New Babbage, New name, Welcome to Obolenskidonia

6/23/09  at 9:57 AM
New Babbage, the independent city state, that has stood out for is brash rebuffal of past attempts at political and military interference has fallen under the control external forces.

The Primgraph, your ever diligent news journal has asked this correspondent to report from the city and relate events as they unfold. News has been slow to emerge, with fears of control measures to kerb the freedom of the press and yet, since my return to my home city, yesterday, I have not found evidence to support these claims, indeed a full interview with general Kuroe will follow in the comings days.

As this correspondent has herself been away from the events I shall first attempt to briefly capture the events that have brought us to the present situation.

What happened to this once proud City? Who is the new ruler?

The City Of New Babbage was last in the headlines earlier this year with the hotly contested election of a new Mayor. An election that was concluded with a democratic majority voting for Mossoveno Tenk. Mr Tenk assumed office In late February but in recent times rumours of weaknesses, an over indulgence in a certain alcoholic beverage, have persisted with alleged photographic evidence being published in the more popularist journals such as the Canal Street Snitch.

For a long time the mercantile strength of New Babbage has been an attraction to both Merchants and Brigands and it was not long before the apparent weakness of the new leadership saw in increase in the number of incursions into New Babbage Territory. These were rumoured, but never proven, to be linked to one Doctor Obolenski, an eccentric and fanciful character, with an inclination towards theatrics.

The local militia, an ill-prepared band of citizen soldiers, was assembled in April with no real expectation that they would be required to act. What else could be expected of a state whose unofficial motto is the ever optimistic "What could possibly go wrong"? Yet with typical Babbage pluck the militia has rebuffed many attacks, including bombs, gas mines and mortars. However, on no occasion was the leader, a pirate known locally as Ashiko Kuroe, successfully apprehended and detained.

Finally in early June, it seems, the odds tipped in the aggressors' favour. Mr Cleanslate, the mayor's deputy, left town around the 3rd of June, publicly stating that he was heading on diplomatic business to the steam lands and the neighbours of Babbage. The aggressors saw their opportunity with the sober deputy otherwise engaged a mechanical army was seen to descend upon New Babbage overnight on June the 9th. Supported by Captain Kuroe and a cohort, Capt. Lupindo, the army was triumphant. The very next day a new state of Obolenskidonia, ruled by the Overlord Doctor Obolenski was announced to the nation through aerial paper drops, martial law was imposed and the new regime took hold. Captain Kuroe, was hailed as General of the air corps, with Captain Cadmus Lupindo, put in charge of the naval blockade, both sharing the overall policing of the state. the metallic soldiers, known locally as "clanks" now patrol the streets.

The fate of the mayor had remained unknown but a few days later propaganda started to appear claiming that the Mayor's addiction had been his downfall. He was it is clear abducted and his fate is as yet unconfirmed, though the propaganda of the new state claims that he was seduced by his addiction, sealed in a bottle and set afloat on the currents of the Vernian sea.

In the days since the occupying forces made their presence known, there has been a growing underground movement, a resistance. Initially this was confined to misdemeanour and high profile protests, with the iron clanks being dressed in garlands of flowers and cuddly toys alongside other statements of a typically Babbagian nature, such as protest notices in the form of street graffiti.

In more recent days the protest has escalated, in one audacious assault Miss Mara Razor and an as yet unidentified white haired co-conspirator were seen to make an attempt to assassinate the overlord, but their bows and arrows proved powerless and they are now sought as enemies of the state.

The resistance is not limited to just these two, as an increasing number of assaults would seem to support. Indeed, General Kuroe admitted openly that this vexes him.

"I have people with guns shooting at my men. I would rather focus my attentions towards them."

I can, through my own observations confirm that gun fire can be heard ringing out from the streets at night, and many citizens are left stranded in their houses.

The apparent triumph of the new rulers is beginning to look somewhat tarnished.

Your faithful correspondent - Beq Janus

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