2nd Annual New Babbage DJ-Off

5/25/12  at 9:33 AM
Join us as three of New Babbage's premier DJs, Edward Pearse, Victor Mornington, and Blackberry Harvey, square off in a melee of music! You determine the winner!

Each DJ will have two half-hour sets. (So no, you won't have to stay the full 3 hours if you don't want to. An hour and a half will give you a set from all three!) Make donations to the Relay for Life vendors behind them, and whoever has the most at the end gets bragging rights for the next year. But most of all, Relay for Life wins!

SEE the amazing (or just plain silly) items donated for sale in the Welcome Center!

HEAR the fabulous strains put forth by our incredible DJs!

DANCE the night away!

WATCH the jockeying totals. Who will win?

May 25, 2012 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Babbage/62/56/106
5/16/12  at 12:03 PM
This exciting episode of Metaverse Arts is now on the web, as MVA Host, Gwen Carillon, interviews the renowned steampunk musicians of Steam Powered Giraffe and talented steampunk artist Destany Laval of UnZipped.

Steam Powered Giraffe perform on Metaverse Arts

Not only that, but Steam Powered Giraffe play live in the studio. You can learn more about this amazing steamppunk band here- and buy their DVD!

Steam Powered Giraffe and Destany Laval on Metaverse Arts!

5/13/12  at 8:20 AM

Metaverse Arts Host Gwen Carillon with Seam Powered Giraffe
Please join us today in the Designing Worlds Studio in Garden of Dreams at 12 noon, Sunday 13th May, for an exclusive viewing of Metaverse Arts' latest episode on Treet TV.

Destany Laval
MVA Host, Gwen Carillon, interviews the renowned steampunk musicians of Steam Powered Giraffe and talented steampunk artist Destany Laval of UnZipped.

The world of Second Life welcomes Real Life Steampunk! You don't want to miss this one!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/metaverse-arts – our very own version of the iPlayer!  

Special thanks to Aisling Sinclair, for her contributions to this show!
Steam Powered Giraffe perform on Metaverse Arts

Come Hunt for Treasure in Armada Breakaway

5/9/12  at 6:07 PM

Armada Treasure Hunt 2012
Very, very soon, Armada Breakaway will offer adventure and excitement to all citizens of Second Life - Get ready to explore the floating city in search of treasure!

You'll be outfitted with what you need to begin your adventure. Along the way you will see amazing sights and stores all over Armada. Bring a big sack, as you'll be plundering shops and collecting treasure along the way!

Features shops will include: 
Weka Steam
Ying Research Factory
Weather or Not
Brackish Mer things
Storms Brewing Coffehouse
Arctor Shipyards

Keep an eye on that horizon for more news from Armada. And if you really want to train your spyglass on the city, why not join the Armada Breakaway group inworld? It's open for all scallywags, ladies, gents, urchins, raiders, darkmers... anyone who enjoys the bracing salt air and mysterious waters of the deep.