The Caledon Rose-Growing Competition

8/22/09  at 5:48 AM
The Primgraph, sister magazine to Prim Perfect, are proud to announce their sponsorship of The Caledon Rose-Growing Competition!

To celebrate the launch of our summer issue, we are holding the competition in the grounds of The Primgraph Press in Caledon Glengarry.

This competition (we hope the first of an annual event) is being staged in order to find the best roses in the Steamlands and beyond! In other words, it is open to ALL merchants, residents and rose growers everywhere.

Single Roses (no more than 35 prims per rose)
Rosebushes (no more than 15 prims per bush)

How to enter:
To enter, please place your rose in one of the compartments of the flowerbed (if a bush) or in a vase on one of the tables (if a single rose) in the grounds of The Primgraph Press in Caledon G;lengarry. Kindly enter your name into the titler (available in the information box at the Press) and place it behind your entry.

Then register for voting by clicking on one of the two voting boards (located above the front wall of the Press).
PINK BOARD for the SINGLE rose category
BLUE BOARD for the ROSEBUSH category

Entries must be in place before 12 midnight, Tuesday 25th August.

Voting will take place between 1am SLT Wednesday 26th and 1pm SLT Saturday 29th August

Results announced at The Primgraph Summer Garden Party 2:00 – 4:00 pm SLT, Saturday 29 August – in the grounds of the Primgraph Press, Caledon Glengarry:

*A third category will be part of the Primgraph’s web comic, The Quest for the Golden Prim. This category is not open to the public.

Any queries, IM Saffia Widdershins OR Aisling Sinclair OR Ceejay Writer

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