What flag is The Primgraph flying?

8/27/09  at 4:01 AM
Residents of Caledon Glengarry have expressed surprise at seeing an unusual flag flying on the roof of The Primgraph Press.

Striking in black, red and white, it has the emblem of an owl - or, in the Italian tongue, Civetta.

It comes from the Italian city of Siena where it is the emblem of one of the seventeen contrada or districts that take part every year in the Palio, the great horse race that takes place in the central square. Ten of the contrada contest the race twice at year, on the 2nd of July and the 15th of August.

Miss Widdershins, the publisher of The Primgraph, is a long-time supporter of the Civetta contrada, despite the fact that the have not won the Palio for thirty years. But this year, on August 15th, Civetta triumphed - and the Civetta flag (created by the Senschelf of Winterfell, Miss Serra Anansi) is flying proudly on the Press in celebration!

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Roberto said...

my typists's duaghter attended the palio this year, and brout back flags for herself and her brothers- I think they were the turtle, the sheep, and the wolf(?)