Double shooting in New Babbage, Bow street flail, gunman still at large

8/14/09  at 4:05 PM
A terrifying incident occurred in the late hours of yesterday evening. Miss Penelope Strathearn and her retainer Mr Zachary Somerset, were seen to be enjoying a quiet beverage in the popular Café Cocoa Java in the Palisade district of the City. Eye witnesses say that a gun shot rang out from the building diagonally opposite, best known for the Aether Salon but home also to Terranova Investigative Services. Miss Strathearn was was struck in the shoulder by a bullet, falling to the ground. Mr Somerset was able to get a shot on the assailant, but failed to incapacitate him and was subsequently shot in the stomach, a wound which very nearly cost him his life.

The assailant then attempted to attack or abduct Miss Strathearn but was foiled by what witnesses heading home from the pubs and bars have described as "wyrd fire" dealt by Miss Strathearn. Your correspondent has since noted that an upset candle and a bottle of high proof alcochol found nearby could be more reasonably attributed with the conflagration that saved the lady's life.

The assailant, confounded by the aforementioned flames, fled into the night, and despite the best efforts of Miss Dagger of the aforementioned Terranova agency, has not been detained at the time of writing. The man sought is known to the authorities as Cadmus Lupindo, who was more recently involved in the occupation of New Babbage and the attempted assassination of the Mayor.

The two victims were promptly treated by Dr Augustus Dayafter and a member of the fae community, Miss Softpaw, who is credited with having saved Mr Somerset's life after having been summoned to help by Café proprietress Miss Ceejay Writer.

At this time sources close to the pair are saying that they are too traumatised by the violent attack to make comment. This kind of event is however worthy of investigation and your correspondent hopes to bring an interview to her readers in the near future.

As we go to press, Cadmus Lupindo, the would be assassin is still at large and anyone seeing him is advised not to approach him and to contact the local constabulary immediately.

your faithful correspondent
Beq Janus

((The source of this report can be found here))


Rhianon Jameson said...

My goodness! On my next visit to Babbage, I shall remember to come armed.

Ceejay Writer said...

I do hope your readers do not think that the CocoaJava Cafe is prone to such excitement on a regular basis. Why, most patrons simply enjoy the coffee and delightful conversation, it is the rare person that is exploded, or shot, or comatose at the hearth, or falls through sewer covers, or is trapped on tricky ladders. Please visit soon! Your safety is almost assured! Ceejay Writer - Proprietress and Barista, CocoaJava Cafe.