The Primgraph Summer Garden Party

8/28/09  at 12:46 PM
Here is your invitation to the Primgraph Summer Garden Party!

It will take place from 2 - 4pm on Saturday 29th August, at The Primgraph Press, Caledon Glengarry, and music will be supplied by the velvet-toned Mr Elrik Merlin.

In addition to music and dancing, there will be a chance to meet members of the cast of the web comic - The Quest for the Golden Prim - and discover some interesting information about the story!

This event also marks the opening of The Primgraph Press itself - and our offices will be open for you to explore!

Finally, we will be announcing the results of the First Annual Caledon Rose-Growing Competition, sponsored by the Primgraph - so don't miss it!

And remember - there is still time to vote in the competition before tomorrow.

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