A Year and a Day Ago ...

7/24/09  at 2:19 PM
... a new magazine was launched.

It had a sepia cover, rendered as an old photgraph, and it was intended to bring entertainment and information to the vintage and steampunk sims. It featured the region of Caledon Penzance, with accounts of the varied attractions there - and aimed to bring a new type of reportage to the grid.

The editrix and designer was Miss Alesia Markstein, the advertising and client relations manager was Miss Diva Regina, and the publisher and lead reporter was Miss Saffia Widdershins.

One year later, a great deal has changed. Miss Markstein and Miss Regina have moved on to other things, and The Primgraph is now is the hands of a very capable team of writers and photographers. Miss Elegia Underwood has stepped into Miss Regina's shoes, Miss Wren Carling is currently our wonderfully talented designer, and Miss Saffia Widdershins has taken over as editrix.

Over the last year, there have been six issues, covering the regions of caledon Penzance, the French Baroque Coeurs, the late nineteenth century town of Steelhead, the Western town of Tombstone, the Swedish Baroque court of Drottningholm and the steampunk town of New Babbage. But as well as that, there have been thrilling serials, articles on fashion, history, technology (particularly steam technology), advice of ettiquette and information on the Alexandrian Libraries - as well as, increasingly, news and photographs of exciting events in different sims. And now we have a web comic too!

Our subscribers have grown enormously too over the last year. Direct subscribers now number over 4,000 - and that is not counting those who download the magazine from the web, either as a pdf or as an easy to read Calameo magazine.

And shortly our seventh edition will be appearing, focusing on the Caledon seaside sims.

Truly, it has been an exciting and incredibly successful year for The Primgraph. Here's to the next one!

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