Design New Offices for The Primgraph in Seraph City - and win L$10,000!

6/20/10  at 1:30 PM
We are delighted to inform you that the Primgraph Press has acquired additional new premises in Seraph City. It is in a prime location just opposite the City Hall.

At the moment this block is occupied by a series of vacant shops, but it is our intention to demolish these and build new State-of-the-Dieselpunk-Art premises that will house journalists from The Primgraph ... and also from The Daily Prim, Seraph's City's newspaper*.

To replace the shops, we have decided to have a COMPETITION for the most fitting build for this prime site and important building. Pumpkin Tripsa, one of the owners of Seraph City, has donated a generous L$10,000 prize for the winning entry.

Contest Guidelines
Seraph City is a dieselpunk, pulp/noir retrofuture sim set in the age of radio, between the two world wars.

Builds in Seraph City typically reflect art deco themes or similar styles common to the era. Since we have retrofuture elements, a fair amount of latitude is given for the sake of creativity. We do, however, expect that builds look believable in terms of structural stability and texture. Seraph City is an urban sim, and within reason, the more a building covers a plot, the better it looks in the grand scheme of the city. Most importantly is the road frontage. If any ground is to be left bare, it's best to have it in the back of the lot.

The Primgraph Office will reside on a 32mx32m plot, with 468 prims.
The location is: ��

Prim limit for the structure: 200

The structure requires the following features:
-A main office room
-3 smaller offices for Primgraph reporters (these could be one room, with dividers)
-An office for Saffia Widdershins (editor and owner)
-A radio broadcast control room
-A recording studio for radio broadcasts
-A darkroom for developing photographs
-A break room for the staff

Designs should include internal features such as cupboards and sinks in the darkroom, an integrated desk in the radio broadcast control room etc. Proposed builds should be submitted to Saffia Widdershins by June 30 in the form of drawings or models - either inworld or to


*While, as we all know, The Primgraph is a genuine magazine, with many readers, The Daily Prim is a fictitious paper, created to further the possibilities of roleplay in Seraph City.

People who would like to hold posts on this paper, and on the associated radio network (also fictitious), should contact Positions at all levels - from City Editor to newsboys - are available. More details of this will be available soon!