The Winner of the new Primgraph Press build competition announced!

8/10/10  at 9:13 PM

Exciting News just in from SERAPH CITY!

The winner competition for the architect and builder of the new Primgraph offices in Seraph City can now be announced!

The runner up was Mr Rip Wirefly, who submitted a very beautiful model and build.

The overall winner was Miss Jedburgh30 Dagger, who has produced a very exciting plan for stylish dieselpunk newspaper (and radio) offices. We are very much looking forward to seeing her new building taking shape!

Readers should note that while dieslepunk news gathering and radio broadcasts will be based out of our new offices, our elegant buildings in Caledon Glengarry will still be the centre of our main magazine work - including, of course, our magnificient press (all designed by Edward Pearse, better known as His Grace the Duke of Caledon Argylle). If the front page needs to be held, that is where it will happen!

So the old building on the site has been demolished, and boards have gone up to protect the building works in Seraph City.

Watch - as they say - this space!