The Midsummer Grand Tour - for RFL: Event 1: A Taste of Oktoberfest!

6/15/09  at 1:02 AM
The Grand Tour of the Vintage and Associated sims is back! And it is happening this comming weekend - starting with a traditional German celebration in Neufreistadt, starting at 11:30 AM SLT on Saturday 20th June.

A Taste of Oktoberfest!

The Confederation of Democratic sims starts the party with A Taste of Oktoberfest! The Tiroler Eck Show Band Music will bring its mixture of Bavarian and Austrian schlager and traditional music. The band consists of 11 live musicians all playing together. Wear your lederhosen, dirndls or whatever you wish, but be ready to smile! You may find yourself dancing polka in the streets!

Neufreistadt "New Free State" is a typical medieval Bavarian village in a cloudy mountaintop. If the "fog" bothers you, touch ctrl, alt, shift and the minus sign, all together, and it will be turned off.

CDS celebrates its 5th year of Democracy in Sl this year and is proud to participate in the Grand Tour III.

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