British Bulldogs Skirmish to Benefit Relay for Life

6/19/11  at 12:04 PM
Armadans know how to have fun and help people. All proceeds from this event will benefit Relay for Life!

"British Bulldogs" is a British playground game similar to Tag and Red Rover.

One or two players are selected to be the Bulldogs. They will take up position in the middle of the playing area. Everyone else goes to one end of the area.

The aim for the players is to run from one end to the other without getting caught by the Bulldogs. The aim for the Bulldogs is to catch them. Anyone who is caught joins the Bulldogs. Once a Bulldog, you have three Rams in the front to try and get the other rafts. The winner is the last player to not be caught. They then become the first Bulldog for the next game.

In this ironclads version, you start with a raft, when rammed enough to be destroyed, it will turn into the Bulldog boat.

Come watch the fun and mayhem at Scar's Edge, Armada Cutwater on Saturday, June 25th at 10am SLT!

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