Southend Bonfire Night Ball

10/30/10  at 1:59 PM

(Or in this case... Saturday, November 6th at 12pm SLT)

Dust off your wigs, roll out your ruffs, and come along to the (Caledon) Southend Bonfire Night Ball!

No burning of poor old Guy Fawkes, sorry to disappoint the baying mob, but there will be a stunning fireworks display at 1pm SLT. Come as you are, or don your vintage attire for the chance to win a prize.

We will be dancing on the site of the soon-to-be dynamited Port Royal Imports storefront. Join us for this explosive and festive celebration!

Explore Beneath the Waves with The Primgraph!

10/25/10  at 6:42 PM
The latest issue of The Primgraph magazine is here!

Well, we have sailed the seas with pirates, we have soared above both land and sea in airships, and now, in Issue 13, with a very exciting edition to our roster of writers, we plunge beneath the waves to encounter mermaids and sundry strange craft that lurk in the deep blue.

First our exciting news: Jess Nevins, the author of the seminal Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, and well known for his Concordances to the works of Alan Moore (especially The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and other comic books, joins The Primgraph team to share with us his love of pulp fiction. This issue he explores tales of underwater craft in America, Europe, India and Japan in a fascinating article on The Super-Submarine in Fiction after Verne.

In addition, Beq Janus looks at the development of underwater craft in history - and some fantastical creatures too - in her article From Kraken to Conning Tower. Miss Jed Dagger looks at the ways in which you might take to the water and participate in sea battles yourself with the latest developments in underwater craft. And Miss Ceejay Writer took to the deeps to bring you The Steamland Spotter's Guide to Mermaids. Do some of those mermaids look familiar? Could they be on the staff of The Primgraph? Perish the thought! And if you should encounter a mermaid? Miss Annechen Lowey is, as ever, on hand to advise us as to the correct ettiquette to employ!
Miss Ceejay Writer explores our chosen stretch of water - The Vernian Sea (and its Deeps) in New Babbage, while Mr Linus Lacombe ventures farther afield in search of some spectacular underwater architecture. Miss Beq Janus discovers what the wonderful troupe of Belly Up Mermaids Dancers have been up to since we last encountered them performing over a year ago.

There is another exciting installment of The Quest for the Golden Prim - will our academics manage to escape a charge of murder? And will Nan escape the clutches of the dastardly pirates? Read the new episode to find out!

Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel, provides wise and timely fashion advice for those wishing to find elegant gowns that salute the wonders of the deep.

There’s another Lost Chapter for you to enjoy, by Miss Eloisa Denimore, whose diligent researches have uncovered an earlier version of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, where instead of Ben Gunn, young Jim Hawkins makes a very unexpected discovery!

We learn more about the quest for the Crimson Pirates as carried out by an intrepid team from The Primgraph. In addition, we say our farewells to the classic serial, The Mysteries of London and bring you news from around the Steamlands and other vintage sims.

We also welcome another new member to our team - Miss Bellaluna Galaxy, whom we all are pleased to have on our sales staff!

So, with no shortage of fascinating articles and beautiful illustrations supplied by our brilliantly talented team of photographers, we welcome you to this thirteenth issue of The Primgraph.


How do I get my copy of The Primgraph?

Well, there are various ways to get The Primgraph!

Best of all, you can join our Subscribe-o-Matic group, which will deliver the magazine to you automatically when it is published. The Subscribe-o-Matic kiosks are located in historical and steampunk sims across Second Life (for example, you’ll find ones at all the Caledon infohubs). And if you can’t find one in your favourite sim, why not ask the owner to install one?

It is also available through SLMarkpetplace (just search on the site for The Primgraph). This will deliver you a copy in the form of a Thinc book that you can rez and read inworld.

But if you prefer to read the magazine online but not inworld, there are choices too. Firstly, there’s the wonderful Calaméo system, which allows you to moves smoothly through the pages, giving you the feeling of reading a real magazine. You’ll find Issue 13 here – and please do leave a comment!

But, if you like to download your magazines to read as you commute to work, or in the bath, or wherever, you can also obtain a standard pdf for downloading and printing.

So, really, you have no excuse for not reading The Primgraph. In fact, why aren’t you reading it now?

Piermont Landing Presents
3rd Annual Masquerade
Formal Ball

10/21/10  at 5:43 AM
Piermont Landing
Proudly Presents
October 23rd
3rd Annual Masquerade Formal Ball
6pm to 9pm SLT
Music by the Amazing DJ Bats
Babbage Bug Contest Contest
30 prim Limit
1st prize 2000
2nd prize 1000
3rd prize 500
and Ribbons too :-)
Sponsored By
House of RFYRE
Blak Opal Design
The Curious Seamstress
October build contest
Babbage Bug Contest Contest New Babbage gots Bugs build contest
30 prims !!! 30 prim Limit
Bugs Bugs Bugs !!
What with bed bugs stink bugs .. whats the Babbage bug ??
show us what YOU got !!
All builds due on Landing by 6pm SLT October 23rd 2010

Aether Salon Presents - Heroines!

10/9/10  at 4:08 PM
Sunday, October 17 at 2pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

Aether Salon, Palisade Entrance

Aether Salon, Academy Entrance

Do you know one? ARE you one? From self-rescuing princesses to those daring gals who save the world and look fabulous doing so (hey, soot is IN), all the while cooking, cleaning, and raising brilliant children. Who isn't a little bit curious how they do it all? I mean, trouncing and squashing and humiliating Evil-doers is a huge job, right? For the Aether Salon's two-year anniversary, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs will enlighten us, as well as share a few tips and tricks she's picked up along the way. You'll be on the edge of your seat, gasping in awe at the derring-do of amazing and resourceful heroines throughout history. Watch out henchmen, madmen, and villains all! A new Heroine is in town!

