Life in Obolenskidonia

6/24/09  at 5:18 AM
This correspondent has spent some time assessing the impact upon the lives of the residents. Many of the social leaders have been removed or have gone into hiding, there are no official numbers being given for civilian/militia casualties with the regime showing scant regard for those who rebel against them.

"We didn't count anything... just dumped what we could in the canal... and yes Obolenskidonia is holding strong.", claimed General Kuroe when questioned about the attack on the HQ of the militia.

Yet in many quarters life is carrying on, the urchins are still at large, they are a constant thorn in the side of any authority democratically elected or otherwise so for them it is business as usual, however, this correspondent fears that the cost to those who push their luck too far may be somewhat higher than a spell in the school house and a clip round the ear.

There are still social gatherings, and the bars and coffee shops are still busy though suspicions are rife and the hushed tone of whispers is more common now than the raucous laughter familiar to those who have lived here for some time. The regular popular balls held by Miss Breezy Carver are still taking place despite the occupation and the difficulties that that imposes, some guests it is said were deliberately becostumed in order to conceal their true identity.

Industry however has been diverted. A look out upon the docks sees a fleet not of mercantile clippers and trading ships but of threatening ironclad war vessels. Indeed the port, in the past a ribald and lively part of the city, is all but deserted. In a recent open letter to the citizens of Obolenskidonia, The overlord announced that productivity in the factories was up by 7%. No information as to what was being produced and how this increase was achieved is available. The Primgraph can reveal however that the new regime has plans however with an ambitious scheme to create a pioneering new factory producing scones, on the site of the old town hall. A more ominous prospect, the Primgraph can exclusively reveal is the secretive "Aether" project,
which will apparently expand the borders of Obolenskidonia.

I will report more on the trials and tribulations of life in Obolenskidonia in coming days but for now this correspondent is gonig to return to a bar, for research purposes.

your faithful correspondent

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