Reading between the lines

6/30/09  at 3:33 PM
In recent days this correspondent has noted new signs of tension in the uncomfortable balance of power that holds overlord Obolensky in power.

Around the town, small notices, are appearing on official looking stationery and yet seem somehow wrong.
They are appearing across the city and seem to be calling for a cessation of all anti-regime rumours.

However, this correspondent sees undertones in these, and reading between the lines, there is perhaps more than meets the eye in these posters, there are worrying times ahead for the rulers of Obolenskidonia. As if to underline these fears the regime is stepping up its campaign of intimidation, iron warships are beginning amass in the Vernian.

A public  announcement:-

To the hard working and loyal citizens of
Obolenskidonia, who refute the past name
New Babbage. Please take heed your
overlord, Doctor Obolenski has denied that
Clockwinder Tenk is alive and returning
All rumour mongering is to cease completely
by the end of this week
or the overlord will demonstrate his enormous
power to the citizens.

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