Calling All Designers

9/14/10  at 8:37 AM

This year is the third annual BoobieThon event in Second Life. A good history of BoobieThon can be found here.

All the monies raised at go to Susan G. Komen Foundation (unless specified by donors to go to the BloggersSupportingBloggers charity). All the money we raise in SL goes directly to Komen.

To support the cause in Second Life we have many different events taking place in during the week of fund-raising (October 1-7, 2010).

* Art Auction - Oct 1st thru Oct 6th
* Gypsy Caravan (with various gypsy themed events) - Oct 1st thru Oct 7th
* Designer Vendors - Oct 1st thru Oct 7th at the BoobieBall Pavilion
* BoobieBalls - Oct 2nd 10:30am UK Event and Oct 2nd 7:30pm US Event
* Educational Salons
- History of undergarments (specifically corsets and bras) - Oct 3rd 1pm
- Self Breast Exams and other prevention activities - Oct 3rd 3pm
* Rummage Sale - Oct 5th and 6th all day
* Burlesque Show and Closing Ceremony - Oct 7th 7pm

For the Designer vendors we are asking for for interested designers to create one or more unique items - themed, if possible. And do feel free to use something similar to our dark raspberry color if you like (as seen in the event poster attached). Interested designers will be given a vendor to set up at the BoobieBall Pavilion, this is to ensure the security of the items permissions. The vendors are already set up to sell items with payment going to each designer and then rerouted to our treasurer (SavingSecondBase Searose). In this way, each designer can track sales and such.

I hope this is helpful information and please PLEASE let me know if you have other questions - or any concerns. We will be so honored to have you be part of the event if you choose to do so.

Most sincerely,
Eva Bellambi, Lady of Skye
Serra Anansi, Seneschelf of Winterfell

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