12/16/10  at 10:59 AM
It is with an enthuastic Ai yi yi yi yi! that I introduce our Dear Readers to something new in the Steamlands. Bellypunk!
"After the fall of the Kingdom of Granada, the people were pushed into exile within the Balearic Island Region, silent for hundreds of years. They called their home “Cala Mondrago”, and it would be the oceans oasis."

Please visit the Adventures of a Steam Oasis blog and learn more about the history (both real and fictional) of Cala Mondrago.

While visiting Cala Mondrago, be sure to take time to relax at The Laughing Djinn, touted to be "the Steamlands one and only steamtastic belly dance tavern". The club offers bellydancing shows on Saturdays at both noon and 9pm slt. The Djinn is a wonderful venue - absolutely stunning in decor, and offers relaxed pillowed seating to rest upon as you enjoy a show.

Founder Bianca Namori is having such fun in her new world; her enthuasiasm is quite contagious! She explained some of her goals for Cala Mondrago to me this way:

"I want the sim to be known for these things:

* Community of steampunks that can rp together, learn about different things from one another, and express themselves in a whole new steamland realm.

* Twice a week RP sessions that can follow a main storyline or people can venture out on their own. It's just where the "citizens" get together and RP or even chit-chat in character.

* Known as an "artistic" or "creative" culture/sim. As we know the east india worlds/desert lands are known for their exotic ways, clothes, and ideals. I want that to shine through in steampunk as well"

Stop by soon and explore. Dress in loose flowing clothes and kick your shoes back into the closet. Run barefoot. And as Bianca says, "May the desert warm your heart, and the sands your soul."

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