A New Designer for The Primgraph: Terry Lightfoot!

9/17/09  at 2:23 AM
Some of our readers already know that the very talented Wren Carling has, sadly, stepped down from being designer of The Primgraph for real life reasons.

We have been looking for a replacement and had some excellent applicants - but we have made our choice now.

So let me introduce to you ... the one and only Terry Lightfoot!

Many of you involved in the Steamlands will know Terry either in her role as Sidhe or as the excellent fashion designer behind T-to-a-T. Now she will be joining us as The Primgraph designer - and is already hard at work creating our Halloween issue.

Terry says:
I am a renegade Sidhe, from another "3 dimensional" universe. The Sidhe are temporal metamorphs. My planet was called Earth. I left my people's hidden realm to learn about the humans that share our world. They couldn't be all bad, now, could they? I lived among them, camouflaged as a human. Almost got used to thinking I was one of them.

Then I was "accidentally" pulled into a Time Lord's TARDIS, Oolon Sputnik's TARDIS. I was a bit upset, as you can imagine, but soon the attraction of travelling through space to other worlds was too tempting. I decided to continue travelling with the Time Lord and I've never regretted leaving my planet from that moment to this.

Eventually we crash landed in "SL-Space", in the Caledon region. Sputnik renamed his TARDIS the Ethereal Travelling Cabinet, or the "ETC" for short, in an effort to blend in. I was forced to earn a living by designing Victorian & Steampunk clothing (To-a-T). Eventually Sputnik and other Time Lords created a new power source and a New Gallifrey sim. There I spend my days on the Splat of Rassilon, designing steampunk wares to sell.

I'm now very excited to have a new job as designer on the Primgraph magazine, where I intend to continue experimenting with the Steampunk aesthetic.

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Fogwoman Gray said...

That is wonderful....just so long as that sewing machine keeps humming along too!
Congratulations to the Primgraph for snapping up such a talented lady.