Join us and celebrate Costa Rica – with Prim Perfect!

8/26/10  at 9:31 PM

As many of you will know, the most recent issue of Prim Perfect is set in the glorious region of Costa Rica in Second Life.

There are articles not only on the lands which make up this region and some of the people who live here. And if you want to visit, there's a special tourist guide to some of the highlights a tourist can visit - ranging from amazing rainforest walks to surfing to a nudist beach ... and then romantic places to dine and relax.

We also explore the biodiversity of the region, the wealth of vegetation in the forests, and we have a reflection on the literature of Latin America, inspired by a walk in Costa Rica.

And if you haven't read it already, you shouldn't miss Scotti Lyle's interview with Giancarlo Takacs, owner of Costa Rica, and her account of the woman who played such an important role in supporting Giancarlo in his creation of Costa Rica - geko Stoop.

But now we are going to celebrate this glorious issue - with a party!

You may recall reading about our amazing Readers' Home of the Month - the wonderful and sumptuous residence of WK Ganesvoort. Now WK has generously agreed to host a formal Great Gatesby Ball at his home on Friday August 27th from 12.55pm - 4pm SLT time.

There will be an opportunity to explore this amazing location - and trips to explore further in Costa Rica will be available too. Or you can simply relax and listen - and dance - to a fantastic mix of music.

12:55pm slt – 1:55pm slt
DJ Syriana Paine (mixture of slow & fast latin music)
Location: WK Ganesvoort Estate

2:00pm slt – 3:00pm slt
CeCi Dover
Location: WK Ganesvoort Estate
3:00pm – 4:00pm slt
Joaquin Gustav
PrimPerfect Budget: (scheduled & funded by PrimPerfect)
Location: WK Ganesvoort Estate –Gatsby theme location

Black Tie Formal....the roaring 20's

Artwork for the invitation: Giancarlo Takacs and Costa Rica. Photographs by Twisted Lemon and Raven Haalan

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