To learn more about the Aether Salon of New Babbage and read past Salon transcripts, visit

What could possibly go wrong for Designing Worlds in New Babbage?

10/5/10  at 5:33 AM
Join us today (Tuesday 5th October) as Designing Worlds makes a return visit to the amazing steampunk (and heavily industrialised) city of New Babbage. We're asking you to join us at 2pm SLT, not in our usual studio location but at Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, where Miss Breezy Carver will be hosting a very special viewing party!

Our last two visits To New Babbage became a little alarming - as you can see in our show archives (the visit last Halloween, and our trip to the burlesque)- but this time we're here to explore some very lovely builds beneath the Vernian Sea. Actually, we'll be starting here above the waves, where there are also some fascinating buildings. And then we'll be exploring some of the amazing undersea tunnels, and visiting the beautiful build of the Lotus.

All in all,it should be a nice, decorous visit with the opportunity to see some amazing builds. As the people of Babbage say ... what could possibly go wrong?

Join us at 2pm to find out!

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be arrive at Piermont Landing by 1.30pm to make sure of getting a seat. And there will be a special steampunk gift (celebrating Piermont Landing's Third Birthday) available to all who attend the show in person!

Or tune in at 2pm SLT on Tuesday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site.

Celebrating three years of Piermont Landing!

10/4/10  at 1:05 PM
Tomorrow's Designing Worlds show is rather special - and the viewing party will be held in a rather special place!

It's going to be one of our New Babbage shows (and long term viewers will realise that Elrik and Saffia have a history of getting in to trouble when they visit that amazing steampunk city!). And rather than asking people to come to our studio, we will be holding our regular viewing party in New Babbage, hosted by Miss Breezy Carver, the most notable hostess in New Babbage, at the lovely location of Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways.

Piermont Landing is celebrating its Third Birthday, as you will see from the banners displayed! The recent 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball was the first in a series of planned celebrations - later in October a fabulous Masquerade Ball is planned - "We are looking forward to our third year of bringing the best in build contests and themed steampunk Formal Dances," says Breezy Carver.

So when you come to tomorrow's Designing Worlds show - and we will be telling you more about that tomorrow - take a look at the lovely setting of Piermont Landing. Admire the steampunk fountain that was an entry in the 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball's building competition - and don't miss the elegant Piermont Key, a steampunk pin (or brooch) suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. Designed by Mr Thorn Witrial, it is available on the rear wall throughout October - a lovely way to celebrate Piermont's Third Anniversary!

Images supplied by Miss Breezy Carver

The Boobiethon in SL fights Breast Cancer!

10/1/10  at 8:57 PM
The Boobiethon in SL starts with a gala tonight. Tops may come off - for charity

Second Life boobs will have a little more gravity this week! Led by Eva Bellambi and Sera Anansi, the community of Winterfell is again this year organizing a series of fundraising events to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise breast cancer awareness. The events are in coordination with the 9th annual Blogger Boobiethon, which October 1st and runs through October 7th.

Opening festivities begin tonight with a party at Miss Bellambi's home (castle really!) and the opening of a fantastic art auction (I've caught a peek, and yes, the art is stunning!) organized by PJ Trenton and Autopilot Poppy. In addition to work by the organizers, contributing artists include some of SL's biggest names, including: Tricia Aferdita, Miso Susanowa, Ragamuffin Kips, Fuschia Nightfire, Eliza Wierwight, Scottius Polke,. Sledge Roffo, Monty Streusel, GM Nikolaidis, Callipygian Christensen, Gracie Kendal, Ghosty Kips, Gleman Jun, Cee Edman, Winter Nightfire, and Weston Graves. Details of the event can be found on PJ Trenton's blog.

Add captionThe Art Auction features stunning unique works.

Other events include a Gypsy Caravan and Carnival, educational lectures (including one by yours truly on the history of undergarments - come along in your favourite corset or underpants!), and a closing night Burlesque show! The complete line up of events is below - don't miss this fun and important charity event!
October 1, 2010
  • Opening Day Party - 7pm-9pm SLT, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Art Auction - Bidding begins at 6pm SLT, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 2, 2010
  • Third Annual BoobieBall - UK event, 10:30am - 12:30pm SLT, Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Third Annual BoobieBall - US event, 7:30pm - 9:30pm SLT,Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 3, 2010
  • BoobieThon Salon - The History of Undergarments (Rowan Derryth), 1:00pm SLT, Anodyne Garden, Winterfell Anodyne.
  • BoobieThon Salon - Self Breast Exams and Other Prevention Methods (Serra Anansi), 3:00pm SLT, Anodyne Garden, Winterfell Anodyne.
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 4, 2010
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
October 5, 2010
  • Art Auction - Bidding continues, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
  • Rummage Sale at the Caravan - Winterfell Anodyne
October 6, 2010
  • Wright on BoobieThon - Fund-raising dance at the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, 7:00pm - 9:00pm SLT, Usonia
  • Art Auction - LAST BID 9:15pm SLT, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Gypsy Caravan & Carnival - Winterfell Anodyne
  • Rummage Sale at the Caravan - Winterfell Anodyne
October 7, 2010
  • Burlesque for Breasts - Burlesque Show and Closing Ceremony, 7:00pm SLT, Winterfell/Caledon sim crossing
  • Designer Vendors - Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing
  • Final Donation will be made at 8:55pm SLT
  • Closing Party from 8:45pm SLT - ??