New Babbage Athenaeum Wager

6/1/10  at 5:24 AM
Readers may remember that, a month ago, this publication carried an article about the opening of the New Babbage Athenaeum, an institution that is converting books into information on punch cards, and then burning the books. Within a couple of weeks, an advertisement was placed for people familiar with the workings analytical engines. Rumors abounded that the translation engine was not working correctly, and the punch cards were storing only nonsense. Despite that, the burning of books apparently continued.

This reporter managed to track down Mr. Steamweaver again on the 31st of May, and so confirmed the rumors. In the course of the conversation, Mr. Steamweaver proposed a wager with Miss Bookworm Hienrichs. If enough money is donated to defray book storage costs--$10,000L or more in 10 days--then the burning will cease indefinitely, and Mr. Steamweaver will match the donation amount from his own pocket. If the money is not raised in time, then Miss Hienrichs must turn over her own personal library for conversion and disposal.

Donations to this cause can be made to the RFL kiosk in front of the New Babbage Athenaeum.

UPDATE: The goal was reached and then some! The total for the 10 days was $31,860L, so the books in the Athenaeum--and Miss Hienrich's library--are safe!