Interview with General Kuroe of Obolenskidonia

6/27/09  at 1:20 PM
On my first day back I was lucky enough to meet with the General Kuroe. This former pirate now effective head of security in the newly established state of Obolenskidonia present a complex picture of life in power. I had arranged to meet the general in Loki's ansinthe bar by the canals and he arrived some 15 minutes late, appologising for the fact that his work had detained him. He slumped into a soft seat opposite your correspondent and poured himself a glass of Absinthe. The "man" looks drawn and haggard, tired of the conflict, worn down by power and yet by turns his eyes flicker with an energy, a delight in antagonism.

The Primgraph (TP): General, on behalf of the Primgraph may I say how pleased we are that you agreed to give us this interview. May I start by checking how you would wish to be addressed for the purposes of publication?

Ashiko Kuroe (AK):
To be honest I care little about the title so much as after I say 'By the  authority granted me by Obolensky' people do what I say and General does seem fitting...

TP: So is it fair to say then that in Obolenskidonia, the new administration supports freedom to choose? You seem to tolerate the anger of certain elements.

Kuroe sighed, slumping onto the table.

AK: I have people with guns shooting at my men...I would rather focus my attentions towards them.
TP: You must forgive my ignorance in these matters, I have returned today and I am still catching up with rumours and news.

The general's mouth curled into what might have been a smile, his cigarette holder bobbing.

AK: Obolensky disposed of the horrible drunkard of a Mayor... and shipped in his clanks or robots or what have you...And... of course hired myself and my fleet to oversee the dismantling of the militia and securing of the skyways. I nodded, sc
ribbling frantically We set at once to taking the former militia headquarters... there was resistance but superior weaponry and a well placed gatling cannon shoed the lot off...

TP: Were there many casualties?

AK: I suffered a shot to the shoulder...and another was slashed badly. Oh... Oh you mean for the resistance? We didn't count anything... just dumped what we could in the canal".

The general seemed unmoved by the talk of such fighting, his jaded eyes barely focused.

TP: So the Obolensky regime is holding fast now?

AK: Obolenskidonia is holding strong.

TP: Are there any plans that you are able to share? This report wil be read by many of your citizens.

AK: Aside from the scone factory?

TP: The scone factory. Gainful employment for the childr
en as I recall?

The general nodded.

AK: A charming endeavour...personally... I would rather see the militia heads stand trial and the rest of the lot shipped off to... oh I haven't a clue some slave labour.

TP: But, yes, beyond the scone factory, what plans can the doctors' favoured general share.

The general looked about as if to confer something secret

AK: Well such things... are a tad bit secret... but I can leak it out that the aether program is well underway.

TP: The aether program? That sounds ambitous indeed.

AK: Well our proud nation is forming alliances and rivalries every day... we must do something. And if... said something happens to expand our borders... well... all the more better.

TP:May I ask why the Doctor picked the city of Bababge?

AK: Opportunity presented itself? I cannot entirely speak for the man. I can say why I have returned to New Babbage... or Obolenskidonia as it is now called... but the Doctor...the man's mind is as a steel trap...

TP: Then I put the question to you directly. We have after all met in other circumstances. What is it that brings you back here?

The general grins and self-consciously touches his prosthetic eye.

AK: Revenge, of course... During a previous visit... I had lost my eye.

TP: And this revenge, do you feel it is now
met, through your elevation to general, your status in the city?"

AK: Oh my status? I am a pawn in the grand scheme of things...

TP: A well rewarded pawn, I would anticipate

AK: Yes my coffers in Armada are swelling... but to be perfectly honest with each poster defiled and each scribbling on the wall I must confess... it is a tad grading...

TP: Loyalty does not come cheap, the doctor must recognise this?

AK: Yes... but I do take liberties in my power... Taxes for wearing mismatched socks. and the like.

And so we leave the general with thoughts of sartorial taxation and scones. What does the future hold now for Obolenskidonia. This correspondent hopes soon to find out.

your faithful correspondent

Beq Janus

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