Radio Riel launches Volksmusik

9/15/10  at 10:52 AM
Gabrielle Riel, founder of the fabulous Radio Riel internet radio station, has proudly announced the launch of Radio Riel's sixth specialty music stream that provides music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Radio Riel Volksmusik. The newest stream features traditional and contemporary folk music of Eastern, Central and Northern Europe. On Radio Riel Volksmusik you will hear music from Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and more.

To listen to Radio Riel Volksmusik:
  1. Open a media player on your computer, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or WinAmp
  2. Find the option under the menus that is called "Open URL" or "Open Stream"
  3. Enter the following URL:
In honour of today's launch, Otenth Paderborn will play a special live Volksmusik program from 6:00pm - 7:00pm SLT on both Radio Riel Main Stream and Radio Riel Volksmusik.

If you are in Second Life, there will be a party to celebrate at The Edison Ballroom in New Toulouse Bourbon ( for the party, or you can tune in on either of the simulcasting stations, Main or Volksmusik.

Don't forget all of the other wonderful Radio Riel music streams that are available for your enjoyment!

Radio Riel Main Stream
- primarily carries traditional music, and material generally written prior to 1950. A different Radio Riel Presenter creates a unique program every day. Tune in to hear: Early Music, Baroque, Classical, Light Music, Folk, Celtic, Early and Later Jazz, Late 19th Century Popular and more.

Radio Riel New Toulouse - features the music of New Orleans and Jazz. Tune in and you will hear: Ragtime, Early and Later Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Cajun and Zydeco.

Radio Riel Steampunk
- plays Steamwave, Goth, Electronica, Alternative, Industrial, Dark Cabaret, Mechanical Music and some Classical and Baroque.

Radio Riel Dieselpunk - features music from 1920–1940, including Pop Standards, Big Band & Swing, Burlesque & Cabaret & a dash of Film Noir Soundtracks.

Radio Riel Reverie - features Medieval, Fantasy, Darkwave and Celtic music… providing a soundtrack for your dreams.

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