New Babbage RFL Charity Auction

6/26/10  at 9:38 AM
June 26th, 1 pm SLT, New Babbage RFL Charity Auction

Some great names associated with New Babbage have graciously given up their time to produce unique items, or unique variations of times that are sold at their store.

All auctions have a starting bid of L$1000. Bid will be taken by notecard up to the time of the auction, where at which time, the highest bid will be the starting bid for the auction. If no others wish to bid at that time, that is the winning bid. Current high bids will be on display next to the lot, if there is a pre-bid.

Items will be on display before the auction, some on display already, while some will come later in the week.

Roman Brandenburg has donated two wonderful pieces of art work. Entitled The Khali's Dance, this piece of artwork has a red backdrop with many rotating white details in the foreground. The changing textures give a memorizing appearance as you get a new image every moment you stare into it. The second is entitled Mesmeralda, and uses the same concept of the first, with another unique masterpiece. This one features a black background with many changing elements in the foreground. Items are currently on display.

Canolli Capalini, of Capalini Fine Furnishings, has donated a wonderful set of furniture with unique textures on them. The woman does exquisite work, so do not miss this chance to be able to own a piece of her fine creations. Lot should go on display by June 24th.

Cutea Benelli has donated two great hats, both featuring unique textures. First is the versatile villain hat, featuring many items essential to a villain. Second is a woman's hat entitled dark eden tophat newsworthy, with a news print texture to it. Both hats are currently on display.

Skusting Dagger has donated a great piece of artwork, capturing his distinct style, and for this one time you can be the proud owner of this great piece of art. As well, he has brought a tattoo out of retirement to sell one last time at this auction. Lots on display.

Rip Wirefly has donated a replica of the famous Wright Brothers plane, the Kitty Hawk. Attempting to stay true to the vision, it features the plane on a stand in a memorial to flight. Lot is available for viewing currently.

Tesla Tripsa has created something to catch the eye of all New Babbage Resident, and even those from out of town. She has toiled away to bring the Tenk birdbath, modelled after Mosseveno Tenk, mayor of New Babbage. Lot will be on display after June 24th.

Pumpkin Tripsa, of the famed Chakra Nova, is donating a wonderful re-textured statue. This unique piece will feature a woman resting against a mount, in a unique texture. Lot is currently on display.

Madcow Cosmos has donated a one of a kind backpack to this great event. This backpack is something to behold and is currently on display


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