Celebrating three years of Piermont Landing!

10/4/10  at 1:05 PM
Tomorrow's Designing Worlds show is rather special - and the viewing party will be held in a rather special place!

It's going to be one of our New Babbage shows (and long term viewers will realise that Elrik and Saffia have a history of getting in to trouble when they visit that amazing steampunk city!). And rather than asking people to come to our studio, we will be holding our regular viewing party in New Babbage, hosted by Miss Breezy Carver, the most notable hostess in New Babbage, at the lovely location of Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways.

Piermont Landing is celebrating its Third Birthday, as you will see from the banners displayed! The recent 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball was the first in a series of planned celebrations - later in October a fabulous Masquerade Ball is planned - "We are looking forward to our third year of bringing the best in build contests and themed steampunk Formal Dances," says Breezy Carver.

So when you come to tomorrow's Designing Worlds show - and we will be telling you more about that tomorrow - take a look at the lovely setting of Piermont Landing. Admire the steampunk fountain that was an entry in the 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball's building competition - and don't miss the elegant Piermont Key, a steampunk pin (or brooch) suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. Designed by Mr Thorn Witrial, it is available on the rear wall throughout October - a lovely way to celebrate Piermont's Third Anniversary!

Images supplied by Miss Breezy Carver

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