Results of the Caledon Rose-Growing Competition

8/31/09  at 6:18 AM
The Primgraph party to celebrate the launch of Issue 7 of the magazine was held on Saturday 29th August in the grounds of The Primgraph Press in Caledon Glengarry.

In addition to marking the official opening of The Primgraph Press, this saw the inaugural podcast of The Quest for the Golden Prim. It was also a first chance to meet some of the cast of the web comic, and also saw the announcement of the winners of the 1st Annual Caledon Rose-Growing Competition.

All the entries were of an incredibly high standard, and many people who came to vote admitted that they had a very hard time choosing which of the bushes and individual roses to choose!

The eventual results were as follows:
Firstly a special prize was awarded for the Most Original Rose
And that goes to Canolli Capalini for her steampunk, clockwork rose (which received 26 votes)

For the single rose:
In third place, with 11 votes was Soliel Snook
In second place, with 12 votes was Julia Hathor
And the winner was: Thayen Eberdene with 16 votes (shown in the picture)

For the rose bush:
In third place, Mari Moonbeam with 10 votes
In second place, Gabrielle Riel's presentation of Soliel Snook's rose with 17 votes
And the winner is Julia Hathor with 29 votes (shown, with accompanying white butterfly)

And for the special rose bowl:
In Second place was Don Miguel de La Rosa
and the winner was Mr Omicron Llewellyn!

Congratulations to all our competitiors!

And The Primgraph hope that this is only the first of many parties to be held at the Press!


Kandace Commons said...

Can someone explain how Canolli got 26 votes, and the 'winner' got 19 votes? Shouldn't Canolli be the winner?

Kandace Commons said...

Canolli got 26 votes, and the winner got 16 votes, I meant. Correcting typo in previous comment.

Saffia Widdershins said...

The reason was, when we saw Canolli's rose, we realised that we hadn't been clear enough in our definitions of categories, and we really needed a steampunk category. It was unfair, we thought, not to acknowledge the efforts of those who have created 'grown' roses, and also unfair not to acknowledge the superb achievement of Canolli's rose. So we created a special and equal category. And - lest people think we did this just to give her a consolation prize, we recorded the vote so that people could see how very popular her rose was.

This was the first year of the competition, so hic-cups were perhaps inevitable. Next year we will have a category for stampuk/clockwork/artifical roses as well.

And we hope that you'll be reading more about Canolli's creations in The Primgraph over the coming months!