04 PM
Armadans know how to have fun and help people. All proceeds from this event will benefit Relay for Life!

"British Bulldogs" is a British playground game similar to Tag and Red Rover.

One or two players are selected to be the Bulldogs. They will take up position in the middle of the playing area. Everyone else goes to one end of the area.

The aim for the players is to run from one end to the other without getting caught by the Bulldogs. The aim for the Bulldogs is to catch them. Anyone who is caught joins the Bulldogs. Once a Bulldog, you have three Rams in the front to try and get the other rafts. The winner is the last player to not be caught. They then become the first Bulldog for the next game.

In this ironclads version, you start with a raft, when rammed enough to be destroyed, it will turn into the Bulldog boat.

Come watch the fun and mayhem at Scar's Edge, Armada Cutwater on Saturday, June 25th at 10am SLT!

The Game's Afoot for Designing Worlds in New Babbage!

  at 7:35 AM
What Could Possibly Go Wrong when Designing Worlds tries to film an episode about re-creations of famous homes and buildings in New Babbage? Mistaken identity and wrong-doing in the paper mill for one thing. Join the adventure in New Babbage with your intrepid hosts Elrik Merlin and Saffia Widdershins plus a fun cast of talented people.

Miss Saffia Widdershins ...... Herself
Mr Elrik Merlin .................... Himself
Mr Victor Mornington ......... Mr Victor1st Mornington
Miss Letitia Thorne ............. Miss Aisling Sinclair
Mr Biggins ........................... Mr August Lusch
Mr Henry Thorne ................ Mr Linus Lacombe
Mr McTavish ....................... Mr Mavromichali Szondi
Mr Glanville ........................ Mr Bavid Dailey
The Babbage Urchins ......... The Urchins of New Babbage (and friends)

Other parts were played by members of the cast except ....

Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were graciously played by themselves.

The set at 221b Baker Street was conceived and designed by Elina Koskinen and Elilka Sieyes
Maison Horta was created by Miss Beq Janus
The Cleanslate Printery was created by Mr Aeolus Cleanslate

Our thanks, as ever, to the people of New Babbage for all their assistance in the creation of this programme

The Game's Afoot for Designing Worlds in New Babbage!

6/13/11  at 8:57 AM
Mr Holmes' consulting rooms in New Babbage

Join Designing Worlds in our Northpoint studio at 2pm SLT today, Monday 13th June as we pay on of our periodic visits to the city of New Babbage, where we will be visiting some fascinating re-creations of famous fictional and real life locations - including a meticulous rendering of Sherlock Holmes' private consulting rooms in 221b Baker Street.

We will be accompanied by Mr Victor1st Mornington, the Assistant Mace-Holder of New Babbage. And, although our visits to New Babbage have been fraught with dangers and adventure in the past, we are sure that this episode will go completely to plan (despite the fact that we learn that the Babbage urchins have been particularly mischievous lately). After all, the motto of New Babbage is "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

And yet, strangely, something always does!

The Designing Worlds show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be in our Northpoint studios by 1.30pm at the very latest to make sure of getting a seat. And this week we are asking people coming to the studio to wear their best and most respectable Victorian outfits to enter into the spirit of things.

The door of Mr Holmes' consulting rooms in New Babbage

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site.