Friends Fighting Cancer - Auctioning Dreams

6/25/11  at 10:32 AM
Words By Beq Janus
Photos By Judith LeFevre

Anyone who follows the Primperfect blog will have seen my blog for the latest fundraising event from Friends Fighting Cancer.

The team that brought you Fantasy Faire, Friends Fighting Cancer, have
been busy arranging the Ultimate auction. They have put together a list
of rare, valuable and desirable items in a final bid to draw those
charity Lindens from your pocket.

* * FFC Ultimate Auction, June 17 - 26th * *    

Recently, my photographer friend, Judith, and I were lucky enough to get to test drive one of the prize, the unbelievable "Garden of Dreams DreamScene" scene rezzer by Kayle Matzerath. The DreamScene complete edition comes with all 29 fantastic scenes (normally
valued at $L40,000 most scenes are L$2000 when bought individually!) and is built with his eye to detail and beautiful
texturing which will be well known to those who have visited his Garden of Dreams sims.

The "DreamScene" is perfect for parties, special time with
friends or a loved one or to provide excellent photo backgrounds. It would also appeal to roleplayers and story tellers looking for an inspiring setting.

The auction ends tomorrow (Sunday 26th) so hurry now, current bidding stands at a little over 30,000 Lindens, so there is still a real bargain to be had.

This is truly an amazing prize, each scene has a 40mx40m footprint but so cleverly designed that you really feel immersed in the scene and are barely aware of the boundaries. Here are some of the photos Judith captured that night.

Our first stop was the Noir Piano bar, plucked from a 1930s movie, rendered in monochrome and complete with period art from Tamara De Lempicka (one of my all time favourite artists).

Next stop the Tibetan temple, with Tai chi and fighting animations, and packed full of cushions and seating places.

Next was the wonderfully atmospheric Moonshone Boat. It could be a serene moonlit romantic rendezvous or perhaps an illicit smuggling operation, the only limit is your imagination.

The desert scene takes you to a deserted camp. The explorers have vanished. Shelter form the sand storm or assume the roles of the explorers. While you are in the mood for the desert scene take atrip to the Bedouin tent, with its sumptuous carpets, hookah pipes and belly dancing.

Changing scene once more we find ourselves on a tiny island around the roots of a giant tree in the midst of a raging whirlpool.  Sit and chat, or dance by the camp fire, teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Something more sinister (and sexy) awaits you in the dungeon if that is you thing. Fully scripted cuffs and shackles support you chosen role play.

The heat of the desert scenes now long forgotten, we find ourselves on a frozen lake outside a log cabin. Skate on the ice or warm yourself inside the cozy cabin far away from the snow flurries.

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