The Midsummer Grand Tour - For Relay For Life

6/16/09  at 6:54 AM
A continuation of wonderful events to attend and enjoy on Saturday, June 20.

Marzipan Tearoom Midsummer Ball

The theme for the Marzipan Teahouse Grand Tour Ball will be Midsummer Night, for pixie, faerie, sprite, woodland folk, and, of course, humans. It will have an open air feel, with a warm breeze full of the scent of summer flowers and a hint of peat. The music, by Radio Riel, will be all period music with a hint of the wild abandon of summer and merriment. There will be dances in the garden, for the enjoyment of the warm summer night and gifts of summer flowers for the ladies' hair and boutonnieres for the gentlemen.

The Midsummer Grand Tour - for RFL: The Illusions - White Theme Ball

We've got magic to do... just for you
Hearts to warm, as we go along our way.
Music by the Amazing Mister DJ BATS
Sponsored by House of Rfyre, Capalini Fine Furnishings, Black Opal Designs, and Hatpins.

The Midsummer Grand Tour - for RFL: Circuits and Relays Ball

Please join us in Steam Sky City to celebrate all that has been Wrought by Man.

Robots, Mecha, Jaegers, Clanks, and all other creations are invited to come and Celebrate the Wonders of Science!

And as a special treat, the winner of the Duchess Sandwich Auction will be announced and will be treated to the attentions of two of Caledon's Naughty Duchesses....

So shine up your Brass, oil your Gears, and come Relay for Life!

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