The Midsummer GrandTour - for RFL: Winterfell Solstice Fire Dance

6/15/09  at 3:33 PM
For the third event of the Grand Tour, the pace changes again, as we head to the mysterious haunted sim of Winterfell and the Winterfell Solstice Fire Dance!

Miss Serra, Senechelf of Winterfell invites you to join her and her residents for a traditional bonfire dance in the heart of WInterfell, Taure En Lor at 3pm SLT.

Winterfell is a dream fantasy region inspired by the magnificence of medieval castles and the romantic elegance of Victorian manors basking in the splendor of twilight, designed and inspired by stories, dreams and creative interpretations of reality.

This event will be medieval casual but you are invited to come as you are to enjoy some lively music and friendly company!

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