The Midsummer Grand Tour for RFL!

6/18/09  at 3:55 PM
The weekend keeps rolling with exciting early Sunday morning events:

4:30 am
Principality of Fauve Welcomes You!

Our stop on the Grand Tour will be a nature inspired Haiku and freeform poetry reading and composition opportunity where you can take your ease Sunday at dawn in our lovely Ochaya (Teahouse)...formal Asian dress encouraged :)
Visit the Fairytale sim of Fauve where we realize our dreams in SL at an interactive playground, sea, land and sky, art and nature and lots of fun! Mirrors are Teleporters around the sim points, feel free to explore and enjoy :)

6:00 am slt
Celebration of St. John's Eve, Congo Square in New Toulouse

In the old city, they would gather in Congo Square, those dragged from their homes an ocean away. They would tell the old tales and dance the old dances. Miss Marie was there, in the shadows with her wisdom and her potions and her knowledge of the old ways, the voodoo. On St. John's Eve, when the spirits were very close, they would dance the whole night long. Those who came to watch and jeer found themselves drawn into the dance, and their lives were never the same.
In New Toulouse of the 1920s, they say, some still gather on the shortest night of the year, down by the river. They come up from the bayous and down from the fancy houses because they know: on this night, the spirits are with them.
Join us, Grand Tourists. Come in the bright colors that please the spirits. Come with an open mind: come to watch, come to dance, come to remember how it was, back in the day...

7:30 am
V is for Victory! the fight against cancer,and that is what we're hoping to have. Welcome to the USO dance stop on the RFL Grand Tour!! Come dance with us while listening to Big Band, Swing, and a smattering of jazz spun by the Caledon RFL Captain, Kiralette Kelley.
We will be gathering high above Caledon Rothesay on a specially created dance floor. We will have liberty bonds for sale, and the dj will play anything you wish, for a small donation to RFL!
Come dressed in your best 1940's duds, bring your best guy, gal, or pal, and dance those feet off while helping a great cause!􀀎

9:00 am
ROMA PRO VITA's Apollo's Masquerade

Come dance in Imperial Rome in your best mask and toga
on the day when Apollo shines on us the longest
and help us raise funds to defeat cancer for good.
Roman classical dress preferred, any formal dress welcome
To be held in the beautiful Imperial Throne Room, ROMA

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