A Frontier Fourth: Deadwood City in the Dakota Territory, Celebrates the Birthday of the Republic

6/22/09  at 11:48 AM
above is an image of an actual 19th century 4th of July parade in a Western mining town

On Saturday and Sunday, July 4-5, the citizenry of Deadwood City will be commemorating the birth of the United States in the traditional manner of a frontier community of the 1870s. These are commonly known as the “Three B’s”--Booze, Beasts, and Bombast.

The role of alcoholic libations--the “Booze” in the equation--requires little explanation in a town that has roughly one saloon for every 39 residents. The “Beasts” are involved either for riding or eating. On the frontier, 4th of July activities commonly include horse races, bull riding, and some form of barbecue (most likely after the bull riding competition has concluded).

Please visit www.theroadtodeadwood.com for more information, which will most likely be forthcoming as things get sorted out (check the calendar or the 'events" section of he forum ).

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